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record tangoTango is a popular video calling and messaging platform that permits account holders to connect with family, friends, and associates through high-quality video calls. It offers specialized functions such as video calls, voice calls, messaging, and sharing photos and videos. Tango is widely used for personal and professional communication, serving as a convenient platform for staying connected. Recording Tango video calls and live streams can be beneficial for various reasons. For personal use, recording important video calls with loved ones can help capture precious moments or preserve memories. From a professional standpoint, recording business-related calls can be useful for training, reviewing important information, or documenting meetings and discussions. If you want to learn the best way to record Tango calls on your multiple devices, you can continue reading this article.

Record Tango Calls on Windows

When trying to record the Tango app on a Windows computer, Aqua Demo is a suitable app. This screen recorder is equipped with fascinating features that enable users to acquire screen activity in higher quality. It can save screen activity up to 4K quality with 60FPS. Its system can also record computer sounds and microphones altogether, which is perfect for capturing voice and video calls on your device. The main selling point of this app to its patrons is its task scheduler, which enables users to record Windows PC screens at a predetermined time. Therefore, if you have a scheduled meeting or voice call that you don’t want to miss, Aqua Demo can help you save the minutes of the meeting through a recorded file.

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Step 1 Download Aqua Demo

The first step to recording your Tango voice calls on your Windows computer is to install Aqua Demo. Simply click the download button located before this step. Once you've acquired the installer, run it on your computer. Then, sit back and relax as the installation process or wizards take care of the rest.

aqua demo interface

Step 2 Access Tango App

The next step is to access your Tango account on your Windows device. You can launch or access it on your net browser and log in with your credentials. You can select a stream, video, or make a conference call that you may want to record. For instance, go to the stream option and check the list of currently online users. Pick one and watch the stream on your web browser.

access tango platform

Step 3 Record Tango Stream

Once you're ready, launch Aqua Demo on your computer. Here's where the fun begins. You can choose the default video recording mode of the app, or customize it to your heart's content. Adjust the sound system, quality, aspect ratio, bitrate, FPS, and more to suit your needs. Then, with a click of the REC button, you're capturing the Tango live stream.

record tango live stream

Step 4 Save Recorded Tango Live

Finally, once the stream has ended, you can tick the Stop button located in the recording panel. The app will automatically save your recorded file. You can also preview the recorded file using its built-in media player.

preview the recorded live

Capture Tango Stream on Mac

ScreenRec is a versatile screen recording and productivity tool enabling users to capture their screens easily. With ScreenRec, users can record their entire screen or select a specific area to record. The tool offers high-quality video output and allows users to add audio narration using a microphone. ScreenRec also includes a built-in file-sharing feature, making it simple to share recordings with others. Furthermore, it offers cloud storage to access recorded videos from any device easily. As a bonus, ScreenRec is lightweight and user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for personal and professional use.

  • To begin Tango record voice call, you must first have ScreenRec on your Mac device. You can access ScreenRec's main page by searching it with your web browser. Hit Get ScreenRec For Mac to get its file installer. Run the file to successfully acquire the free version of the app.
  • The following step is to launch Tango and search for a specific live video you need to record. You can also capture calls if you want to with this app. Prepare the live stream or video call by playing it on your Mac device. Access the ScreenRec to capture the entire live stream.
  • Lastly, hit the Video icon to capture the entire Tango stream on your Mac computer. Continue watching and recording until the live ends. Tick the Stop icon to save the recorded file.

screenrec interface

How to Record Tango iPhone Quickly

The default screen recorder on iPhone is called "Screen Recording." It lets you capture a video of your device's screen and audio from its microphone. To access the screen recording feature, you can add it to your Control Center. Once added, you can start a screen recording by swiping down from the top-right corner of the iPhone screen to open the Control Center and then tapping the Screen Recording option, which looks like a filled-in circle inside a ring.

  • To record a Tango live stream using the screen recorder, simply start the live stream or search for a live stream in the Tango app. Open Control Center, which holds different features for your iPhone. Then, touch the Screen Recording icon to start recording.
  • Next, this feature will capture everything on your screen, including the Tango live stream. Once you're done capturing your screen, you can end the screen recording by hitting the red status bar at the top of the screen and then tapping Stop.
  • Finally, preview the recorded Tango stream by accessing the Photos app. There, you can find your screen-recorded video files. Tap the one you recently recorded on Tango and preview the file.

record tango using default recorder on iphone

Method to Record Tango App on Android

Similar to iPhone, Android devices come with built-in screen recording features. Despite having multiple Android phone brands and models, the screen recording feature is almost similar on each Android phone. This default screen recorder provides screen-capturing functions for Android devices to capture specific apps like Tango. This app is most likely found on the control center or notification bar, which can be found by swiping down on the Android screen. The maximum quality that the default screen recorder on Android can provide is up to 4K or HD quality. You can read the steps below to learn how this default recorder for Android can save Tango live calls easily.

