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Best CCleaner Alternatives for Cleaning Storage Data

featured image ccleaner alternativeToday, most Windows users know CCleaner is one of the best tools for cleaning data and maintaining the computer's tidiness. CCleaner automatically traces Windows risks and updates without user involvement. The functions CCleaner performs these days are pre-available in Windows utility applications. It's not compulsory to have CCleaner installed on your device if you use the latest Windows version. CCleaner fails to remove every deleted file from Windows due to its performance limits. There are other concrete CCleaner alternatives you would want to look after. The software like CCleaner is briefly described below.

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Advanced System Optimizer

Available Platforms: Windows
Price: $49.95 yearly

Advanced System Optimizer is the CCleaner alternative product of Systweak built to optimize system performance. It is a well-known product for the Windows operating system to find overall issues and solve them comprehensively. Advanced system optimizer is compact enough to keep data secure, scan for risks, and update the system software. Moreover, it is one of our favorite software similar to CCleaner that promises to keep your device in top condition.

advanced system optimizer interface


  • Looks deep into the system to find system issues and solves them.
  • Junk file cleaning, disk fragmentation features.
  • The best alternative to CCleaner to keep the device in the best shape and protect privacy while cleaning internet junks.

  • Annoys while reporting some cookies and settings as the flag.
  • Expensive for what you get in the price range, and customer care is not that great.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Available Platforms: Windows
Price: $22.46 yearly

System cleaner applications are mandatory to keep the device out of issues. Software like CCleaner has been a complementary tool in every Operating System. Wise Disk Cleaner is a free PC optimizer doing all the work that CCleaner is capable of. Although CCleaner is safe to use, Wise Disk Cleaner can trace more risks; that's why it's a reliable alternative to CCleaner. The junks and caches take a lot of space on the system. Wise Disk Cleaner removes the temporary files, browser cache, log files, and system temps. Besides, the Wise Disk Cleaner also helps in rearranging and defragment files on local storage. You can schedule the cleaning on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the need.

wise cleaner main interface


  • Wise Disk Cleaner lets users schedule a scanning system and allows them to selectively remove cookies without losing preferences.
  • The best CCleaner alternative has defragging tools.
  • Clears browser junks, cache from every possible browser that makes Wise Disk Cleaner the solid free registry cleaner for Windows computers.

  • It has no hardware inventory option.
  • Doesn't delete empty folders from scanned directory.

System Mechanic

Available Platforms: Windows
Price: $31.98 yearly

System Mechanic, the best alternative to CCleaner, has a history of being one of Windows computers' best utility software. The tool helps boost computer performance while removing junks, defragging hardware, and managing RAM processes. If you want the best CCleaner alternative to tune-up system performance, System Mechanic is the right choice. The System Mechanic is like a maid to your Windows computer, doing all the necessary tasks helping it to work correctly.

System Mechanic


  • Removes system clutter and improves the performance.
  • Improves internet connection on the device with privacy.
  • It's robust software like CCleaner helping PCs to work smoothly.

  • It requires the user to subscribe with email before using the tool.
  • Several features may cause difficulty in the first run.

Droid Optimizer

Available Platforms: Android Phones
Price: $10.99 monthly

Droid Optimizer is software like CCleaner that shines for what it does to improve Android phone performance acting like a CCleaner Android. The tool comes with a robust feature to clear the system cache, boost app performance, and monitor each application's permission right on the dashboard. You would find the intuitive tool software like CCleaner for Android, doing the best it can to shape Android.

Droid Optimizer


  • Quick widget to clean system cache within a tap.
  • A CCleaner alternative for Android phones that helps in improving the overall performance and battery health.
  • Identify and warns about the malicious application based on the permission they grant.

  • Deletes configuration files of an application thinking it's a junk.
  • Shares many similar features to what Android bootloaders already have in the system.

CleanMyMac X

Available Platforms: Mac Computers
Price: $34.95 yearly

CleanMyMac X is software like CCleaner solely built for Mac computers. It performs so robustly that your device doesn't have to face lag due to memory limitations. The optimizer is the reliable CCleaner Mac application offering toolkits to help with system performance. CleanMyMac X, an alternative to CCleaner, scans the system safely and intelligently and finds the potential risks to be resolved. Provides a quick solution to the following services file cleaning, installing and uninstalling, extension manager, speed booster, malware tracker and remover, and file shredder.

CleanMyMac X


  • It performs real-time malware detection and quarantines them.
  • Scan speed is fast enough to be an excellent alternative to CCleaner
  • Displays interactive drive stores data in a dashboard

  • It struggles to find duplicate files.
  • Doesn't support third-party extensions.
  • A bit expensive to the competitive product in the market
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