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List of the Best 6 Outlook Alternatives Online

featured image outlook alternatives Microsoft Outlook has established itself as a powerful email application. If you are keen on its service, you can invest your time to master Outlook's features and functions. As a product of Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook is still a gold standard for enterprise-level tasks. Despite its reputation, Outlook lacks some top-end features, and that can be fulfilled with Outlook alternatives. Outlook's performance depends on the platform you are using; if it's a web service, it might work as expected but fails to do the same on Windows applications. It can get really frustrating not to be able to attach images within the email. Easy password recovery, team management features, and calendar overloading are some of the other notable shortfalls on Outlook. It's really confusing to use and wastes lots of time. Recently seen stability issues in Outlook raged most of its users. They are searching for an Outlook alternative for business. Here is a list of both paid and free solutions.

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Platform: It's a cross-platform application available to use on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Suitable for: Thunderbird is an incredibly privacy-packed software ideal for both teams and individuals.

Thunderbird has been a popular email client service for over a year developed by Mozilla. It's one of the powerful Outlook alternatives allowing users to fully customize the email service and offers tons of add-ons. Thunderbird is free to use software loaded with functionality to manage multiple emails, identities, and newsgroups.

thunderbird interface

Key Features:

If your enterprise needs a desktop email client, Thunderbird is the best contender among all. Thunderbird, one of the many solid Outlook alternatives, provides a healthy competition that users can do better with the services. The attachment reminder helps you to complete an email before sending off to the recipients. The tabbed email provides solid switch functionality between the emails without clutter between multiple emails in a single tab. The quick filer tab helps you arrange emails faster. The search tool is just the right to be the best Outlook replacement for a business to find exactly what you are searching for. Customize the dashboard with several add-ons available within Thunderbird.

Pricing: Thunderbird is a free-to-use open-source email service.


  • It rocks the LDAP feature for auto-completing the address previously used.
  • Tons of extensions to support task list and calendar support.
  • Thunderbird is unique, allowing users to communicate with users on Facebook, Twitter, IRC within the application.
  • It's free to use for business.

  • Doesn't support RSS feed for better readability.
  • Lacks security configuration features.


Platform: Spike cross-platform Outlook alternative available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web.
Suitable for: It's basically suitable for teams rather than the individual

Spike, one of the many reliable Outlook alternatives, brings real-time collaboration, spam detection, and notes to your email box. The supercharged alternative to Outlook for business brings all-in-one features comprehensively in a single feed. The powerful email service helps you boost the enterprise-level work.

spike interface

Key Features:

The feature Spike adds to its service is 10/10. Spike could be your next go-to software like Outlook. If one combines email service and iMessage then, it's Spike. All your messaging can be clustered at a single page in conversation format. The group functionality in Spike helps to create a chat-like interface for your project rather than inconvenient email threads. The exciting layout on Spike works faster than any other email management service.


  • Free subscription plan: $0
  • Pro subscription plan: $4 per month
  • Business subscription plan: $6 per month
  • Enterprise subscription plan: contact Spike to get the details

  • It supports non-business email accounts for free, like Gmail.
  • It inherits a messaging like interface to chat with teams rather than email threads.
  • It automatically sorts emails based on priority.
  • Offers single dashboard to collaborate with the documents among team.

  • The calendar view is not that visually appealing.
  • Emails with attachments can be glitch sometimes.
  • Functionality to move messages to separate folder is not available.

MS exchange

Platform: It's built to support the Windows platform and web application.
Suitable for: MS Exchange is suitable for both individual and team.

MS exchange adapts the way you collaborate with the service and tries to provide the best service. If you are keen on Outlook alternatives, then switch Outlook to MS Exchange. With MS exchange, you can get the intelligent inbox interface that helps you work faster. The available add-ins help you get total control over the email in a modern way.

msexchange interface

Key Features:

MS exchange mitigates all the manual processes and modernizes it to automation. It's one of the irreplaceable outlook alternatives for enterprises that require an archiving procedure in the workflow. Switch Outlook to MS Exchange to easily backup and restore archived email. MS exchange allows easy deployment for enterprise-level email, social media, IMs, and many more. Interface usability is excellent and can be adapted easily with new work frames.

