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How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing

feature screenshot on snapchat without them knowing Snapchat is a famous social media platform to share 10-seconds snippets of your everyday life activities. With Snapchat, you can share these snippets with funny filters and effects to your followers. Whether it is montages, selfies, shots of foods, videos taken at night, Snapchat is the perfect app for you. Furthermore, Snapchat users could send private images and videos feeling secure about it. That's because they know that their content will expire after a few minutes. One of the good features that Snapchat provides to its user's peace of mind is the screenshot notification. If you take a screenshot of other Snapchat users using the standard method, the users get notified. With that, many screenshots, tips, and cheats had spread over the internet. So, we tried and piled up the most effective methods to help you lessen your time carrying a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing. Find out about them below to learn how to do it.

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How to Screenshot Snapchat Without Notification on Mobile Phone

1. Use the Inbuilt Screen Recorder of iOS

The inbuilt screen recording function of iOS 11 and higher is a reliable tool to record and take a screenshot. It helps to capture mobile screen activities and apps, including Snapchat. With this tool, you can record the Snaps in HD quality and take a screenshot of your favorite section once the recording is complete. The best thing about recording on iOS is to trim or crop the videos or images. So, you can remove unnecessary parts without using other editing apps. Yet, remember that if you are using Snapchat’s latest version, the Snap owner will receive an alert. With that, it is best if you have an older Snapchat version like and below. Follow the guide below on how to screenshot a Snap without them knowing on iOS devices.


  • First, go to the settings of your iOS device (iPad or iPhone) and look for the “Control Center.” Choose the “Screen Recording” feature and click the “+” icon to add it on the “Control Center Shortcuts.”
  • Next, open the Snap you want to capture. Pull down the “Control Center Shortcut” from the top right corner of the screen. Afterward, tap the “Recorder” icon to begin.
  • Once finished, stop the recording by hitting the same button. Then the recorded Snap will go under the “Photos” of your device. Here, you can pause a part of the Snap and take a screenshot.

launch settings and add screen recording function to screenshot snapchat

2. Delay the Screenshot Notification on Snapchat

We will present this method for those feeling more confident. Also, this is for those who are not too bothered about their content receiving a notification. Furthermore, the technique is to delay the process of Snap receiving a notification. The process allows Snapchat users to take screenshots of Snaps. But the Snaps are from users that are a little unobservant when reviewing their notifications. So, suppose you want to take a screenshot of Snaps from your favorite influencers. In that case, this is the suitable method for you. Find out below about how to take a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing using this method.


  • Launch the Snapchat app on your mobile device (Android or iOS ). Then, look for the Snap you want to take a screenshot of.
  • After that, swipe down from the upper part of the device and turn "OFF" the device's Mobile Data, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Also, turn "ON" the Airplane Mode.
  • Lastly, go to Snap and take a screenshot of it. Wait for about 30 seconds, and then turn "ON" all your connections back on. Move on to your device designated gallery to locate the screenshot.

turn off the connections to take a screenshot on snapchat

3. How to Secretly Screenshot Snapchat on Android

Before, there were many third-party apps or even some workarounds in Android’s game launcher. But now, a built-in screen recorder on Android 11 has been added to ease the user’s time in installing a third-party screen recorder. So anyone using Android 11 can take benefit of this upgrade and record for up to 1080P HD quality. If the tool is not yet added on the “Control Panel” of the notification shade, you can add it from your phone’s “Quick Settings.” Then you can customize the panel by adding the “Screen Recorder” function. After that, you can proceed to the written steps below to discover how to screen record on Snapchat without them knowing on Android devices.


  • Open the Snap you want to record and slide down from the top of the screen to launch the “Control Panel.” Then, locate and choose the “Screen Recorder” function.
  • Afterward, tap the button and wait for the countdown timer to end. You can tap the “Stop” icon to finish the recording, and the screen recording alert will not appear.
  • Finally, play the recorded Snap on your gallery and take a screenshot of the part you want. This process is still effective as of October 2021 on Android.

use android screen recorder and start to record snapchat

4. Use Another Mobile Device

The last method we will present is an easy and risk-free way to take a specific screenshot easily. You can use another camera or mobile device that only requires minimal effort. This option is the most practical way to do so, especially if you rush to screenshot Snapchat without notification. Although the quality of the outcome won’t be as clear as it seems on the handheld, this is still reliable to keep those fun and memorable Snaps most safely. You can go along with the provided guide underneath on how to do it.


