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Best Screen Recorder for Online Teaching: 2023 Fiery Picks

screen recorder for teachers

Who would have thought that the regular classrooms would soon become contained in the online space? With the evolving world around us, learning is still doable even when the teacher and the students are miles away from each other. Thanks to some e-learning applications like a screen recorder. With it, teachers can relay crucial information to their students anytime. Using this program, their computer screen serves as their blackboard, their mouse as their chalk, and a web camera to make an engaging presentation. If you have no idea where to dig for the best screen recorders in the market, you are in the right place. Our team has covered the ten best screen recording software for teachers. We will tackle everything you need to know about them and choose which one will match your taste.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Screen Grabber Premium

Advantage Over Others: This program can record screen activity without a time limit and does not embed a watermark on your output.
Pricing Plan: Screen Grabber Premium offers a free trial version, but you can avail of the premium subscription for $29.95. This is a one-year license that covers all the screen recording features with customer support included.

Screen Grabber Premium is first among the best screen recorder for teaching which you may want to have right now. This feature-filled program lessens the teacher's struggles when recording their lesson. They would not have to worry considering other factors like voice recording and web camera overlay. To expand the matter, Screen Grabber Premium supports two sound source recordings: the system sound and microphone recording. This way, you can incorporate your voice narration while explaining the lesson. Moreover, you can capture the sound of an insightful video on your computer for the students to follow. What is more, you can maintain the element of interaction with your students by toggling on the web camera recording. This feature creates a picture-in-picture mode on your presentation, making it more professional to watch at. Lastly, Screen Grabber Premium is more advanced than others because of its drawing tools and task scheduler. Plus, you can draw from 1000+ output formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, and FLV and give your students a clear and vivid video presentation at 4K quality.

screen grabber premium interface

PowerPoint Presentation

Advantage Over Others: This program is suitable for Windows device users who want to record quick and simple educational reporting.
Pricing Plan: Free

PowerPoint Presentation is one of the excellent applications for creating educational slideshows. With the program, you can insert visuals and even an audio file for your students to digest the bits of information they need to know. However, one of the ultimate secrets of PowerPoint Presentation is that it offers a built-in screen recorder. Teachers can benefit from the program since it lessens the need to install a third-party tool and save space for more video recordings. However, one of the downsides you may encounter is that PowerPoint Presentation is limited only to computer screen and microphone recording. It does not support a web camera overlay, and you cannot annotate your visual aid in real-time. However, this program is still better than nothing, and it renders an MP4 output format and standard resolution of 720P.

powerpoint presentation as screen recorder for teachers

Icecream Screen Recorder

Advantage Over Others: If you are an aspiring teacher who wants to upload your tutorials online, the program lets you embed your personalized logo on the recorded file to protect copyright and avoid theft.
Pricing Plan: The program offers a free trial version with a five-minute recording time limit. The premium version is a one-time payment of $29.95.

Another teaching screen recorder that with outstanding features is the Icecream Screen Recorder. This program renders a maximum of 1080P resolution and output formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, and WebM. Plus, teachers can set up their video quality in their preferred frame per second. Like the Screen Grabber Premium, it can capture audio sources and a web camera while recording your screen. Teachers can also access the annotation tool. In real-time, you can use different drawing elements like arrows, shapes, highlights, and text to highlight info on your computer. Besides that, this tool offers a scheduled time recording. Moreover, teachers can record upcoming school webinars, forums, and meetings at the exact date and time set on the program. So, in case of an emergency and they are not in front of the computer, they can view the recorded file and miss zero details.

icecream screen recorder interface for online teaching


Advantage Over Others: This program is best for creating demos and lessons for asynchronous classroom meetings.
Pricing Plan: Looms offers a 14-day free trial. However, if you want to invite more than 50+ students to your Loom workspace and take the advanced tools, you can grab the Business plan for $10 per month.

Loom is a cross-platform screencasting software that allows you to record in different modes. You can take the whole screen area or customize it into a specific area, tab or window. Even though Loom extension relies on a solid internet connection, teachers can reap great recording features with it. They can create high-quality video learning materials as they can edit their work right after the recording process. They can insert captions, delete background noise and render the output anywhere between 720P and 4K HD. Aside from that, your Loom account lets you create a digital workspace where you can produce a library for your essential recordings. On top of that, students can easily access the lessons through a shareable link or by inviting them into your Loom profile.

loom interface


Advantage Over Others: The program supports automated captions on your recordings. Plus, you can easily sync your recordings with online platforms like Google Classroom, Moodle LTI, and Microsoft Teams.
Pricing Plan: The free trial lets you record your screen for 15 minutes. Still, you can take the monthly plan for $4.

