Best Screen Recorders to Record Streaming Video on Any Devices

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How to Record Streaming Video?
  • First, install the Aqua Demo on your computer and launch it afterward.
  • Then, return to the live-streaming video you want to record and maximize the record window.
  • Finally, click the Record button to capture the activity on your computer screen.

Are you looking to capture and store live-streaming videos for future reference? Record streaming video allows you to save and rewatch live content such as webinars, live events, and online classes. With the popularity of live streaming platforms today, the ability to record streaming videos has become crucial. This article will delve into the different tools available for capturing and storing streaming videos for later viewing.

Screen Recorders for Different Devices Brief Information
Desktop Recorders to Capture Streaming Videos Tools for capturing and recording streaming videos directly from your computer. Learn More
Best Free Screen Recording Online Top online platforms offer free screen recording capabilities. Learn More
Browser Extension Recording Tools Tools that enable screen recording directly from your web browser. Learn More
Best Screen Recorder Apps For iOS Devices These are applications tailored for iOS devices that capture screen activities, which are ideal for creating tutorials or gameplay videos. Learn More
Screen Recorders For Android Devices Apps designed for Android devices to record screen actions are useful for demonstrations and gameplay capture. Learn More
Frequently Asked Questions FAQs that are commonly asked about recording streaming videos Learn More

Desktop Recorders to Capture Streaming Videos

Screen recording software has become essential for capturing video content from the computer screen. These tools allow users to capture their on-screen activities, which can be useful for creating tutorials, demonstrations, and other types of video content. When finding the right screen recorder, users should consider factors such as the highest video quality, ease of use, and features like audio recording and editing capabilities. Here are the two desktop screen recorders you can try.

1. Aqua Demo

Key Feature: It has a Task Scheduling feature to record your screen automatically at a specific time.
Best For: Recording any activities on your computer screen.
OS Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Aqua Demo is one of the most powerful screen recorders for recording live-streaming videos on your computer. It allows you to record the whole screen or the selected area in high-definition quality. Additionally, you can enjoy the 60FPS with up to 4K resolution for a smooth recording experience. Furthermore, the software has basic editing tools such as trim, cut, crop, add shapes and annotations in real-time. Besides, you can export the recorded video in various formats. These include MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, etc.


  • You can enable the mouse and click effects in the recording.
  • It can screenshot images and save them as PNG, GIF, JPG, or BMP.
  • Aqua Demo allows you to record audio from a system or microphone.

  • It is an easy-to-use tool.
  • Highly customizable settings to optimize the recording streaming content.

  • The free version has a 3-minute video duration limit.

How to Capture Streaming Video Using Aqua Demo?

Step 1 Get Aqua Demo

To begin with, install the Aqua Demo on your PC and launch it afterward. After launching the tool, go to the Settings phase and modify it according to your preferences. Once set, go to the streaming video you want to record.

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aqua demo interface

Step 2 Start Recording Streaming Video

Next, fit the recording window to the size you want, either a full screen or a custom screen. After that, enable the system sound or a microphone to record with audio. Once done, click the REC button to start the recording.

set the recording screen and click the rec button

Step 3 Save The Recorded Video on your Computer

Once you want to stop the recording, simply click the Stop button. Then, you will be directed to the preview window. You can preview and trim the recorded video from there before saving it. Once satisfied, tap the File icon to locate your local drive's recorded video. Finally, you can check the playback again and share it with your friends or social media accounts.

preview the video and save it

2. OBS Studio

Key Feature: It has more advanced features like an audio mixer.
Best For: Recording and producing professional-looking videos, including tutorials, presentations, and more.
OS Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux

OBS Studio is a recommended streaming video recorder for professionals. This free and open-source software lets you record your screen in high-quality video and audio. Additionally, you can create multiple scenes with different sources (such as video captures, images, and text overlays) and switch between them seamlessly. Besides, it is extensible through various plugins for added functionalities. These are useful for live streaming or recording tutorials. Moreover, it has Studio Mode, where you can preview the scenes before going live.

obs interface


  • Allows control over audio sources, including mic and desktop audio.
  • It supports video and audio codecs, such as H.264 and AAC.
  • You can assign hotkeys for quick control during live streaming or recording.

  • You can apply filters and effects to sources for enhanced visual and audio quality.
  • It allows you to view 8 multiple-sized preview windows for various scenes.

  • You need more time to learn it compared to other screen recorders.

Best Free Screen Recording Online

While desktop-based screen recorders offer more advanced features, web-based screen recorders are easy to use and available from any device with an internet connection. Besides, you don't need to install any software on your computer. See the following popular web-based screen recorders.

1. AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder

Key Feature: All the recorded videos have no watermark.
Best For: Recording short video clips quickly.
OS Compatibility: Works on any device with a web browser

AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder is a browser-based tool that allows you to record from streaming video. You can easily capture your PC screen, webcam, and system audio in a single video. Additionally, it never limits your recording, so you can capture unlimited videos using this tool. Although it is web-based, you can also annotate your video in real time, enabling you to add shapes, lines, texts, and more.


