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The Most Helpful Guide to Find Screenshots on Your Computer

feature where are screenshot saved Taking a screenshot is commonly a way to recall something we see on our computer screen. People often do it to capture things that they find interesting and important. Screenshot photos from your computer screen are basically saved on your local file. You can find them after successfully capturing your screen. Suppose you already know how to take a screenshot on your computer but are still wondering where are Screenshots saved on your computer. In that case, We will give you the exact answer to find them and change their location. This article will present how to find screenshot photos from Windows and Mac. Make your reading more exciting, and learn more about taking Screenshots and finding them on your computer.

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Where Do My Screenshots Save in Windows and Mac

If you're wondering where your Screenshots are saved, this article will discuss the location of the Screenshots file and present the best solution to find them. By default, both Windows and Mac computers have file destinations for screenshot photos. It is necessary to locate your files if you capture your screen using the shortcut processes for taking Screenshots. We commonly use the shortcut key to capture our screen, and it is sometimes confusing where Screenshots are saved on our computer. So, let us recall these shortcut keys and find out where they were kept.

1. Where are Screenshots Saved Windows 10?

Windows has multiple shortcut keys and valuable tools to capture the computer screen, and it can be done by pressing keyboard keys or using Windows built-in screenshot tools. If you want to try and identify each solution, the guide below is provided to help you with how to do it.

where are screenshots saved windows 10

User Guide:

  • Press the “Windows” key on your computer keyboard, plus “Print Screen.” This is one of the common ways to capture your computer screen. Then, the screenshot photo will automatically save to the “Screenshots” folder of the Picture from your local computer.
  • Another way of taking Screenshots is using the Snipping Tool. Search and Open the tool on the taskbar, then click the “New” tab to select the area you want to capture on your computer screen. Then, save your Screenshot by clicking the “File” tab to select the “Save as” menu.
  • The "Print Screen" key is another tool for taking Screenshots of your computer screen. Press it from your keyboard. Your computer somehow doesn't automatically save this. The only way it is saved is on your computer's clipboard, from which you may paste it into "Paint" and save it in any folder you prefer.

2. Where Are My Screenshots Saved Mac?

However, if you're wondering where are Mac Screenshots saved, you must take a look first at how you capture your screen on your Mac computer. There are also various built-in screenshot shortcuts for Mac that make capturing computer screens easy and fun. Unlike Windows, Screenshot photos on Mac are automatically saved on the desktop computer, and most of the time, it is shown with a thumbnail to help you directly save your screenshot from a specific file location. However, more insights are given below.

where are my screenshots saved mac

User Guide:

  • If you want to capture your entire computer screen, press the “Shift+Command+3”. After that, you can see the Screenshots displayed as a thumbnail on your screen. The file will automatically be saved on the desktop afterward.
  • To take a screenshot of a specific portion of your screen, you can press “Shift+Command+4”. Then drag or move the crosshair pointer to capture the specific area you want, then the saved screenshot will leave by default on your computer desktop.
  • Access the screenshot toolbar to change the screenshot settings. Press the “Shift-Command-5” together, and it will display the tool on your screen. The tool has different menus for taking Screenshots, which you can click and use. Otherwise, choose “Options” to locate where do screenshots go on Mac.

How can I find my Screenshots

Since you already know how to capture a computer screen using shortcut keys and knowing the location where Screenshots are saved . This time, make yourself more familiar with how to find your Screenshots on your computer. Read the following tips to find screenshot photos on your Windows or Mac.

1. How Can I Find My Screenshots on Windows?

Where are Screenshots saved in Windows 10? You probably ask the same question if you're using a Windows computer. You can find screenshot photos by browsing your computer “File Explorer.” But this is not a fundamental way to find them. Finding where do snips go Windows 10 will be accessible once you read the following user guide below.

find my screenshots on windows

User Guide:

  • To find the exact location where your Screenshots are saved. It is mainly saved on your file menu but to do it, you can try searching them in the default folder by browsing C:\Users\\Pictures\Screenshots to find if your Screenshots are saved as pictures.
  • Input C:\Users\\Videos\Captures if you capture a video screenshot on your screen. You can easily find and select the file on the list of Screenshots you saved.
  • However, you can press the Windows key + e, and the computer's file explorer will automatically appear. Then, you can select "Screenshots" from the "Picture" folder, the same as "Capture" from the "Videos" Folder.

