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Top Ways to Record Webex Meeting on PC & Phone

feature record webex meeting Are you looking for a fast and simple method of recording meetings and other online events? Many professional institutions and associations utilize the Webex recording software developed by Cisco to record and host sessions, meetings, training sessions, and other virtual events. Webex screen recorder has built-in recording capabilities, allowing hosts to record and share meetings with only a few clicks. Things could be a bit difficult if you want to record the details of a Webex event as participants. So, how to record on Webex? Don't worry; we've got you covered! We'll guide you through the steps for how to record Webex meeting as a participant.

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Is it Really Possible to Record a Webex Meeting?

Webex provides a fantastic solution for recording online meetings, lectures, and other video content you want to share on platforms like YouTube. The options to record Webex events will differ based on the type of subscriber. You can only record locally on your desktop computer with the desktop application if you're a no-cost Webex subscriber. People who pay for an account can record meetings with the application and save them on the cloud. It is important to note that you can record the Webex event or meeting when you're hosting or acting as an alternate host. Webex doesn't support recording directly for participants within the platform.

How to Record a Webex Meeting using the Built-in Feature?

Are you wondering how to record cisco Webex meeting in the app itself? Fortunately, there's a built-in tool available in Webex specially designed for this use. It's not necessary to download any additional software. However, this function is not available in the Webex browser version. You can also film the screen and take a recording of the session. The recording option is accessible within the program with just a click. You need to open Webex and join the meeting. And then click on the recording button located at the bottom. If you're unable to find the button, it's possible that the meeting's administrator isn't allowing the function. If this is the case, you should first ask the administrator to allow the function.

How to Record Webex Meetings without Permission on Windows/Mac?

If you want to record Webex meeting as a participant or without any permission, then you will need to use a specialized Webex meeting recording software. You can try AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium Software for recording an unlimited number of Webex meetings without the need for any permission which is why it is considered as the best screen recorder. It provides the most straightforward and effective method for screen recording. Using the simple interface, anyone can learn to record in just a few seconds. Moreover, don't you know how to record Webex meeting with audio? AceThinker even provides solutions to this problem by providing the option to select audio input.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

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  • The recording duration can be customized using the built-in features of the program
  • Supports multi-output formats such as MP4, WMA, MOV, AVI, etc.
  • You are able to choose to record your video using computer system sounds, voice input from a microphone, or both
  • You can edit the video while recording
  • You can preview the recorded meetings before storing it your device
  • Provides the options to select the required video codec, quality, and frame rate

How to record Webex meeting without permission?

Step 1 Install Screen Grabber Premium

On your personal computer, download then install AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. It is free to download. Download the application. Use the email address you entered and the registration key or code we sent you to sign-up.


Step 2 Access Video Recorder

To access the video Recorder window, hit Video Recorder. Using this screen, you may record any video or audio.

access video recorder

Step 3 Select Recording Mode

You can record either a fixed or full screen, like 1280*720 or 640*480. To draw the area you want to record, click Customize and then choose a Region or Window.

select recording mode

Step 4 Configure the Audio Source

You can toggle on "System Sound" and "Microphone" to select the source sound you're looking for.

adjust audio source

Step 5 Start and Save the Video

Press the REC icon to record your screen into a video. You can also modify the video and include text, lines, arrows, and labels to the video recordings you make using Video Keeper. After you have stopped recording, click Stop to see your captured footage. You can save your recording by pressing Save.

save webex meeting

How to Record Webex Meetings on iOS/Android Phone?

How Can I Record a Webex Meeting on Android Phones?

The Android screen recording feature built into the phone can be used to record a Webex meeting from any place as participant. The Android software version installed on your device will determine how you record your screen.

Step 1 Open quick setting

Go through the Quick Settings menu, then select Screen Recorder. Select the video and audio settings and then click Do it.

open quick settings and select screen recording

Step 2 Start Recording

Permit Android Screen Recorder to access your device and select Start Recording.

start recording

How Can I record a Webex Meeting on iPhone?

You will be able record Webex meeting by logging in as a participant using your iPhone by using Screen recording, a feature that was introduced with the iOS 14 update. Follow the steps below to record a Webex meeting with an iPhone:

Step 1 Open Control Center

Select Control Center from the Settings menu. Click once on the + icon next to Screen Recording. Return to the Home screen and swipe downwards from the upper right-hand corner of the screen to launch Control Center.

open control center

Step 2 Select Recording

Hold and press until you hit the button for a few seconds.Release the button. Make sure your microphone is turned on by pressing the microphone button. From the menu, select where the recording is.

select recording

Step 3 Start Recording

Click to start recording. You will see a 3-second countdown. When the countdown is complete, your recording will start.

start recording

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where to find Webex recording?
The location of your Webex screen recording is stored contingent on the kind of Webex account you're running. Free users can only record locally, which means that the recordings will be directly saved to the hard drive of your computer in the event you own this kind of Webex account. Paid users can record locally or benefit from Webex's cloud recording options. Recording your videos on the cloud makes them easy to share the recordings online.
2. Can I Record a Webex Meeting on my Phone?
You can record the Webex meeting using an iPhone or Android. If you're the hos ton the meeting or cohost, you can record the session in the Webex application. But, as participants, you'll need to use your phone's built-in screen recording capabilities or a screen recorder from a third party.
3. Why Can't I Record My Webex Meeting?
The Webex application has guidelines about who can and cannot record a meeting in the application. Only the host, co host, or presenter can record online meetings with Webex. If you're not the presenter or alternative host, you can only record the meeting if the host assigns you to be a presenter. If that's not possible, you'll need to use external screen recording software to record the session.


These solutions are the most effective for recording audio-video of your Webex sessions, whether as a host or as a participant. We recommend using AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium to record meetings on Webex without permission, providing the most straightforward yet comprehensive solution for this purpose. You can also click here if you’re interested on how to record training videos.

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Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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