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How to Recover Deleted Files from OneDrive

recover deleted files from onedrive OneDrive is the online storage service of Microsoft Windows 10. Aside from being a file storage service, OneDrive also works as a file-sharing application for a group. Initially, OneDrive has a free 5 Gigabytes of storage space. With this amount of space, what you can store will be limited to small-sized files. If you are about to reach the limit of the storage space, the next thing you have to do is to delete some unused files on OneDrive. But most people have experienced deleting a file from OneDrive that they think they don't need anymore and turns out that they need it again. Faced with such a situation, many people will look for recover deleted files from OneDrive. Here we have listed three ways to recover files from OneDrive. You can apply anyone to get back the files.

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Best OneDrive File Recovery Software

Another option to restore deleted files from OneDrive is to use a recovery tool. Acethinker Disk Recovery is a handy tool that can restore files from OneDrive in a short amount of time. It can even restore files that accidentally deleted for more than 30 days. So not only recently deleted files but even deleted files long ago can be restored. Here are the steps to use Acethinker Disk Recovery to recover permanently deleted files from OneDrive.

Step 1 Download and Set Up the Installer

Click the button below to download and install the correct version of Disk Recovery on your computer and launch the program once it has been installed successfully.

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Step 2 Execute the Program

Launch the program after installation. On the interface, select the correct type of file you want to restore and click "Next."

select file type

Step 3 Select the Scan location

Choose the storage drive where the OneDrive file folder is located. Click "Next" to start the scan for the deleted files. Once the scan is finished, select the correct data from the list and click "Restore" to save it.

scan storage device

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Built-in EaseUS Recovery Tool

OneDrive has a recovery tool built-in to the system, in anticipation of people wanting to recover their deleted files. But OneDrive only allows recovery of files that were deleted no more than 30 days ago. After the data exceeds 30 days upon deletion, it will be automatically deleted from the cloud. Here are the steps to use the built-in tool to restore deleted files from OneDrive Recycle Bin.

restore deleted files

User guide

  • Open a web browser and go to the official website of OneDrive. Log in to your Microsoft account.
  • On the OneDrive homepage, you can see the different option on the left-hand side of the screen, click "Recycle Bin."
  • Next, click the checkbox of the file/s that you want to recover and click "Restore."

Recover Deleted OneDrive Files with EaseUs

Another tool to recover deleted OneDrive files is EaseUs Data Recovery. It's one of the popular choices among recovery tools that can recover files that were deleted for more than 30 days on OneDrive. The tool itself is easy to use but may confuse first. But that is the only drawback since it can do the job pretty well. That is why many people use it, and it gained popularity among users over the years. Here are the steps on how to use EaseUs Disk Recovery.

recover the files

User guide

  • Download EaseUs Data Recovery on its official website and Install on the PC device.
  • After installation, run the program and start by doing a scan on the selected storage drive where the OneDrive folder is located.
  • After the scan on the drive, which will start with a quick scan followed by a deep scan, the list of deleted files on that drive will appear. Select the file you need and click "Recover" and save the file. It is advisable to create a new folder for recovered files.


Losing files is hard; that is why there is cloud storage that provides a safe place for your data. But there is a limit to what the cloud service can handle unless you avail the premium plan. It is all that you can get. OneDrive is the same, with its limit of 5 Gigabytes for the free version. Whenever we delete files from OneDrive, it is first stored on the recycle bin for 30 days upon deletion before being deleted permanently. For cases where you want to restore files deleted for more than 30 days, its good to know that there are ways to recover deleted files in OneDrive permanently. You can use powerful recovery tools like Acethinker Disk Recovery.

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