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Review of the Top 8 No Time Limit Screen Recorder

feature screen record no time limitIn present times, there are plenty of options to make things easier. One of the underrated tools nowadays is a screen recorder. It is becoming more integral in dealing with the daily programming of our lives. Imagine if screen recorders don't exist, we won't capture significant events online. Whether for an online class, online video games, or work purposes, this modern tool enables us to efficiently manage our responsibilities by taking screen recordings on our computers. It makes every discussion more engaging and interactive. If you are up to recording long videos on screen, good thing there are no time limit screen recorders for you to maximize, so you don't have to worry about the length of time that your recorded video will consume. Even better, this article enlists 8 screen recorder no time limit that provides different screen recording and editing features that will gratify your preferences.

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8 Ideal Free Screen Recorder Without Time Limit for PCs

1. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

Distinctive Feature: Allows you to save your recorded video in multiple output formats like MP4, WMA, AVI, MOV, etc.
Compatible Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a desktop recorder that allows you to screencast any on-screen activities on your computer and records any video on your screen, whether a tutorial video, podcast, online stream games, class session, and more. They can be saved in a great quality for personal and commercial usage. The flexible settings enable you to customize only a particular area of your screen that you want to record or do a full-screen record, select audio input to include your computer system sound, a voice-over from the microphone, or record them both. And you can save your recorded videos in numerous output formats such as MP4, WMA, MOV, AVI, etc. Aside from screen recording, it also has a screenshot function that you can use to capture in between scenes and offers an editor where you can instantly edit your video upon recording. Furthermore, you can also schedule your recording ahead of time, for it automatically starts recording after creating a scheduled time and duration for your task. Here is a walkthrough of Screen Grabber Pro:

sgp main interface

Step 1 Download AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

Try it for Free

Download AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro from the download button above. You can do a live screen recording as it offers you choices such as ‘Full screen’ if you want to record the whole screen of your computer desktop or ‘Region’ if you only intend to record a specific area in your screen.

screen recorder no time limit sgp step1

Step 2 Audio Input Setting

Align with the screen recording, and it also accommodates you to an audio input. You can choose to acquire the system sound on your computer or do a voice-over using its microphone setting. Even so, you can include them both or none at all.

screen recorder no time limit sgp step2

Step 3 Annotate Your Recordings Instantly

This desktop screen recorder enables you to annotate your recording in real-time because it comes with an editor. It allows you to add a webcam overlay recording. In addition, after the recorded video has been saved, you can further edit it to make your video look more engaging.

screen recorder no time limit sgp step3

Step 4 Set up a Task Scheduler

As mentioned, this software enables you to schedule your task. ‘Task Schedule’ can be found in the main interface of the software. You can name your task and set up your setting according to your preferred schedule as you have clicked it.

screen recorder no time limit sgp step4


  • Supports downloading video in 4K resolution
  • Videos can be encoded in many output formats like AVI, WMA, MOV, etc. without decreasing its quality

  • Requires VIP account to achieve full functions

2. CamStudio

Distinctive Feature: It is a screen recorder without time limit and saves high-quality videos with small file size.
Compatible Platform: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

CamStudio is suitable for recording lengthy educational videos, business presentations, or even movies since it has no time limit. It comes with its cursors, customizable video recording settings, and it is easy to navigate. Its user-friendly interface makes it easier to utilize for green hand users. It is a good software that offers convenient features with several high-quality recording options and video compression methods for video editing. On top of that, it is an open-source screen recorder built mainly for accessible screen recording settings, which is why you can quickly utilize it without hassle.

screen recorder no time limit camstudio


  • Free no time limit screen recorder
  • It is free and has an open-source program

  • Screen recordings can only be encoded in AVI and SWF output

3. Movavi Screen Recorder

Distinctive Feature: You can draw on your screen while recording.

Compatible Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and macOS

Movavi Screen Recorder is a handy tool that equips you with multiple tools that enhance the process of capturing screen activity. With its help, you can schedule recording tasks for months ahead, draw on videos, and edit snapshots. Although it is not an entirely free solution like these programs, Movavi Screen Recorder doesn't limit you in time for recording videos, so you can create one, two, three-hour-long projects, or even longer. The program is able to capture videos at 60fps that allows for high-quality results. It also comes with a built-in mini editor, where you can trim unwanted parts and convert video into any suitable format.

movavi screen recorder


  • Support for multiple sound sources
  • Drawing on video
  • Screenshot editing
  • No time limit for screen recordings

  • Recording of full-screen games is not available
  • Watermark in the free version

4. EaseUS RecExperts

Distinctive Feature: It is able to save your recordings in your preferred format.
Compatible Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 and MacOS

