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Top 7 Timed Screen Recording Software You Should Try in 2022

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No matter how keen we are on listing our tasks in a day, we still forget some of them for several reasons. In this fast-paced world, people quickly move from one call to another, one online class to another, and from one virtual meeting to another. However, there are situations when you are away from home and do not want to miss any crucial matters on your upcoming webinar. What's more painful is when no one can jot some notes down for you to read later. But you do not need to be torn between leaving and staying. Using an auto screen recorder for PC, you will no longer agonize about missing out. Henceforth, our team has tried and tested well-known programs in the market, and we arrived at the best seven of them.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Screen Grabber Premium

Price: It offers a freemium service. To unlock all the advanced screen recording features, you can avail of the yearly plan at $29.95 with lifetime support and upgrade.
Outstanding Feature: It features an annotation feature where you can find arrows, boxes, and magnifiers to incorporate on your screen. This feature best highlights extra information while your recording is in progress.

With Screen Grabber Premium, screencasting at a predefined time gets more painless than ever. This efficient program pulls off this feature through the Task Scheduler. You can put on the program's queu the specific day and time. So, whether you need to record a live stream, a conference meeting, or attend a virtual class, you will not miss screen recording anymore. Aside from the full-screen recording mode, this program can also capture in a specific window or screen area in 4K resolution. In that way, you can do other tasks on your computer while the program works in the background. What's more, even if you are less tech-savvy than others, the program's intuitive interface makes it easier to maneuver. Get astounded with Screen Grabber Premium as you learn how to schedule screen recording below.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Install the Program

Begin by locating the program on your PC. After that, run the program and follow through the dialog box to install it on your device. Once the tool launches on your screen, familiarize yourself with the program's functional buttons.

screen grabber premium interface

Step 2 Set the Task Scheduler

Next, click on the "Task Schedule" on the bottom part of the interface. Once the task schedule window appears, hit the "Add New Task" button, put the name of the activity you wish to record, and hit "OK." Afterward, go to the "Start Time" panel and choose the exact day and time of your schedule. You may input the estimated recording length on the "Stop Set" panel. On the other hand, you have the option you want the program to stop the recording automatically or manually.

task scheduler of screen grabber premium

Step 3 Implement the Schedule

When all your requirement areset already, hit OK, and the schedule you created will line up on the queue of Screen Grabber Premium. On the status column, turn the slider on for your created schedule. Now, you exit the program and expect it to record smoothly and without complications. The program itself will save the output and you can check it on the "History" tab.

turn on the scheduled recording in screen grabber

Icecream Screen Recorder

Price: To unlock all the program features, you can switch to the Pro version for $29.95.
Outstanding Feature: Using the program, you can overlay your own brand watermark to protect against potential copyright issues.

Icecream Screen Recorder is another notable program auto screen recorder for PC. You can take as many future recordings as you want on the program and expect them to be captured without a single mistake. Plus, people in the business and academe consider this as a perfect tool for creating video demos, presentations, and walkthroughs. Their works get more polished and professional to look at since they can draw on their screen with boxes, text, and arrows. Moreover, you can choose whether to record internal audio alone or with the microphone. Besides that, it helps you create a PIP effect by inserting your web camera. Here is a quick process to schedule screencasting with Icecream Screen Recorder.

  • Launch the program on your device and click the "Tasks" button at the top of the program's main interface. Once the "Tasks" panel pops up, hit the "Plus" icon and input the exact date and time of your task on the "Start" box.
  • Once inputting the details is done, hit the "Save" button to register the task. Finally, you should see the schedule on the program.

time screen recording with icecream screen recorder


Price: With a one-time purchase, you can use the program on two devices for $59.96.
Outstanding Feature: It lets you record any screen activities in full screen or specific dimensions.

Do you wish to record on a daily or weekly schedule? Bandicam is a program created exclusively for Windows OS users. This program can record your screen at a standard quality like 480P up to the highest 4K resolution. Moreover, you can have a smooth display of your recorded videos at 60fps. What is more impressive is that Bandicam offers a Chroma Key feature where you can overlay a new background for your web camera. Back to the scheduled recording, you can only use the feature when Bandicam runs on your screen. If you need to record your task automatically without launching Bandicam, you need to enable the Windows Task Scheduler. This trick is quite a challenge for beginners. But, if you want to learn how to start recording automatically with Bandicam, we made it simplified below. On the other hand, you can refer to this post to find more about the feasible ways to record a computer screen on Windows 10.

  • On your computer, hit the "Windows" icon and search for the "Task Scheduler." Afterward, select Create Task," label the name "Bandicam recording," and tick the box for "Run with Highest Privileges."
  • Next, go to the "Triggers" tab and input the specific time of your recording. Also, change the task form on a schedule to "At log on." Finally, move to the "Actions" tab and set Bandicam in the "Program/script box. Hit the “OK” button to save, and your schedule recording is filed.

automatic screen recording with bandicam

Deskshare My Screen Recorder Pro

Price: A freemium service, but the paid plan only costs $49.50, compatible with Windows OS.
Outstanding Feature: The program lets you incorporate your microphone and web camera on your screen recording and experience no lag.