The next best screen recorder for online teaching is the Screencast-O-Matic. This program is dedicated to turning e-learning collaborative and alive by capturing the computer display, audio, and web camera at once. Moreover, Screencast-O-Matic has the upper hand if you need to edit your video presentations. While this feature is only available on the premium subscription, you won't regret spending money just to access the advanced editing tools like the chroma screen. Moreover, you can indulge your output in the vast library of stock media files like songs, clips, and images. Besides, teachers won't have to fret about getting their files deleted on their devices because the program can back up their output in a cloud storage. In this way, students who missed the class can catch up with the lesson by sending them a shareable link.

screencast o matic screen recorder for teaching


Advantage Over Others: It has a social share feature where you can instantly upload your video courses on platforms like YouTube, Screencast, and Vimeo.
Pricing Plan: Camtasia offers a one-time subscription for $299.99

Camtasia is a teaching screen recorder developed by Techsmith and initially released in 2002. Until now, this program has never failed people, especially in the academe, in preparing recorded lessons for their learners. It can capture your screen display from 480P, 720P, 1080P, and 4K video quality. Additionally, the program allows you to emphasize essential details in your presentation by customizing your mouse cursor and using the drawing tools. While it's undeniable that the program comes at a high price, Camtasia is one of the programs that offer a comprehensive video editing suite. After recording your lesson, you may choose to lay in templates, stock media files, and transitional effects available in the program. Moreover, this robust software lets you create interactive quizzes for your students to test what they have learned after watching the lesson.

camtasia screen recorder interface


Advantage Over Others: Aside from the various output formats, Screencastify allows you to save your file into a GIF format.
Pricing Plan: Free

Tons of educators and learners get to enjoy 1080P screen recording with Screencastify. This tool is a Chrome extension, but it's a great rival against the desktop programs in the market. It allows you to capture your computer in full screen or drag the particular area of your preference. Plus, it supports capturing a specific window and tab to minimize unwanted distractions when you need to look at your notes while your recording is ongoing. Moreover, Screencastify provides essential video editing tools where you can trim, zoom, blur, and cut unneeded clips on your work. The program also acts as a facecam recorder and lets you narrate your topics well with your microphone. Lastly, Screencastify allows users to save their work directly on Google Drive for easier retrieval and sharing.

 screencastify screen recorder interface


Advantage Over Others: Snagit has a cloud library feature where you can access all your screen recordings online on any device.
Pricing Plan: One-time payment costs $62.99, including 20+ exclusive how-to videos.

Snagit is a two-in-one video-editing and screen recording tool released by Techsmith. Teachers can benefit from its excellent markup tools, where you can use arrows, highlights, balloons, and magnifiers on the presentation. What's more, you can alter the color of each element and customize your mouse cursor effect to direct your students while they are watching the video. Plus, you can expect a smooth video display at 60fps and 4K resolution. Snagit offers customizable templates and step tools if you are working on tutorials. This way, you will not need to look for another slideshow maker.

snagit interface


Advantage Over Others: This program allows you to take a screenshot of your recordings and annotate it.
Pricing Plan: Free-of-charge

ScreenRec can simultaneously capture a web camera, microphone, and computer display. Moreover, instructors control recording quality like SD, HD, and 4K resolutions. In case you did not know, ScreenRec is not just a mere screen recorder. It allows you to communicate with your students from different areas worldwide instantly. After you record, you may choose several options of allowing your students to access your lessons. First, you can give them a shareable link. On the other hand, you can make your video lessons exclusive to your students by encrypting a password. Lastly, they can go on your ScreenRec gallery, which allows you to analyze how many views and reactions do you get from time to time.

screenrec interface


Advantage Over Others: Bandicam is a dedicated tool that renders a high compression ratio with retained quality screen recorded video.
Pricing Plan: The one-time purchase costs $59.96, which works on two devices.

Although Bandicam is popularly known as a gameplay recorder, it does not go behind being a screen recorder for teaching lessons. This program is exclusive to Windows devices and renders MP4 and AVI video output. Even when teachers need to open multiple windows on their screen and play videos when teaching, this program can still give you a smooth display. It can capture up to 480 FPS in 4K resolution. Moreover, Bandicam has a Scheduled Recording feature where you can record upcoming school meetings on a daily or weekly basis. On the other hand, the program offers a limited annotation toolkit, but it still won't compromise your time for creating a professional-looking recorded lesson.

bandicam interface

Tips for Recording Lessons

While recording instructional videos can feel pretty different from the traditional setup, the help of screen recorders lessens it. If you want to have some extra tips on pulling off your first screen recording task, we have curated essential tips below which you can apply.

  • Ensure great lighting- we all agree that a picture-in-picture effect with your web camera is a wow factor when recording your lessons. If you use a built-in camera on your laptop, make sure that your face becomes visible by placing a lamp near your seat or by opening the window. On the other hand, you can invest in good external cameras which adjust automatically in low-light places.
  • Insert captions on your screen- since we only get to record our lessons in our house, dealing with background noises is inevitable. If you can, try adding captions to your demo, especially when you have students with hearing impairment.
  • Attached video clips and visuals- by incorporating visuals on your screen, there's a high chance that students will be more engaged while they watch the lesson.
  • Apply some icebreakers- before starting the lesson proper, you may ask intriguing questions or conduct a game that may spark the interest of your students.

tips for recording lessons

Comparison Chart of the Video Recording Tools for Teachers

Screen Recorder for Teachers Installation Package Size Operating System Video Editor
Screen Grabber Premium 1.84 MB Windows and Mac Basic editing tools only
PowerPoint Presentation Included in Microsoft Office Package Windows and Mac NOT AVAILABLE
Icecream Screen Recorder 54 MB Windows and Mac Basic editing tools only
Loom 9 MB Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks Basic and advanced editing tools
Screencast-O-Matic 1.3 MB Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks Basic and advanced editing tools
Camtasia 317 MB Windows and Mac Basic and advanced editing tools
Screencastify 23.57 MB Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks Basic editing tools only
Snagit 138 MB Windows and Mac Basic and advanced editing tools
ScreenRec 180 KB Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks Basic editing tools only
Bandicam 30.6 MB Windows only Basic editing tools only
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Screen Grabber Premium
Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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