EaseUS RecExperts is a great screen recorder; it is available on both Windows and Mac computers. It allows you to record your screen without any time limit, so it is efficient to use if you are about to record long videos. It is also a free screen recorder in Mac, has no watermark, and is available for free. Furthermore, it also allows you to record your video with audio or voice-overs using a microphone simultaneously. It is handy to use and enables you to export your recorded videos with excellent results. Using this software, you can now record live online streaming videos for as long as you want.

screen recorder no time limit easeus recexperts


  • It has an unlimited screen recording duration
  • Allows you to save your recorded videos according to your favorable format

  • It has no security features

5. ShareX

Distinctive Feature: It has numerous useful features that allows you to annotate your video recordings and upload it easily.
Compatible Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Although ShareX is known for screenshot capture on computers, it also has a screen recorder for pc no time limit, which allows you to make screen recordings without worrying about the time duration of your video. It is hassle-free to use, for it has no advertisements and flexible annotation tools. Additionally, it has comprehensive productivity tools that add up to your recorded videos' intensity of expression. ShareX also offers source code that is visible for you to utilize. If you are looking for a lightweight screen recorder and an easy capture sharing tool, ShareX must be considered.

screen recorder no time limit sharex


  • It supports numerous URL sharing sites
  • It easy to use for it has a simple interface

  • Low quality in game recording

6. OBS Studio

Distinctive Feature: It has many customizable options and multiple media sources.
Compatible Platform: Windows, MacOS 10.13+, and Linux

OBS Studio is open-source software applicable for online game players and other live streaming events held online. This program is mainly built for advanced users since it requires configurations; however, if you are the kind of person that is willing to indulge more in the details of its extensive features, the best results can be achieved. If you plan to create a YouTube playthrough video tutorial, OBS studio is a suggested program to utilize. It works well on a multi-screen setup and has a low impact on frame rates. It also offers a customizable and extensive program that is good for streaming videos, especially when you are up to pulling videos from multiple sources.

screen recorder no time limit obs studio


  • Packed of tons of features and settings
  • It has antivirus programs and is free of malware, spyware, and other kinds of viruses

  • Requires advanced users for setup to be effectively optimized

7. ScreenApp.IO

Distinctive Feature: It is a web-based screen recorder so there is no need for installation.
Compatible Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10and MacOS

ScreenApp.IO is a web-based screen recorder that provides a screen recorder no time limit and one of the rare free online recorders that you can find online. It allows users to record their screens on the web without time limitations. It also does not occupy storage space, for it works in multiple web browsers. It allows you to edit your video recordings with the set of tools that it offers, and it gives you an opportunity to trim and edit your video before downloading it. In all cases, this web-based screen recorder has an easy-to-use interface, making it a user-friendly app and will not cause you any virus that can endanger your computer.

screen recorder no time limit


  • Does not require installation
  • Offers you an optimum resolution from 1080p, 720p, 360p

  • Does not have much editing features like video effects or transitions

8. Ezvid

Distinctive Feature: It has the easiest screen recorder for it is distinctively designed to save every users’ time.
Compatible Platform: Windows XP3,7,8, and 1

The word ‘waiting’ is on the least priority of Ezvid, for it is designed for every user to download their videos directly on YouTube in just a couple of minutes. Since people live in a fast-paced world, they want everything to happen instantly, just as Ezvid allows every user to have speed controls over output videos. Although it is an easy-to-use software, it can still guarantee high-quality videos since it has an automatic resolution of 1280p by 720p HD. Voice-over narrations would not be a hassle since it offers a computer-generated speech specifically built for narrative purposes; it is a superior screen recorder choice for users who are uncomfortable hearing their voice in video recordings.

screen recorder no time limit exvid


  • Recorded and edited videos can be easily uploaded to YouTube
  • It has a user-friendly interface

  • Recording of full-screen game video is not available

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

Each tool has impressive features which can help you capture live online streaming videos, educational tutorial videos, and other videos on your computer desktop. In addition, they are free to use and allow you to do screen recording without a time limit. Using these tools, you will be able to keep up with the live events online and make it possible for you to re-watch it for as much as you would want to. Through maximizing these tools such as Screen Grabber Pro, CamStudio, MOVAVI Screen Recorder, EaseUS RecExperts, ShareX, OBS Studio, ScreenApp.IO, and Ezvid, you will be able to maximize your tasks efficiently and granted with features that will make your creation more instructive and precise.

Products Compatible Platform Price Free Trial Limit
AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Free or $39.95 (personal lifetime),$79.90 (Family License) 30 days
CamStudio Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 Free None
Movavi Screen Recorder Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10; macOS Free or $39.95 (personal one-year subscription), $54.95 (personal lifetime use) 7 days
EaseUS RecExperts Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 and MacOS Free or $11.97 per month 30 days
ShareX Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 Free None
ScreenApp.IO Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10and MacOS Free None
Ezvid Windows XP3,7,8, and 10 Free None
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Last updated on July 27, 2021

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