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Best Ways to Screen Record on HP Laptop

screen record hp laptopScreen recording tools help you trace back your on-screen activities quickly. This app becomes essential especially nowadays, that every transaction is now online. Hence, it is safe to say that screen recording has become a life-changer for people who are always in front of their PC. Also, it is useful in sharing their screen⁠ - for a tutorial, business proposal, and gameplay. And with the plenty of screen recorders you can find online, it's challenging to find one that works best, specifically in doing screen record on HP laptop. In this article, we'll guide you on how to record screen on HP laptop.

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Record Screen on HP Laptop with Screen Grabber Premium

Suppose you're looking for a professional way to record screen on HP laptop. Fortunately, there's AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium - its flexibility as a recorder will surely make you list this app as your favorite. Whether you're recording your online classes, capturing your gameplay and video message or call, or doing a tutorial, you can absolutely rely on this tool. Additionally, you can also instantly share your output on any popular media site, such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, and more. Hereto, below are the key features and guide on how to screen record on an HP laptop to convince you more.

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Key Features:

  • It lets you record the screen on HP laptop on a full screen, select region on your screen, or choose to screencast a specific window.
  • It has annotation tools that can help you make a tutorial or even during your live stream to emphasize and highlight something on your screen.
  • It has a screenshot feature wherein you can grab a photo of your favorite scene, whether from a movie or series.
  • It can record your webcam, which is best when you want to share your video live.
  • It allows you to choose your audio input⁠— either use your systems sound or microphone or use both.

Step 1 Save and launch the app

To start screen record HP laptop, first, download and save the app by clicking the "Free Download" button provided above. After that, click the downloaded file and follow the installation process as directed. Finally, launch it so you can start familiarizing yourself with its amazing recording features.

netflix recorder sgp interface

Step 2 Configure the recorder settings

Before you start recording, make sure that you already set the tool's settings to your preference. Hit the three horizontal lines located on the top-right corner of the app's interface. From there, click "Preferences" to show the recording, mouse, hotkeys, output settings. Set them according to your likes. Once done, don't forget to click "OK" to save all the changes.

screen record on hp laptop step 2

Step 3 Select audio input

On the app's interface, click "Video Recorder." Then, choose your audio input depending on what kind of activities you were recording. Suppose you want to screencast your online class so you won't miss any lecture, then use your PC's system sound. Just hit the toggle button below it to turn it on.

screen record on hp laptop step 3

Step 4 Start recording your screen

Open the app that you want to record. Next, go back to the tool and select the region on your laptop's screen by clicking the "Custom" from the first icon. Otherwise, click "Full" to record everything on your screen. After deciding and setting them up, click the "Rec" button to initiate the recording progress.

screen record on hp laptop step 4

Step 5 Stop, save, and play your output

If you have already wholly captured your on-screen activity, click the "Stop" button on the floating toolbar. Then, a new window will appear, from there, you'll have a chance to trim the clip to omit unnecessary scenes. After that, click "Save" and go to recording history to play the recorded video. To do so, place the cursor on the file name and right-click and select "Play." Finally, you can watch your recorded file multiple times all over again. Plus, you can share it too with your friends and loved ones.

screen record on hp laptop step 5

Make sure that you turned off your mic when you're recording to avoid registering unnecessary noise on your output.

3 More Ways to Screen Record on HP Laptop in Windows 10

As I mentioned above, it's challenging to find the best screen recorders online because more developers are eager to make one to suit every internet user's screencasting needs. And sometimes, it's frustrating to find one. On the brighter side, it is still best to have multiple choices to record screen on HP laptop. In this case, you'll have more backups once the tool that you installed stops working or keeps on crashing. By reading further, you will know more options on how to screen record on HP laptop Windows 10.

1. Record Video on HP Laptop Using Windows GameBar

Most new HP laptop models like HP Envy x360 13, HP Envy 13, and HP Spectre x360 are already equipped with built-in recorders like Windows Gamebar in Windows 10. Though this is specifically made to record gameplay, it can still record your on-screen activities not related to games. Here's how to use this tool to record screen on HP laptop.

screen record on hp laptop gamebar

  • Click "Windows" + "G" on your keyboard.
  • Configure your settings by manipulating all the floating toolbar for audio and video recording.
  • Once set, look for the other floating bar's record button and hit it.
  • To stop your recording, click the icon for recording once again . Then the video will automatically save on C/Users/Videos/Captures.
After recording the video, you can also edit it edit your videos with your Windows Photos software.

2. Install OBS Studio to Record HP Screen

Another way to record your on-screen activities is by installing OBS studio. This tool is multifunctional, that besides being a recorder, this can also be a recording or editing studio for your videos. It's customizable since you can configure its setting according to your likes. You can set up its automatic recording settings, audio input, bitrate, hotkeys, and file location.

screen record on hp laptop obs

  • Install and launch the app by clicking the link on the description above.
  • From the app interface, click the “Studio mode” on the bottom-right corner of the tool.
  • Click the “+” sign on the source window, and click “Window Capture” then “Create new”. Don’t forget to click OK to save the settings.
  • Once the set up is complete, you’re now ready to record your screen by hitting the start recording button on the bottom-right corner of the tool and click it again to stop recording.
This screen recorder tool is quite complicated. So, better familiarize yourself first on its features.

3. Screen Record on HP Using YouTube Live Streaming

If you think your YouTube is just for streaming videos, well, this app can also be a screen recording tool alternative. It's live streaming features let you record a window on your PC's screen too. Though underrated, this method is also effective in capturing your HP laptop's screen with no effort at all.

screen record on hp laptop youtube

  • On the top-right corner of your YouTube account, click the upload icon. It's beside your display photo and the notification bell.
  • Select "Go Live" (if your account is not yet verified, it will ask you to by putting your mobile number.) Then, follow the live stream instruction on the wizard window that will show, like setting your privacy and audio input.
  • Click "Screenshare" on the left side of the menu and choose the window you will record. Then, hit "Start Broadcast" to start recording your window's screen.
  • Meanwhile, once finished recording, click "Stop Broadcast".
  • To save it on your PC, select the "Edit" button beside the video thumbnail. Then, click the "Download MP4" button. Your video is now available for offline viewing and for sharing with your friends.
And if you are worried about having your live stream in public, don't worry because you can change the option to share it only in private.
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