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Useful tool to have around

Got it based on the recommendation of a friend and I’m very happy with what I can do with it. It’s a useful tool to have around.
by Denise | 2020-09-03 20:07:19

5 stars

Good video and audio quality. Screenshots are also very nice.
by Chase | 2020-08-31 23:50:14


The best product of its kind on the market right now. Plus it has a very good price.
by Ryder | 2020-08-30 13:09:19

Thumbs up from me

Didn’t take me long to get the hang of and I’m using it almost daily. Thumbs up from me!
by Bryan | 2020-08-28 03:23:09

A great tool

This can easily be used to create courses that can be sold online. I’m doing this with good results. The program does a lot of nice things like adding annotations, changing format quality or personalizing hotkeys.
by Simon | 2020-08-28 02:20:45

Does a swell job

I use it for scheduling recordings. Also for taking screenshots and it does a swell job of it.
by Asher | 2020-08-24 12:17:46

Seems to be the best

I needed to record my whole screen and while there are other similar tools out there that I have tried, this one seems to be the best at this.
by Riley | 2020-08-24 00:00:42


At first glance this software might seem inexpensive and might give the impression that it is a cheap one that won’t do much. That’s what I initially thought but I was surprised to see that it’s not the case at all. Screen Grabber Pro is a sort of an anomaly as it has a lot of interesting features that have helped me and the price tag is very decent.
by Bryce | 2020-08-20 12:16:02



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