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5 Ways to Record Roblox Gameplay Video

roblox recorder Roblox is a popular game that allows users to create gameplay as much as they can imagine. If you are looking for ways to record Roblox, you must be a Roblox lover. Need to keep some special Roblox memories by recording a video? Want to share some Roblox gameplay tips and tricks with other gamers? No matter your reason for recording the Roblox gameplay video, you have come to the right place. This article will show you how to capture Roblox video effortlessly with the perfect way of how to screen record on Roblox. Just keep reading to find the solution.

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How to Record Roblox with the Built-in Recorder

If users want to keep a video record of their gameplay on Roblox, it, fortunately, features a built-in recorder that makes it simple to record Roblox. Because there aren't many features—you can only start and stop recording—this in-game video recording tool is relatively simple. Even pausing the recording to skip over some pointless sections is impossible. Additionally, you cannot record just a specific screen region because the only option is to record the entire video screen. Capturing a selected part of the screen method is not available. Additionally, the recording quality isn't always the best. As a result, many gamers are dissatisfied with this integrated Roblox video recorder and are searching for other options. But before discussing the alternatives, here is how to use the built-in recorder of Roblox.

User guide

  • Click the Menu button in the upper-left corner of the game once you've entered it. Then, under the game's menu, select the Record tab. The menu will close once you click the Record Video button, and the software will begin recording your screen.
  • The recorded video gameplay will be saved on your hard disk when you click the Record icon to stop recording. The recorded Roblox game video can be viewed in the My Videos folder.
  • Connect your YouTube account to your Roblox account and publish the video immediately to share your Roblox game experience, tips and techniques, and other content with other players.

record roblox

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Record Roblox with Voice Using Screen Grabber Premium

We recommend Screen Grabber Premium as the better alternative to the built-in Roblox recorder to get the best recording and video possible when all you need to know is how to record Roblox on Mac and PC. This professional Roblox screen recorder lets you capture Roblox videos in high quality, for up to 60 fps. It enables you to record either the full screen of Roblox gameplay videos or a specific region only. Moreover, you can even capture webcam footage and record audio from your microphone, the system, or both to narrate your gameplay. During the recording process, you are free to pause and resume the recording as you like. You check the steps below on how to record Roblox with your face.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Screen Recorder

To download and install Screen Grabber Premium on your computer, click one of the "Download" buttons above. Then, run the installer and follow the setup guide to save the Roblox recording software. Once installed, open it and start to familiarize the tool's main interface to easily catch up with the following steps.

record roblox gameplay sgpremium step1

Step 2 Set-up the Recording

On your computer, launch the tool and click the "Settings" icon from upper right-corner. Then, a new window will appear, allowing you to configure the output quality, format, and other settings. Once done, click the "OK" to save the changes.

record roblox gameplay sgpremium step2

Step 3 How to record a video on Roblox with voice

While playing Roblox, choose whether you record in the full-screen, region, or webcam. If you enable the webcam mode, you can include a face cam while recording Roblox. You can also turn on the microphone along with a system to record both the audio sound. Then, record the "REC" button to start Roblox recording.

record roblox sgp step3

Step 4 Add annotations

During the recording process, you can add annotations to highlight the essential parts of the game. To do so, click the "Pen" icon on the recording toolbar. From here, you can insert shapes, text, and lines in different colors and sizes.

sgpremium annotate roblox step4

Step 5 Save the Video Recording

Once you have done playing the game, click the "Stop" icon on the recording toolbar. The preview window will appear so you can check your work instantly. If you're satisfied with it, hit "Save" and choose the output folder wherein you want to keep it. Finally, you can open the output folder to open the Roblox recording on your preferred media player.

sgpremium save roblox step5

How to Record Roblox with OBS

OBS Studio is an open-source free screen recording program. It is a powerful screen recorder that can also stream live gameplay to other platforms, including Twitch. Moreover, it can monitor multiple apps at the same time. Additionally, you can set hotkeys so you can quickly start the recording process. OBS Studio offers several recording modes. Here, you can record your webcam, game, browser windows, and other apps simultaneously. However, the main drawback of OBS is its main interface. It has too many buttons that might overwhelm beginners. Let us all learn how to record Roblox with voice with OBS.

obs select source

User Guide:

  • Download and install OBS Studio and you can also open Roblox at the same time.
  • Check the "Scene" box of OBS and hit the "+" button. Enter a title of the scene, then go to the "Sources" section and click the "+" again.
  • Choose "Game Capture" from the list and a new window will open. From here, select the source name you created and tick the box beside "Make source visible" and hit OK.
  • Go to "Properties" then hit the "Dropdown" menu on "Mode" and select "Capture specific window."
  • From here, click the Roblox game. After that, the game will preview on OBS' interface. Hit OK to save the changes. Finally, click "Start Recording" to continue. Once done, select "Stop Recording" to save it.

obs record roblox

How to Record Roblox on Chromebook

You can not only play Roblox on Windows and Mac but also Chromebook. That said, you can use a Chrome extension as a Roblox screen recorder. So, we suggest that you use the Loom. It is a powerful and convenient Chrome extension screen recorder that can capture Roblox gameplay on full-screen for free. Aside from screen recording, you can also do screenshots with Loom for thumbnails. You can register an account to save the recorded videos on your cloud storage. To know how to use this tool, you can follow the steps below.

record roblox chromebook loom

User guide

  • First, visit this link to install the Loom to your Chrome browser.
  • While playing Roblox, open the Loom extension by clicking its icon at the upper right part of your Chrome browser.
  • Then, click the "Start Recording" button to start recording.
  • When, click the "Stop sharing" button at the bottom part of your screen to end the recording. It will bring you to its homepage to find the recorded video.

How to Record Roblox Gameplay on iPad and iPhone

Luckily, Roblox is available to play on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. One more thing, these devices have a built-in screen recording option wherein you capture the gameplay without installing an additional app. Also, it assures it retains the original quality of the recording. However, expect that the file size might be large because of the HQ recording. Let us learn how to record while playing Roblox on iPad and iPhone.

User Guide:

  • First, go to the App Store and install Roblox. Launch it once done.
  • Play any Roblox game, then, swipe-up from the bottom part of your iOS screen to access the "Control Center."
  • From here, tap the "Record" button to start recording.
  • Once done, reaccess the "Control Center" and hit the "Stop" button to save it.

iphone record roblox

video link

FAQs about FAQs about Recording Roblox Gameplay

What is the best screen recorder for Roblox?

The best screen recording tool you can use to record Roblox is Screen Grabber Premium. This software allows you to customize the region of the video screen you want to record. Also, you can select to record only the window for Roblox without compromising the video quality.

Is there a Record button in Roblox?

Yes. Roblox has a built-in recorder that lets you screencast your gameplay in high quality available. With this, you can also share it on your preferred video-sharing site.

How to record Roblox on Xbox One?

On your gameplay, click the Menu bar in the upper-left corner. After that, click the "Record" tab. Next, select the "Record" button to initialize your recording. Then, click the red icon on the screen to stop recording your game.

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