Pricing: MS Exchange is hosted by Microsoft Office 365. The service comes with Microsoft 365 Business Standard that costs $12.50 per month.


  • Switch Outlook to MS Exchange for secure email and encrypted archiving.
  • Transports all conversation from Skype directly to MS exchange so that you would never lose important information.
  • Performs real-time scanning of the inbox and eliminates spams.
  • Switch Outlook to MS Exchange to get high web support and stable properties.

  • The web version of MS exchange doesn't feel robust like the windows application.
  • It has storage limitation.
  • Search functionality is not that great.


Platform: It's available to install on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.
Suitable for: SeaMonkey is suitable for both individual and team use.

SeaMonkey is a free to use program similar to Outlook for business. It is a pinnacle in mail service running since 2006 and has vast community support. It's a compact application having advanced email service, IRC chat, and newsgroup supported by almost all web browsers.

seamonkey interface

Key Features:

SeaMonkey is all one email suite offering the capability to chat, email management, and advanced tools. It is more than an email suite; it's more of a web browser. It's a desktop application but supports extension on Mozilla Firefox. SeaMonkey inherits almost all security features from Mozilla. The tabbed browsing helps you open multiple emails simultaneously without switching between mails in a single tab. The central data manager helps to protect site-specific information. The junk mail control is impressive in SeaMonkey. Even if you switch Outlook to MS Exchange, you won't get control over junks.

Pricing: SeaMonkey is a free, open-source application.


  • SSL/TLS email encryption is the default in SeaMonkey.
  • It's one of the many comprehensive apps that have multiple Mozilla features bundled into one.
  • It's the best suitable Outlook alternative for business due to digital signature and recipient acknowledgment features.

  • The UI is outdated.
  • Several functions require manual setup and installation.
  • The updates are not regular.

eM Client

Platform: It's compatible with major platforms like Windows and Mac.
Suitable for: It's suitable for individual and enterprise-level use.

eM client is an easy to use interface to manage email in an organized manner. It's reliable software like Outlook offering dynamic email views and themes. eM Client is much more than an email organizer. The Outlook alternative for business helps to schedule email, set to-do lists, and interact with teams using social media platforms like Google, Facebook, and Jabber.

emclient interface

Key Features:

Once you get an eM Client setup in your device, it provides a wide range of functionality like encryption, themes, signature, and multi-language support. It's concrete software like Outlook, helping with contact management. It records the complete history of interaction with your team in a comprehensive database. The touchscreen support is yet another concise feature to look after.


  • Free individual version costs –$0
  • Pro individual version costs – $24.95
  • Pro company version costs – $125.95

  • It allows to manually personalize the email services with themes and views.
  • Installation and setup is quick.
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Email backup and restore functionality
  • The interface looks really impressive similar to Outlook

  • The free version of eM Client supports only two email accounts.
  • Users must have a .Net framework to run the application.

G Suite

Platform: Available for both Windows and Mac devices.
Suitable for: It's a perfect tool for teams.

G Suite, known as Google Workplace in recent days, is the complete application suitable for teams to work collaboratively on a single project. It's by far the excellent Outlook alternatives. G Suite allows booking client meetings, producing collective emails, track files, and backup data.

gsuit interface

Key Features:

G Suite is an excellent choice if one is selectively into Google and the Android environment for a long time. The job integration in G Suite is better software like Outlook than any other service we have tested so far. G Suite does much more than email services; it provides various applications that might come in handy in the workflow. This application includes; Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Keep, Google sheets, and docs. If you are a bigger enterprise, then the additional features like Vault and cloud search might come in handy.


  • The business starter plan starts at $6/user/month
  • The business standard plan starts at $12/user/month
  • The business plus plan starts at $18/user/month
  • For an enterprise-level plan, contact Google Sales

  • It's easy to set up with integrated Google tools.
  • The free to use Outlook alternative for business offers directory management for both individual and business.
  • Allows seamless real-time document editing.

  • Content filtering is not that impressive.
  • Network storage and migration could be better.
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