Deskshare My Screen Recorder is your best friend to record the screen at a specified time automatically. Famous for its versatility, the program also helps you trim, convert, ang join clips after recording. Moreover, Deskshare My Screen Recorder allows you to capture and customize mouse cursors. WIth that, you can pat yorself for a more engaging and professional-looking content for your audience. As for the output, the program uses a high compression rate on your videos, but the quality is still guaranteed. Underneath, we have made a quick guide that you can follow to automate your screen recording using the program.

  • Open the My Screen Recorder Pro on your computer, and head to the "Schedule" panel. Subsequently, select the "New" button to load the scheduler window. After creating a name for your task, proceed to the next window to specify when your recording will run.
  • Once you input the date, click the "Finish" button to see the schedule loaded on the program. Finally, hit the close button to exit.

automate screen recording with deskshare my screen recorder pro

Filmage Screen

Price: A 6-month plan costs $14.99, including advanced screen recording tools and customer support.
Outstanding Feature: It supports HD screen recording in 1080P and 4K resolution.

Filmage Screen is an auto screen recorder dedicated to Mac devices. It helps you record your meetings, calls, and other activities even when you are not around to maneuver the tool. The program lets you capture your system sound, internal sound, or both at a high quality. Moreover, you can set your recording anywhere between 15fps and 60 fps. After your recording task, the program automatically saves the file on your local storage. But there's more to that. Filmage Screen offers a video editor where you can add drawings, emojis, and shapes to your work. As for the compatibility, you can convert the file into 500+ formats like MOV, GIF, FLV, and MP4. Follow the tutorial beneath on how to schedule a screen recording on Mac using the tool.

  • After you launch Filmage Screen on your device, hit the Screen tab and click the "Schedule Recording" icon.
  • On the new window, fill in the requirements like the recording time and length for your task. Afterward, hit the "done" button to line up your recording.

schedule recording on filmage screen

EaseUs RecExperts

Price: The yearly plan costs $39.95, installable on 1PC with upgrades.
Outstanding Feature: It offers an auto stop and auto split feature.

One of the best tools to easily schedule recording is the EaseUS RecExperts. This program allows you to record daily or weekly, easing the hassle of repeated preparation. On the other hand, the program gives you options about the specification of your recording mode. The recording area, audio input, and webcam attachment are choices. Moreover, you can choose whether you want to stop the recording manually or the program will do all the tasks. However, if you are using the free trial of the program, you can only save recordings for up to 1 minute. Anyhow, look at the guide below on how to use the Task Scheduler feature of the software.

  • Go to the EaseUS RecExperts and click the “Task Scheduler” tab underneath the interface. Subsequently, select the “New Task” button and specify the recording date and other requirements.
  • Once finished, hit “OK” and check whether the schedule is registered on the program.

schedule screen recording with easeus recexpert


Price: It is a one-time payment program that costs $299.99.
Outstanding Feature: It features the iOS capture where you can cast your iPhone screen to the computer and record the phone activity.

Camtasia is a two-in-one program best for boosting your productivity. It acts as a screen recorder and a video editor. Regarding scheduled recordings, Camtasia is just one of the rivals of the popular tools you could think of in the market. It can capture anything in full recording mode or specified region on your computer screen. Plus, it supports a picture-in-picture effect without compromising the quality of your output. Once done with your recording, you can spice up your videos by adding stylish annotations like callouts, arrows, and text. There are also 100+ transitional effects and pre-made slides that you insert to level up your videos. Refer to the guide below to familiarize yourself with how to record on a schedule with Camtasia.

  • To begin, open the "Task Scheduler" on your windows device and select "create Task" on the left panel.
  • Go to the General tab, input "Camtasia Recording," and check the "Run with Highest Privileges." Next, move to the Triggers > New and define the recording date.
  • Finally, move to the "Action" tab and hit the "browse" button to set Camtasia as your program.

schedule screen recording with camtasia

Comparison Chart

Screen Recorders Installer Size Package Output Formats Video-Editing Feature
Screen Grabber Premium 1.84 MB It supports over 1000+ output formats, including MP4, MKV, MKV, AVI, and more. AVAILABLE
Icecream Screen Recorder 54 MB WebM UNAVAILABLE
Bandicam 30.6 MB MP4 UNAVAILABLE
My Screen Recorder 63.2 MB AVI, WMV, and WebM AVAILABLE
Filmage Screen 106 MB MP4, AVI, and MOV AVAILABLE
EaseUS RecExperts 1.32 MB MP4, AVI, MOV, and more AVAILABLE
Camtasia 317 MB MP4, MKV, WebM, and more AVAILABLE

FAQs about Time Screen Recording

1. Can Windows computers have automated screen recorders?
While you can use the Xbox game bar as your built-in screen recorder on your Windows computer, the program does not have a task scheduler feature.
2. Where can I find a screen recorder with unlimited time?
You will never go wrong with Acethinker Grabber Premium. Aside from the Task Scheduler feature, it can record your computer screen activity at any length. Moreover, the program does not add any brand watermarks to your output.
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Screen Grabber Premium
Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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