2. How Can I Find My Screenshots on Mac

Similarly, If your friend asks you, "where are my Screenshots saved Mac?" you might think of it. You might get confused at first but probably not worried about it since you know that it is only saved on local files. But, to give your friend the exact answer to their questions, suggest the procedures below.

find my screenshots on mac

User Guide:

  • Technically, Mac computers also have a "File explorer" you can search for the "Picture" folder and find your Screenshots from the lists. Otherwise, use "Finder" and enter "screenshot" on the textbox to find your screenshot location.
  • You can look for images from your Mac desktop to make it simple to find your Screenshots. Screenshots are commonly saved as png files once you leave the screenshot on the clipboard displayed after capturing your screen. This is usually displayed as a thumbnail below your computer screen.
  • However, you can go to the screenshot settings. Find Screenshots on Mac from the options and select “Documents.” Additionally, You can proceed to the “Other Location” to locate your screenshot files.

How Can I Change the Location of My Screenshots?

In this part, you will be heading to discover how to change the location of your Screenshots since you already know where to find them according to the solutions mentioned previously. Aside from using a third-party tool to help you capture your screen and save a screenshot directly to your preferred file location, like AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. Software that provides an output setting to select the exact file destination where you want to save your Screenshots. On the other hand, changing screenshot file location is possible in many ways on your Windows and Mac computer. The list downward will deliver you paths to do it.

1. How Can I Change the Location of My Screenshots on Windows?

With Windows computers, photos are collected and saved by default in organized file folders, including Screenshots. When you are planning to change your file location, you can quickly go directly to the Screenshot file and initiate the simple processes. To elaborate on the methods to change the file location of the Screenshot, follow the user guide below.

change the location of my screenshots on windows

User Guide:

  • Technically, you can change your screenshot photos' file location by selecting the file from the list and pressing right-click on your mouse. Choose "Copy" from the options and turn your way to the file location or folder where you want to paste the screenshot photo.
  • However, you can go straight to the screenshot folder and right-click to open the "Properties" option. Click the "Location" tab menu, where you can find the file address of your Screenshot. Tick the button "Move" and choose the folder you need to locate your Screenshots. Once you are done changing the location of your screenshot file, Click "Okay" to finish.

2. How Can I Change the Location of my Screenshots on the Mac?

Changing the file location on your Mac computer can be more tricky depending on the macOS you are using. Changing the Screenshot's location in macOS Mojave Or Later is easy to follow. Accessing the screenshot setting is interesting and helpful to utilize. It provides the complete tool to capture computer screens and provides more options for screenshot files, including changing its location on Mac.

change the location of my screenshots on the mac

User Guide:

  • Mac computers have built-in tools to capture computer screens. To utilize the app, you must open the Screenshot app by pressing Command + Shift + 5. After that, the user interface of the Screenshot App on Mac will appear.
  • Once the app opens, click "Options" to show the different settings to customize your screenshot file. This includes the “Other Location.” You have to select it from the list of options to change the location of your screenshot file.
  • On the next screen, after selecting “Other Location,.” Set the file location by clicking the drop-down button. Pick the location where you want to save your Screenshots. Otherwise, Create a New File Folder to locate all your Screenshots and photos.

How to Capture and Save Screenshots Using AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium?

Distinctive Feature: It is a functional software that provides a tool to take a SnapShot of your computer screen with high-quality output saved directly on your chosen file path.
Best for: It is best for capturing computer screens for both Windows and macOS
Price: This tool is free to download, and you can use some of its screen-capturing tools without registering. But, if you want to enjoy its exclusive feature, you can avail of its premium plan for $39.95 for lifetime support and an upgrade plan.

