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How to Use iMovie Screen Recording

record in imovie Most of us are aware that iMovie is the built-in video editing app for Mac devices. As its name suggests, it can produce mainstream and film-worthy video and 4K quality movies. Additionally, it provides many special effects to make your video more stunning. Furthermore, it also offers multiple filters to add an artistic touch to each video you need to edit. On the other hand, iMovie is not only limited to video editing, but it also provides other hidden features. One of them is that it lets you record a video and your voice, which is perfect for creating vlogs, software tutorials, and more. If I got your attention, please continue reading the post below to learn how to record video in iMovie.

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Detailed Steps to Record Video in iMovie

Here is the catch, iMovie has no built-in screen recorder app that helps you capture any on-going activity happening on your Mac computer. However, you can still record a video and edit them using it. It can access your Facetime or the built-in camera in your Mac computer and capture any scene on-going and transfer it on the iMovie editing panel automatically. We all know the reputation of Apple's camera, so it ensures that it captures a video for up to 4K quality. Additionally, it can even access any microphone attached to your Mac. This is necessary so you can also record your voice, which is essential for doing narrations, voice-overs, and more. Follow the comprehensive steps listed below to learn how to record on iMovie.

Step 1 Launch iMovie

First, open the "Finder" of your Mac computer then go to the "Applications" menu. From here, find iMovie from the list of apps installed on your Mac. Launch it to access its main interface.

imovie interface step1

Step 2 Access the Recording Option

From its interface, click the "File" option located at the upper part of it and select "Import Media" from the menu that will appear.

imovie import media step2

Step 3 Select Your Camera

A new screen will appear after that, then choose "FaceTime HD Camera," which is found at the upper-left part of it. After that, hit the "Dropdown" menu beside "Import to" and choose the project where the recording will be saved.

imovie select camera step3

Step 4 Start to Record Video with iMovie

Once everything is set-up, click the "Record" button found at the bottom part of the interface. You can also start recording your voice as iMovie captures it automatically alongside the video.

imovie record step4

Step 5 Save Recording

Once you're done with the process, hit the "Recording" button again to stop it. Then, the recorded video will appear as a clip in the project that we created earlier. Next, hit the "Share" button found at the top-right corner and choose "File." Rename the file and select the output folder and hit "Save" to finish.

imovie save record step5

Screen Grabber Pro - Alternative Way to Record Video on Mac

Even though you can record in iMovie using a camera, it lacks features that can capture your screen, which is also essential. In that case, you can opt in to use an alternative, which is AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. It is an all-in-one video recorder that can capture your screen in full-screen and region mode. This is necessary if you want to record a movie or a live stream playing your Mac and watch it later. Moreover, it also features an annotation tool that allows you to insert texts, lines, and shapes while recording. Follow the steps provided below to learn how to use Screen Grabber Pro for Mac.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Recorder

First, click the second "Download" button located above to get a copy of its installer on your Mac computer. Next, open it and follow the set-up guide to install it completely. Once done, open it to access the main interface.

sgp mac interface step1

Step 2 Set the Audio Source

From its main interface, click the "Drop-down" menu next to the "Audio" icon. Select "System sound and microphone," so you can also capture your voice. Make sure that you have a headset or a microphone plugged-in for better recording quality.

sgp select audio step2

Step 3 Set up the Camera

Next, hit the "Drop-down" menu beside the "Web-camera" icon to access it. Choose "Webcam settings" from the window that will appear and select the "FaceTime HD Camera" from the drop-down menu to activate it. You can also modify the output resolution. Click "OK" to save the changes.

sgp setup camera step3

Step 4 Start Recording

After that, you can select the recording mode between "Full Screen" or "Region," which can be found in the left part of the toolbar. Once everything is set-up, you can now start the process by clicking the "Rec" button located on the right side of the toolbar.

sgp start record step4

Step 5 Save and Watch Recording

Click the "Stop" button located at the recording toolbar, and the software will automatically save it. Then, the main interface will appear, showing the lists of all the recorded videos. Select the file you want and hit the "Preview" icon found at the bottom-left corner to play it.

sgp play step5


  • It can save the recorded file into other media formats, including MP4, MP3, MOV, and more.
  • It can also record and animate your mouse cursors, which is perfect for creating a tutorial video.

  • Expect a watermark is embedded in the recorded video if you're only using its free trial version.

Screen Grabber Pro vs iMovie in Screen Recording

Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro iMovie
Operating Systems Windows & Mac Mac Only
Editing Options Has an annotator that inserts texts, lines, objects, and more. Provides countless of filters and effects to enhance a video.
Price $29.95/yearly Free for Mac devices
Recording Features Can capture the screen, system sound, microphone sound, and also webcam overlay. Can capture webcam and its audio.
Task Scheduler Yes No
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