  • Getting started is a breeze. Simply locate the screen recorder function on your Android device. You can find it in the control panel by swiping down your screen. If it's not there, don't worry. Access the settings and search for the Screen Recorder in the search bar on the settings app. Now, you're ready to access the screen recording tool on your device.
  • Once you've found the screen recording tool, it's a piece of cake. Launch the Tango app, log in to your account, and start your live stream or video conference call with your friends. When you're ready to start recording, simply hit the Record Screen option. It's easy to capture your Tango calls in livestream.
  • Eventually, once the stream has ended, you can hit the stop button to save the file. The record Tango option will be saved on your Android photo gallery. Access the app and preview the recorded file.

screen recorder for android device

Tango Record Voice Call Using Web Extension is an excellent web extension screen recorder with many features. It allows for smooth and high-quality screen recording, perfect for creating software tutorials, educational videos, or capturing gameplay. The tool offers the flexibility to record the entire screen or only a specific area and simultaneously captures system sounds and microphone audio. Additionally, supports webcam recording, enabling users to create picture-in-picture videos. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, is an outstanding pick for anyone looking for a reliable screen recording solution.

  • The first step to recording Tango livestreams on your net browser is to download and install the screen recorder. Then, access the web extension store and search for the app. Click the Add option to save the web tool on your browser.
  • Then, go to the Tango website and log in to your account. Move to the for you or following page to search for a specific live stream. Tap on it to access the entire stream.
  • Ultimately, go to the web extension area on your web browser. Select the screen recorder and tap the record button. Select the system sound option to include the live stream audio on the recordings. Hit the stop button or icon to save the recorded live stream once the streamer ends their broadcast. recording tango live stream

Screen Capture Tango Live Stream Online

FlexClip is an efficient online screen recorder that caters to an expansive range of users and their diverse needs. It's an adaptable tool that can abide by various screen recording needs, such as creating video tutorials, recording gameplay, or capturing online meetings. With FlexClip, users can record their screens with system and microphone audio, enabling them to develop comprehensive and high-quality recordings. Additionally, FlexClip offers editing features to enhance the recorded videos, such as adding text, music, and transitions.

  • Open FlexClip's online screen recorder tool on your web browser. Launch the Tango app or website and navigate to the live stream you want to record. In FlexClip, select the screen capture mode to record your entire screen or choose a specific window to capture the Tango live stream.
  • Start the recording by ticking the "Record" button in FlexClip. Then, switch to the Tango live stream and let the screen recorder capture the video content. Once you have recorded the desired content, stop the recording in FlexClip.
  • After stopping the recording, you can use FlexClip's editing features to trim the recorded video, add text, or include any necessary annotations. Finally, save the recorded Tango live stream video to your device or directly share it with others through FlexClip's sharing options.

flexclip recording tango stream

Tips: Fix Tango Screen Recording Black Screen

In this section, we are going to indulge the troubleshooting methods when your device or the recording output turns black screen while recording Tango live stream. We have collected a few of the solutions that you can use.

  • Ensure the application is granted the necessary permission to access the screen recording feature. You can search and locate this in your device settings.
  • Restart the application and try recording again to see if the issue persists.
  • Check for any pending updates for the Tango Screen Recording app and install them if available.
  • Ensure your device's operating system is current, as sometimes system updates can address compatibility issues.
  • If the problem continues, consider contacting the developer's support team for further assistance or to report the issue.

troubleshooting tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to record Tango live streams?

Yes, it is legal to record Tango live streams if the purpose or intent is personal usage. However, monetizing a video that is not created or posted by you will become illegal, leading to copyright infringement. Please be aware of this law, as it can harm your content or account or even add criminal records to your name.


Is it necessary to have 4K quality when recording Tango?

It's not necessary. If you are trying to record a simple live dance tutorial or singing live streams, moderate quality on your recordings is okay. However, if the content is gameplay that needs to have better quality and FPS, you should seek a screen recorder that can handle this type of content.



There you have it! We have already discussed different ways and solutions to record live Tango streams and calls on any type of device. We have already analyzed which tool is the best for every type of device and provided detailed walkthroughs. Please keep in mind that recording a live stream may contain restrictions and legal actions. Refrain from sharing copyrighted content and any illegal recordings that may cause harm to the owner of the video.

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