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How to Record Video from Streaming Websites

capture video from websiteOnline videos offer a more convenient way for you to watch music videos, Anime, movies, TV shows, and more. You can find them on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Crunchyroll, and other popular video-sharing websites. Another good thing about online videos is you can use them in video editing. Some websites provide free royalty music or MP3 search engines that you can use for free because it is not being copyrighted. However, downloading videos from a website is not an easy task. That is why some users ought to record video from website instead of downloading them. Luckily, we have found the best web screen recorders that you can use to record video from any streaming website that we will discuss below.

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How to Record Video from Any Website on Windows/Mac

Price: For only $29.95, you can avail of its annual PRO license.
Limit: You can only record a 3-minute video for its free trial.
System OS: Windows and Mac.

The first tool that we will show that can capture video from website is the AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. This tool can help you record in full-screen, region, and via an external webcam. Also, it can include recording the audio coming from your system sound, microphone, or both. Aside from that, this tool allows you to put annotations like shapes, lines, texts, and arrows while recording to enhance the video. To know how to record web video, you check the detailed steps below.

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Step 1 Install the Screen Grabber Premium

You can get the installer of Screen Grabber Premium by clicking one of the "Download" buttons above. Then, launch it and follow the setup wizard for installing the tool to your computer. Once done, open the app and click the "Video Recorder" to its recording toolbar.

record video website sgp step1

Step 2 Start recording video from website

Next, you can select if you will record in full-screen or region mode at the leftmost part of the recording toolbar. You may also choose which audio output you will capture at the center part of the tool. Then, you can start screen recording by pressing the "REC" button on the right side of the toolbar.

record video website sgp step2

Step 3 Put annotations on the video

Once started, it will show you a floating toolbar from where you can control the recording process. You may click the "Pen" icon to open its annotation tool. You can add shapes, lines, texts, or arrows to the video. You can also change their colors and sizes if you want.

record video website sgp step3

Step 4 Preview the recorded video

When done, click the "Stop" button to end the recording process. A video playback window appears where you can watch the recorded video. You can also click the "Save" button to keep the video on your computer.

record video website sgp step4

How to Record Web Video Online for Free

Price: Free
Limit: You will neeed to download a small launcher for first time use.
System OS: Windows and Mac.

If you are looking for an online tool that can capture video stream from website, then you can use the AceThinker Online Screen Recorder. Despite being an online app, it can record in the full-screen, region, and even external web camera. Aside from that, it can also capture the audio from the system sound or microphone. Another feature of this tool is you can take screenshots while screen recording. You can also add annotations to the video. Besides, this online screen recorder can record live streaming video, tutorials, and other videos without any limitations. For you to know how to use this online screen recorder, you can check the listed steps below.

record video website fosr

User guide

  • You can start using this online tool by visiting the official website of the AceThinker Online Screen Recorder.
  • From there, click the "Start Recording" button to show its recording toolbar.
  • Then, while streaming the online video, click the "REC" button at the toolbar's leftmost part to start screen recording.
  • Once done, click the "Stop" button at the floating toolbar to end the recording process. It will show you a new window where you can watch the recorded video.

How to Capture Video from Website with Browser Extension

Price: Free
Limit: Loom can only record a 5-minute video at a time.
System OS: Windows and Mac.

Another tool that can capture video from any website is the Loom. It is a Chrome extension that can help you capture anything that appears on your computer screen. This tool can record the entire desktop or just the current tab from your web browser. Besides that, Loom can help you edit the recorded video by trimming it into sections before saving it. You can also record both screen and camera at the same time. To start recording video from the streaming website, we are going to list the steps below.

record video website loom

User guide

  • You can install the Loom by going to this link.
  • Then, click the "Get Loom" button to go to the recording tab of Loom. You can also register an account to access your personal library.
  • Next, click the "Loom" icon at the upper part of your Chrome browser to open its recording toolbar. You can click the "Start Recording" button while playing the video to record it.
  • Then, press the "Check" button at the bottom part of your browser to end the recording process. You can find the recorded video within your library.

FAQs About Recording Video from Website

1. What are the best programs for recording videos from websites?

The program to record online videos is by using the best web screen recorder. These tools must record your screen in full or region mode. They must also record the sound coming from your computer. Also, it would be best to use software that can record screens and webcams simultaneously.

2. How to capture embedded videos without a program?

You can download embedded video online by using some online video downloaders. However, some videos are not able to download and even some websites block most of the screen recorders from capturing their videos. One good example is Netflix. You will only get a black screen after you tried recording it.

3. Is it illegal to record videos from website?

Some video websites have a copyright on their videos. That being said, it is illegal to record those types of videos. You can refer to a website that provides free royalty videos to record them freely.

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