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Guide to Snagit Capture Scrolling Window? Find Here!

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When we find compelling and inspiring information on our screen, taking a simple screenshot is sometimes not enough. Especially when our source comes from a single website, having multiple pictures saved on your computer is quite unorganized to look at. It could be a simple instruction on how to bake, a literature review you need to add to your paper, or a piece of art inspiration. Well, thanks to software like Snagit, you can have that long image in one file by using its Scrolling Capture feature. So in this post, we will teach how to use the Snagit scrolling capture and the other alternative programs you can try. Without much ado, read the walkthrough below and be amazed.

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How to Use Snagit to Capture a Scrolling Screenshot

The scrolling capture feature is one of Snagit's advantages over its competitors in the market. As a matter of fact, there are two working ways you can use to take those extensive contents on your screen display. One is done manually, while the other one is automatic. With the scrolling arrow method, the user can control which part of the web content he wants to save. With the arrows provided in this method, you can set the direction of your capturing process. Whether horizontally, vertically, or both. On the other hand, the panoramic capture will take the entire content, and you can remove the unwanted areas taken by the tool after. But since the Panorama is way convenient for most people, this is what we will do in the guide below.

  • First, open the tab or the window you need to capture. After that, launch the Snagit screen recorder on your device and hit the "All-in-One" tab and then the "Capture" button.
  • Next, the crosshairs will appear, and use that to select the window that you want to take. Once done, you will see a toolbar on the lower portion of your screen and click the Panoramic button.
  • Afterward, hit the "Start" icon and scroll through your mouse until you capture the important content on the window. When done, hit the "Stop" button to save the image.

how to use scrolling screenshot on snagit

How to Fix Snagit Scrolling Screen Capture Not Working Issue

Users usually face zero problems when using Scrolling Arrow or the Panoramic way when taking screenshots. However, troubleshooting is needed if you experience Snagit scrolling capture not working. In this part, we have provided all the possible culprits and the best solutions to activate the auto-scroll feature easily.

  • Check the site security - the sites you are capturing might be infected by malware, resulting in a Snagit scroll capture error. On the other hand, the site may block third-party tools from capturing any content.
  • Look for software update - if you constantly see the notification error, you may have to update Snagit to its newer version. Currently, the scrolling capture feature has been added to Snagit 12.4.
  • Try another browser - usually, we use the scrolling capture when taking screenshots of a website. As an initial solution, try to copy the URL of the site's link and open it to other web browsers.

Three Alternative Solutions to Snagit

1. Screen Grabber Premium

Output Format: It allows you to save your screenshots in JPG, PNG, GIF, and more
Installation Size: 3.5 MB
Task Scheduler: Available

While Snagit is an excellent tool for scrolling capture, purchasing the program may be quite a challenge due to its price of $69.99. Therefore, if you want a program that offers both screenshot and screen recorder features, try Screen Grabber Premium. This tool, developed by the AceThinker company, allows you to take the screen display in whole or custom mode It also offers drawing toolkits where you can add elements to your screen in real-time. You can insert arrows, shapes, highlights, and text to stress the specific information. Plus, you can change the color of these elements according to your liking. If you want to use the program, refer to the guide we made below.

Key Features:

  • It lets you take screenshots while in the middle of the recording process.
  • Apart from screen recording, you can use the program to record audio alone from your microphone, system sound, or both.
  • It also supports a web camera lay-in for a picture-in-picture (PIP) effect.

Try it for Free.

Step 1 Get the Program

To download Screen Grabber Premium, select the appropriate "Download" button above and locate it on your device. After that, run the program and follow the installation wizard until the interface launches on your screen.

screen grabber premium interface

Step 2 Select the Snapshot

Next, hit the Snapshot button on the main interface. Then the tool's crosshairs will appear for you to highlight the area you want to take a screenshot of. Once done selecting the area, a toolbar will appear when you can access essential drawing tools.

take screenshot on screen grabber premium

Step 3 Save the Screenshot

We suggest you annotate the image if you want to retain the information efficiently. You can select each tool from the toolbar and start to draw on your screen. When satisfied, hit the Save button to store the file in your local folder.

annotate the screenshot on screen grabber premium

Step 4 Preview the Photo

Before you can save the program, Screen Grabber Premium will ask you to set the destination folder of the image. Once finished, hit the "Save" icon on the pop-up window and preview the photo. You can repeat the process from the top if you want to take another screenshot.

preview screenshot from screen grabber premium

2. FastStone Capture

Output Format: This program lets you save your output into a wide range of options like MP4, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PDF, and more.
Installation Size: 5.2 MB
Task Scheduler: Not Available

If you are not that into recording your screen, try Fastone Capture as a Snagit capture scrolling window alternative. Although this program can capture screen display into a video, it's much known for its versatility in taking screenshots. The program shares the scrolling capture of Snagit by using hotkeys. You can access the tool easily by using the command keys, and the program will automatically scroll by itself. Not only that, Fastone Capture becomes more advantageous than others because of its drawing tools. After you take the screenshot, you can lay in arrows, callouts, highlights, and step icons. Looking for more Snagit alternatives? Click here.

fastone as snagit scrolling capture alternative

3. ShareX

Output Format: It saves the screenshot as PNG.
Installation Size: 7.5 MB
Task Scheduler: Not Available

Last on the list of Snagit scrolling window alternatives is ShareX. This free and open source video conferencing software also offers multiple options for taking a screenshot. It can take the entire display, a specific region, and even supports the scroll capture, much like the Panorama function of Snagit. By using the scrolling capture of ShareX, you only need to select the area on your screen to take a screenshot until the end of the page. Moreover, you can let the program delete similar photos on your captured image. Besides, this tool lets you delay your screenshot according to your set timer. However, unlike the Fastone capture, ShareX does not have an annotation toolkit.

sharex interface

Comparison Table of the Snagit Alternatives

Tool User Group Operating System Supported Language
Screen Grabber Premium Best for individuals with extensive screen recording needs. Windows and Mac $29.95/per year
FastStone Capture Great for people who need to take screenshots. Windows and Mac $19.95/lifetime
ShareX Good for taking simple screenshots Windows only Free

FAQs About Snagit Scrolling Capture

1. Why do the Snagit editing tools and menus do not appear on my screen?
It is very rarely that the menus and tools of Snagit will fail to appear on your screen. However, you can try to restart your device or re-install the software as your immediate solution. If troubles persist, try to reach out the customer support.
2. Can I create a scrolling GIF on Snagit?
No. While the scrolling capture of Snagit is an excellent feature, the program can only save your image file as PNG or JPEG. You may look for other software that supports GIFs like the Screen Grabber Premium.


Scroll Panorama Screenshot
The act of moving a screen display in a particular direction. This term refers to an image that illustrates a wide or broad view. A screenshot pertains to the image taken that shows the data or information displayed on the computer screen.
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Last updated on September 2, 2022

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