  • Before recording, make sure that your tools are ready. You need an extra camera or mobile device and a monopod to stabilize the device.
  • Next, insert the camera or phone on the monopod and place it on a flat surface. Then, place your mobile phone with the Snapchat app in front of the recording device that you set.
  • Adjust both the device to record the Snapchat contents flawlessly. You can now start to record and save the Snaps. Once done, crop out the video or image you need or take a screenshot of it.
You can also take a picture of the other phone to capture Snapchat contents.

How to Screenshot on Snap Without Them Knowing on PC

Best For: Recording video and taking a screenshot without installing separate tools.
System Requirements: For CPU- 2.0GHz dual-core and above/ For RAM-4GB and higher/ For Processor-Intel i3 or higher for smooth running

Another way that we recommend is by screen mirroring your Smartphone to external devices like computers or laptops. This process can provide you the confidence to record or take screenshots of your favorite Snapchat content.

You need a professional tool like AceThinker Aqua Demo by doing this method. The tool can give you the lossless quality of screenshots or HD quality of the recording. Aqua Demo is a versatile tool that allows you to take screenshots and export them as JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and even GIF files. Plus, you can customize the screenshot ratio to remove unwanted screen portions. Also, you can beautify your screenshots by adding texts, callouts, shapes, and other annotations before saving them. Moreover, you have the advantage of recording an entire Snaps and exporting them in MP4, WMV, MOV, and other popular video formats. Detailed steps are provided below to help you on how to ss on Snap without them knowing on PC.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Get the Snapchat Screenshot Tool

The first step you must do is install AceThinker Aqua Demo on your computer (Windows or Mac). Hit the compatible “Download” button that you can see above to get its installer. Then run through the tool’s installation guide until you install it successfully. Before proceeding to the following steps, connect your mobile device to the computer through an HDMI cable. Also, you use the “Screen Mirroring” function on Android 10 or iOS 11 to screencast on a computer.

sgp main interface

Step 2 Set the Screenshot Format

Now, hit the menu icon (☰) from the upper right corner of the tool. Then choose the “Prefrences” button from the listed options to access the tool’s settings. Navigate to the “Output” tab and hit the “Screenshot format” button to choose your preferred format for the screenshot. You can also change the screenshot location according to your liking. After that, hit the “OK” button to save the changes.

go to the preferences and choose the image format and location of the screenshot

Step 3 Begin to Take a Screenshot

Next, open Snapchat content on your mobile device to see it on your computer. Afterward, choose the “Screen Capture” mode and customize the ratio by dragging the mouse cursor around the Snap area. Release it to take a screenshot. Then hit the “Save” button to keep the screenshot in your folder.

choose screen capture and customize the ratio to take a screenshot

Step 4 Locate and Check the Screenshot

For the last step, go to the location folder you set in the previous step. Browse the folder to see the successful Snapchat screenshot. Double-click the file to view it. After that, you can now transfer the screenshot to your mobile phone.

launch location folder and view the snapchat screenshot

FAQs About Secret Screenshot on Snapchat

1. Why does Snapchat include a screenshot notification feature?

Screenshot and screen recording alerts have become more prominent in app development. Many developers include these features to help users assure internet privacy and security. Although Snapchat can’t prevent other users from taking a screenshot, it can notify the other person about it.

2. Is it possible to remove a Snap after sending it?

Yes. To do this, move on to your Snapchat messages and long-press the Snap. Then a pop-up menu will appear and hit the “Delete” option from it. The Snap will disappear once you have approved your action. But the other user will see that you deleted a message.

3. Does doing screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing illegal?

The legality of an action depends on some factors. The act of taking a screenshot is not illegal. Every Snapchat user consciously puts content on the internet for others to see. But if you use the screenshot for illegal purposes like reproducing them or maliciously using them. You may face some legal consequences. So, it would be recommended to keep them for personal use only.

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