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Draw on Screen While Recording? Find the Solutions Here!

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Almost every piece of information we have today is easily accessed on the internet. Whether it's an instructional video or a simple walkthrough, you can learn much by merely watching. If you are part of the academe, you would likely appreciate the screen recorders. They help us record our digital presentations with our voice and web camera. However, recording alone is not enough if you are working on different topics. You need to record and draw on screen using annotation elements to make the students well-engaged and focused. Unfortunately, not all screencasting tools work the same. Some do have the annotation feature, while others don't have any. That's how we get you shielded. In this post, we have reviewed the market's top screen drawing tool, and here is our list.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Screen Grabber Premium

Supported Formats: This powerful program enables you to record in 1000+ output formats like MOV, MP4, AV, FLV, and more.
User Group: Screen Grabber Premium is suitable for professionals of any kind. It's best for creating instructional videos, game recording, and presentations.

Screen Grabber Premium is a professional 4K screen recorder that allows an annotation feature in real-time. Thus, saving your treasured time from the video editing process after the screen recording takes place. While presenting, you can directly add arrows, shapes, highlights, and magnifiers to your screen, pointing out the essential information to your audience. You can also record your mouse cursors' movement with sound clicks and colors. Moreover, this program gives you vivid video output as it supports 4K quality resolution at 60fps. Aside from these wonders, Screen Grabber Premium can capture your system sound and microphone. Lastly, you can also overlay your webcam for a picture-in-picture mode.

screen grabber premium interface


Supported Formats: The program saves your files in MP4.
User Group: It’s perfect for students when creating simple video presentations or projects.

Screencast-o-Matic is a powerful program that lets you record in full-screen size or specific regions. This also features annotation tools like pencils, highlighters, text, magnifiers, and shapes. Not to mention, you can customize the drawing tools in different colors of your liking. If you need to add subtitles on your work, fret not because the program supports a closed caption feature. However, you can only record for a maximum of 15 minutes when using the free trial version of the software. As you upgrade to the premium plan which cocst around $8.00, you can access major features like the media stock library and video editor.

screencast o matic program interface


Supported Formats: Save your recording in MP4, M4A, GIF, and more.
User Group: Camtasia is appropriate for creating webinar recordings and how-to videos.

Camtasia is another powerful and straightforward screen recorder developed by Techsmith. Screencasting becomes more manageable because you don't need much technical mastery. While creating your work, Camtasia offers annotation tools to create a more polished output. Some of them are callouts, shapes, and lower thirds. Moreover, you can use your mouse to sketch on your screen while the recording is in progress. But aside from screen recording, Camtasia is also a dedicated video editor. You can take your project extra by laying out different transitional effects and themes. Moreover, you can access a stock library for thousands of tracks.

camtasia screen recorder with drawing tools


Supported Formats: The program offers AVI and MP4 as your video output format.
User Group: This is best for gamers or bloggers when doing reaction videos on any particular content.

Another tool that features a real-time drawing function is the Bandicam. Aside from the traditional way of accessing the drawing tools, Bandicam changes the game by offering a shortcut of it to their users. When highlighting essential parts on your screen, feel free to use boxes, numbers, callouts, arrows, and pencils. Moreover, the program offers an eraser button if you accidentally highlight the wrong area. Tons of users appreciate the tool because it makes their work easier and gives an impressive output quality. Bandicam is just one of the few programs that support the 4K screen recording option and three recording modes.

bandicam screen recorder interface


Supported Formats: You can save your work in MP4, GIF, and WebM output format.
User Group: It works best for creating product demonstrations, feedback giving, and walkthroughs.

Screenity is a Google Chrome extension and allows you to create unlimited screen recordings. It can capture your entire screen or selected areas. It can annotate using elements including text letters, pencils, and arrows. Plus, you can change them into different colors by adjusting the color wheel. Not only in annotating the screen, but you can also annotate through voice narration using a microphone. Additionally, Screenity requires no sign-up process before you can use all its features and is available in 16 languages. You can set the interface language into Bahasa Indonesia, English, Deutsch, and Italian, just to name a few.

screenity screen recorder with annotation tool

Icecream Screen Recorder

Supported Formats: It lets you save your files in MP4, AVI, WebM, and MOV.
User Group: This is excellent for gamers that need to create a picture-in-picture effect on their screen recording.

