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Detailed Way to Record Gameplay on Windows 10 for Free

windows10 game recorder A Game Bar incorporates in the updated Windows 10 version that makes screenshots and game clips easier to capture. The game bar will be displayed when you click on Windows Key + G, allowing you to perform various actions such as taking screenshots or recording screenshots. In any game and application designed for a Windows 10 computer, this feature is used only a small number of games with the Game Bar support full-screen mode. In some instances, you'll need to go through your game settings and change the video mode to a full-screen display to show up on the Game Bar necessarily. Auto-recording settings are available, which have a specific duration of time. Windows 10 Game Bar, along with Twitch and YouTube Gaming, is one of the most popular Windows 10 game recording software. Its performance is excellent, and its interface is straightforward. You can follow the steps below to start Windows 10 game recording using Game Bar.

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How to Record Gameplay in Windows 10 with Game Bar

Step 1 Launch Windows 10 Game Bar

Game Bar is by default enabled but if it isn't, go to system settings, search for Game Bar and switch it on like this:

windows game bar step 1

Additionally, you can customize and add shortcuts to trigger various functions available in the Game Bar. Furthermore, you can edit recording features through the system settings or change it within the recording UI such as Captures, Broadcasting, Game Mode, and Xbox Networking.

Step 2 Set Up Game Bar for Recording

Once you have your game opened, click on the (windows + G) button to open up the Game Bar. You'll be met with an interface like this:

using the game bar

The Capture Bar contains the following features:

  • Screenshot: this will allow you to take a pic of your screen or any game you are playing.
  • Record the last 30seconds: this is a useful feature as it will only record the final 30 seconds of your gameplay, this is a helpful feature to record any climatic gaming moments.
  • Record: click this button to start your recording process.
  • Mic: you can choose to add any audio input through your system microphone, helpful if you require to add narration.

The Audio Bar will help you to toggle system audio and game audio.

audio bar

The Performance Bar will show you the performance of your system, such as CPU function, Ram usage, etc.

performance bar

At the top, you have the Overlay Menu, which shows you the time, audio controls, Xbox social, and the settings menu that will help you toggle a few options. Such as personalizing your user interface and also add shortcuts to trigger certain functions such as taking a screenshot, starting recording, etc. you can also configure game audio and allow the record to take place in the background during the gameplay.

overlay menu

Step 2 Start to Capture Game on Windows 10

Once you are ready to record your gameplay hit the Record button, and you’ll go back to your game, and the recording tab will be open like this:

start recording via game bar

Once you are done with your recording, hit the stop button and the video will be saved in your gallery. You can click on Show All Captures to view the file which has all your game recordings, and you can later use this upload on youtube or any video game streaming sites.

show all captures

Alternative Way to Capture Gameplay in Windows 10

If you need more advanced features for the gameplay recording in Windows 10, like including webcam, adding narrations, etc., you may need to turn to third-party recorders. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is the right way to go, which all the resources you need for almost all of your Windows 10 game capture needs. It will help you screen record all your gameplays in the highest quality possible with no lag or hindrance.

Step 1 Download the Game Recorder

Download the Screen Grabber installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software successfully.

Try it for Free

Step 2 Confirm the Recording Settings

Once you have opened the application on your desktop, you will be met with this interface:

gameplay sgp interface

By moving your cursor to Recorder, you will see a drop-down option with a few helpful features that have their own specific function allowing you to record the entire screen, parts of the screen that include the cursor, audio recording only, etc.

sgp step 2.2

First, move your cursor to the audio section of the taskbar to finish configuring the Audio Input, and this will enable you to attach audio input devices such as a microphone or your built-in device audio. This feature allows you to add audio to the recording.

sgp settings

The same features are found in the configuration settings for Video Output. It helps you to save your stored presentations to other portable devices in whatever format you want. You can access these features by navigating to the option Settings, browsing to the output tab, and clicking on Output Format.

sgp settings window

Step 3 Begin to Record Game in Windows 10

Set the gameplay area on your desktop you want to record. Click OK on the toolbar, and a countdown of 3 seconds will begin.

choose video mode

At the end of the countdown, the recording will begin. A toolbar will appear under the section of the screen being recorded. The toolbar provides features to pause/resume/stop recording, add webcam, etc.

sgp start recording

Step 4 Add Notes During the Recording

You can make notes on your recordings by clicking the Pen symbol. This intuitive function helps highlight parts of your video, draw basic shapes using different colors, shift your mouse, etc. It is useful to highlight a particular point during your gameplay.

sgp annotations

Step 5 Finish and Save the Video

Once the recording is finished, by clicking on the toolbar's Stop button, a preview of the video will appear that will allow you to save it in the file format you want. The saved video should appear in your preferred location of the screen. One useful feature of this service is that you can upload it to video streaming services or upload it to cloud storage services like Dropbox. It will allow you to upload your gameplay on video streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube gaming, etc.

sgp save videos

Step 6 Convert and Edit the Recorded Gameplay (Optional)

By right-clicking the video file, you will see an option called edit that redirects you to a separate window. Click on the scissor icon on the video tab that will take you to a window. The video will be played back to you, and one the top right side, you will see options that allow you to crop, adjust color, add subtitles and watermark. Once you have finalized your changes, you can click on convert, and the file will be converted and saved into your desktop.

sgp convert video

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