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How to Record TeamViewer Session for Windows and Mac

featured image record teamviewer session TeamViewer is a remote connectivity software that allows you to control and monitor different devices like phones or computers even when you're away from them. The app is a perfect tool wherein you can conduct online meetings, webinars, and others. Additionally, it has a file transfer service, which is necessary so meeting participants can quickly share documents. Aside from those fantastic functions, TeamViewer also now offers a recording feature. With this, you can capture the entire remote control process without any hassle. There are many benefits to this, like sharing the recorded video for training purposes, quality control, and the likes. So, let's dig down and learn how to record TeamViewer session quickly. Also, we will present you with a better alternative to doing so.

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How to Use TeamViewer Record Session to Record Meeting

The TeamViewer video recording function provides basic features to do the task. It will record the entire window of the remote control session by default. The computer's audio and microphone will also be captured in the recording. Additionally, it has an option to record every session automatically. The other party receives a notification that the recording will start. However, TeamViewer recording lacks other essential features like region recording, editing, and others. Below are the steps on how to do the TeamViewer session recording.

teamviewer start record

  • First, connect a remote session with the other device. Then, a window will appear showing the screen of the other device.
  • From that window, click "Files & Extras" and select "Start session recording" then the other party must allow the recording.
  • The recording will automatically start after that. Once you're finished, hit the "Record" icon and select "Stop and save." Choose the output folder to keep a copy and watch it there.

teamviewer stop record

Alternative TeamViewer Screen Recording Tool

If you need other functions such as inserting annotations while recording, use an alternative program like the AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. It is an all-in-one screen recording software that can TeamViewer record meeting without a hassle. Why? It can quickly record the TeamViewer window screen alongside its audio simultaneously. Also, you can choose to capture in full screen or select a part of it. Additionally, it lets you take screenshots while recording. The annotation function lets you add texts, objects, or lines, which is necessary if you want to highlight something on the recording. Follow the steps provided below to learn how to record TeamViewer with the help of this excellent recorder.

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Step 1 Install the TeamViewer Recorder Alternative

Click the "Download" button according to your computer's operating system (Windows or Mac). Run the installation process to save the alternative TeamViewer recorder on your computer. Launch it afterward.

sgpremium interface

Step 2 Record TeamViewer Session

Start your TeamViewer remote session, then go back to the screen recorder. Turn on "System Sound," then choose the recording mode between "Full" or "Custom." Once set, click the "Rec" button to start recording.

sgpremium record teamviewer

Step 3 Stop and Save TeamViewer Recording

After your finish, the remote session, click the "Stop" button from the floating recording bar. A preview playback window will appear, letting you check it. Hitting the "Save" option enables you to keep the copy on your computer. Next, the recording history will show, then right-click the file and choose "Play" to watch it.

sgpremium save teamviewer

Comparison Chart

TeamViewer Recorder Screen Grabber Premium
Price $26.85/month $29.95/year
Format .tvs and. avi .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .gif, and others
Recording Quality Original quality Up to 4K
Editing Functions None Annotation, video trimmer, etc
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Last updated on December 20, 2021

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