Icecream Screen Recorder is a dedicated program that offers valuable markup tools for its users. Using the annotation tools is smoothly accessible since they are loaded on your toolbar while on the record. Aside from these, the program supports mouse effects to direct your audience easily on the information you want to highlight. Moreover, Icecream Screen Recorder allows you to overlay your own watermark on your videos. This feature is adequate to protect your copyright from potential attacks. On top of these, the program lets you edit your files where you can trim, change the speed, and convert the output to different formats.

icecream screen recorder interface


Supported Formats: You can save your video file into an MP4 or GIF format.
User Group: This is perfect for college students in creating stylish video exhibits and demonstrations.

Another software by Techsmith, Snagit, is a screen recording software with powerful features. Annotating your screen turns from challenging to doable for Snagit offers professional drawing tools at your disposal. Besides, the program offers step tools, smart move objects, and text replace features to create a more engaging output. There are premade templates that you can use on your work to save time for further video editing. In addition, you will discover a scrolling screen mode that lets you capture full-page documents, webpages, long chats, and the like. Finally, the program also offers an instant trimming tool to remove all the unnecessary parts in your work. Or, you can turn short clips into a GIF file with its built-in GIF maker.

draw on screen while recording using snagit


Supported Formats: You can export your file into MP3, MP4, or GIF.
User Group: This is suitable for business people when creating a product demonstration.

To write on screen while recording has been made easier with Screencastify. This chrome plug-in allows you to record full-screen, tab, or specific dimensions. On the other hand, annotating your computer display is pretty simple with Screncastify. You can use the pen tool, zoom in, add stickers or customize your mouse effects. Aside from that, the online program offers a built-in video editor where you can blur, crop, and add text to your clips. And to add more, the program can record your audio sources and webcam. However, if you need to bypass the 5-minute screen recording limit, you should upgrade to Screencastify Unlimited.

screencastify interface


Supported Formats: Loom supports MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, and WebM as video output formats.
User Group: This is great for creating instructional videos among asynchronous meetings in a business team.

Loom is a flexible screen recorder with an annotation feature. It lets you draw on your screen in actual time, but it will eventually disappear after 5 seconds. That way, you can avoid clutter on your display and keep the recording tidy. Moreover, this program works best on all operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and chrome. Aside from the drawing tools, Loom can capture your web camera, system sound, and microphone, making it an all-in-one tool. Finally, if your video involves a transcript, you can pull it off using Loom's closed caption feature.

loom interface


Supported Formats: You can export your file into MP3, MP4, or GIF.
User Group: This program is best for people with simple screen recording tasks.

ShareX is probably the screen recording software that offers multiple drawing tools. Aside from the familiar shapes, you can find speech ballon, magnifiers, freehand, and numerical markups. Moreover, the program offers different recording modes. Such as the scrolling screen and active window recorder. Besides, there is also a custom region and full-screen mode. On the other hand, the program offers functional hotkeys to make your recording experience convenient. Lastly, ShareX has a history panel that lets you find your recordings in just a few clicks.

sharex interface

Comparison Chart of Screen Recorder with Drawing Tools

Tools Price Task Scheduler Social Share
Screen Grabber Premium $29.95 AVAILABLE It lets your upload your output to different sharing platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, and more.
Screencast-o-Matic $6.00 UNAVAILABLE It lets you upload the output to YouTube, and Google Drive.
Camtasia $220 AVAILABLE Instantly share your work on YouTube, Vimeo, and more.
Bandicam $39.95 UNAVAILABLE Not Stated
Screenity FREE UNAVAILABLE Not Stated
Icecream Screen Recorder $29.95 AVAILABLE You can upload directly on YuTube, Google Drive, and Dropbox.
Snagit $62.99 UNAVAILABLE You can share your output easily to Slack and Box.
Screencastify FREE UNAVAILABLE Instantly share your recording to Google Drive, iCloud, and other video-sharing sites.
Loom FREE UNAVAILABLE You can upload your file directly on Slack, YouTube, and cloud storage.
ShareX FREE UNAVAILABLE You can share your output easily to sites like Facebook and Google Drive.
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Screen Grabber Premium
Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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