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Step by Step Guide to Record Telegram Call

feature record telegram callIn these challenging times, it is the need of the hour to maintain communication with family and friends. Some messengers play their part where you can quickly call your loved ones, and Telegram is one of them. It provides user security and fast service; therefore, many people have been shifting to Telegram lately. Now, the telegram has over 600 million active users monthly. Do you want to record that memorable call with your family to watch it later? Are you thinking of ways to record telegram calls? Well, here we are with the methods that could be helpful to you while recording a telegram call. Without any further ado here, we present to you some of the best recorders.

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How to Record Telegram Call with Professional Desktop Recorder?

Now, let us introduce you to AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium, a powerful tool and the best call recorder for telegram out there. With this software, you can record any activity on your PC with simple steps. Once the recording is through, it is saved in high video quality. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium as a Telegram call recorder can help you record your call even if you are new to it because of its user-friendly and simple interface. Besides recording videos, it helps you record audio from the system or external microphone of the device, which is best if you want to record a tutorial or even make presentations.

Step 1 Select Audio Recorder

Launch the software once you have downloaded it to your PC. Click on the Audio recorder beside the Video recorder tab on the interface.

Step 2 Choose the Audio Type

If you want to record the audio-only from your PC or add your voice, activate System Sound and Microphone, respectively. Where you want to record a Telegram call, you can enable System sound and microphone simultaneously. Then, click on the record button to begin recording.

sgp audio recorder system sound

Step 3 Save the Recorded Audio

Lastly, you can preview it and click on the Save button to save it to your device when you're done recording.

record-telegram call sgp preview

How to Record on Telegram Call Online for Free?

So, record a telegram voice call if you don’t want any hassle downloading software. An online solution you can use for free to record Telegram call very easily is ACETHINKER Free Audio Recorder Online. It is a simple tool that records your audio in the original quality. This tool also supports recording calls and music from online streaming platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and others in MP3 format. It is fast, effective, and does the job in a matter of few clicks. It also allows you to record both system sound and sound via microphone simultaneously. You can also rename and organize the audio recordings with the ID3 Tags feature. So, your files are safe at a place.

Step 1 Select the audio source

Firstly, you will select the audio you want to record. You will have to select the audio from the system and microphone simultaneously to record the Telegram call.

Step 2 Begin Recording

Once you have done settings, click on the red-colored button to begin the sound recording for your call.

record-telegram call aro end record

Step 3 End Recording

Lastly, when you finished recording the Telegram call, click on the stop button, ending your recording and saving it in MP3 format to your device.

record telegram call aro record

Other Tools to Record Telegram Calls on Windows/Mac

Now, in this part, we will guide you through some additional tools that we have listed down for you; which have been proven to be helpful to record telegram calls:


The first call recorder for Telegram is RecMaster which is supported with both Windows & Mac OS. RecMaster has a simple interface which makes it a user-friendly software. It not only records the Telegram call but is helpful in recording calls from Hangouts and Skype. It offers multiple modes for recording audio for PC users. To record, Telegram calls the suitable mode is Audio only, which captures high audio quality. Not only is it suitable for audio recording, but video recording is also possible, and some editing features are built-in tools.

Speech Recorder

This software is designed to record Telegram audio calls for Windows PC. To install it on your PC, you will need an emulator, e.g., Bluestacks. It has a relatively simple yet effective interface making it easy to use a telegram call recorder. Speech Recorder can detect incoming/outgoing Telegram calls and automatically start recording. The recorded audio due to AI technology is enhanced and has a crisp audible sound. When the call ends, the recording stops automatically. Your audio is saved in the files on an SD card.

REKK Call Recorder

Last but not least on our list is the REKK call recorder which is a perfect solution for recording audio and video on your Mac OS. It can record your calls from multiple platforms, including Skype, Zoom meetings, or Viber. A fantastic call recorder for telegram calls. It records audio calls in high quality and saves them to your device. You can even record your audio and video calls while using earphones. It has an intelligent sharing feature where you can share the recorded call with your friends.

Final Thoughts:

Now, after a detailed review of some fantastic tools, we hope you were able to find the call recorder for a telegram that suited your interests. However, all of the tools mentioned above have some noteworthy features. We recommend ACETHINKER Screen Grabber Premium, which is the best tool for recording Telegram calls because of its distinct features.

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Last updated on January 12, 2022

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