Capturing your computer screen is the way we can save a snapshot of an important subject we have on your screen. It can be a photo screenshot or a video screen capture. If you haven't tried doing both on your computer, AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is a way on how you can do it. This tool can make a lot of Screenshots that are free to download and save to your device. The best thing about using the app is that you can directly set the file location where you want to save your captured file. In this way, you don’t have to search for a solution where to find Screenshots on your computer. Moreover, this powerful software is programmed to help beginners experience excellent screen recording and capturing with Windows and Mac OS. The following procedure below will assist you in taking high-quality screenshot files and locating output ideally.

Step 1 Launch AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

You need to visit the AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium page and get the installer by clicking the "Free Download" button from the tool's main interface. Open and run the program to launch it successfully on your computer. Then, open the app on your computer so you can familiarize yourself with the screen-capturing tool it provides.

sgp interface

Step 2 Choose SnapShot Menu

To continue utilizing the software after launching it on your computer, choose SnapShot and hit the drop-down menu to select from the screen capture options. Select the "Screen Capture" option if you want to select the area you prefer to capture on your computer screen. You can choose "Scrolling Window" if you have to capture a long screenshot on your computer. You can do it by scrolling down on your screen, and it will capture everything. You can also choose "Pop-Up Menu Capture" to capture the pop-up menu on your screen.

choose snapshot menu

Step 3 Customize Your Captured Screen

Once you're done, take a screenshot using the AceThinker tool. You can customize the photo using its free editing tool. If you have to put subjects on your Screenshot for essential use, you can add ellipses, lines, and arrows or use a pencil or airbrush. You can also add text to your Screenshots, customize the size or even add colors. This feature is designed for users who need Screenshots and photos that they will use in future requirements.

annotate recording

Step 4 Save Screenshots

When already satisfied with your screenshot output, place your cursor on the "Save" icon and click it. The "Save as" dialogue box will be generated automatically. Then, you can type the file name of your Screenshot and choose the file format you need. You can also set the exact location where you want to save your Screenshot by selecting the file folder displayed on the upper part of the dialogue box. Once you've set the right location to save your file, hit the "Save" button, and you're nearly done.

save screenshots

Step 5 Find the Screenshot on the PC

After all, the simple process of capturing your screen and saving it on your computer. You can finally find and check your screenshot result on your local computer where your photo is located. Go to your "File Explorer" and find the selected folder to save your Screenshot. Then, you can open the screenshot photo freely. If you want to make more Screenshots from the saved file location, do the same procedure using AceThinker.

find the screenshot on the pc

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Screenshots Saved Anywhere on your PC?
Every Screenshot you have taken is usually saved in the "Screenshot" picture folder as the default setting. When you capture your computer screen using the method "Windows key" and "Print Screen," it will automatically be saved with an unknown file name. You can rename the file by finding it in your "Screenshots" folder. However, to launch a tool for screen capturing is a better idea to have an exact file location to place your screenshot output. It has an output setting asking you to browse the file folder on your computer, and all Screenshots will be directly saved.
2. Do Print Screen Keys Capture the Computer Screen Automatically?
Yes, but when you press the Print Screen key to capture your computer screen quickly, you cannot search for the picture anywhere on your saved photos. The captured screen is only copied on a clipboard, where you need to use a pre-installed picture editing tool on your computer like "Paint." In order to save the photo, click on the "Paste" button or press "ctrl + V" so you can finally see the screenshot photo you took. Then, you can save the new photo by choosing the "Save" menu on the "File" tab of the tool or just hitting "ctrl + S." Choose the file folder where you want to save your Screenshot and click save. Otherwise, using a tool to capture your screen is a much easier way which saves files automatically on your computer.
3. Why are saving Screenshots necessary?
Saving Screenshots are necessary to have organized file storage for Screenshots pictures. It also saves time because you don't need to find it anywhere on your computer. Screenshots are mainly used for future purposes, to recall a computer activity, or create documentation. It is vital that you have the exact file folder for your Screenshots. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium allows you to set the file output destination for all of your Screenshots. This helps users store their essential files in a location they prefer without limitation.
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