  • Allows you to capture the whole screen, a selected area, or a browser window.
  • You can use this in any browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Browser, and Chrome.
  • Experience no lag during the screen recording process.

  • It is an ad-free online tool, so you don't interrupt your recording.
  • No need to register or sign up before using it.

  • There is no option to record audio from your microphone.

How Can I Record a Streaming Video Using a Web-Based Recorder?

Step 1 Access AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder

On your computer, open any browser available on your PC and search for AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. Then, find it in the search results and open the tool. Next, you must install the launcher by clicking the Start Recording button. Once downloaded, install the launcher by following the installation wizards.

install the launcher

Step 2 Capture the Streaming Video

Next, click the Start Recording button again to bring up the launcher you installed earlier. Then, go to the streaming video you want to record and maximize the recording window to your preferred size. If you’re ready to record live, tap the Rec button to start capturing the streaming video.

click the rec button to start the recording

Step 3 Save the Recorded Video To Your Local Drive

Once you are ready to stop the recording, just click the Stop icon, which is the box with the color red. Then, the preview panel will appear on your screen, allowing you to preview the video before saving it. After that, click the File icon to save the recorded video, and you can play it unlimited or upload it to your social media accounts.

save the recorded video by clicking the file icon

2. Screen Recorder

Key Feature: It has a background remover feature so that you can hide or replace the background.
Best For: Recording online meetings
OS Compatibility: Works on any device with a web browser

Another online-based screen recorder that can record streaming video is the Screen Recorder. It has a powerful AI feature that allows you to correct your eye movement, clean audio, and replace or remove your background automatically. This is particularly useful for online meetings or video conferences. Furthermore, it allows you to upload your presentation documents, which is very useful for business presentations. Moreover, the tool ensures your recording is high resolution, up to 1080P. interface


  • You can share the recorded video without downloading it.
  • The tool allows you to add text or subtitles while recording.
  • It has an editing tool that you can use to trim, crop, rotate, and add effects.

  • It can automatically fit the recorder window based on the screen size you want to record.
  • You can still change the layout of the recorded video after recording.

  • The timeline is sometimes buggy and not consistent.

Browser Extension Recording Tools

A screen recorder browser extension is a handy tool that lets you capture what's happening on your browser window or the entire screen. Simply add the extension to your browser, and with a click, start recording online classes, tutorials, gameplay, or online meetings directly from your browser. It offers convenience by eliminating the need for separate software installations. Here are the top 2 screen recorder browser extensions.

1. Nimbus Note Screenshot and Screen Video Recorder

Key Feature: It has a Blur feature, where you can hide specific sections while recording.
Best For: Capturing screenshots and short video clips
OS Compatibility: Windows and MacOS with Chrome and Firefox

Nimbus Note is a popular Chrome and Firefox browser extension that enables you to take screenshots and record videos. This recorder can automatically create a guide with screenshots and descriptions with the help of its AI feature. You can also have your watermark with your design or logo. Plus, it allows you to annotate your videos, like highlighting the text, adding shapes, lines, and more. Furthermore, you can ensure that the quality of your recording is adjustable from 480p to 1080p.

nimbus note screen recorder interface


  • Can save the recorded video in various formats, including MP4 and WebM.
  • It has a trimming feature, which you can use to trim some unnecessary clips to your recordings.
  • The tool lets you upload the recorded video to YouTube.

  • It allows you to organize your screen captures with custom folders.
  • The free version has no limits on the number of recordings you can make.

  • Some features are not available in the free version, like adding a watermark and trim features.

2. Screencastify

Key Feature: You can embed your webcam into the recordings.
Best For: Capturing video tutorials and presentation
OS Compatibility: Windows and MacOS with Chrome browser

Another screen recorder that can copy a streaming video is Screencastify. It is a simple and easy-to-use Chrome extension that lets you record your PC screen, webcam, and microphone in high-quality video. It also has basic editing tools such as trimming, merging, cropping, and adding text to the recorded video. Aside from that, Scrrencastify lets you add captions or questions to make your video more accessible and to check your viewer's comprehension. Furthermore, one feature that its users love is that it can translate the caption on your video in 50 languages.

screencastify interface


  • You can export videos in MP4, MP3, or GIF.
  • There is an option to save videos to Google Drive or Dropbox for quick access and sharing.
  • The tool allows you to record ten videos in the free version.

  • You can narrate your video while recording with your microphone.
  • The recorded videos have a smooth 60fps quality.

  • You only have 30 minutes to record videos in the free version.

Best Screen Recorder Apps For iOS Devices

When looking for the best screen recorder apps on iOS to capture streaming videos, it's essential to find one that offers smooth recording and easy usability. These apps should support high-quality video capture with audio. This makes them ideal for recording movies, live streams, or online tutorials directly from your iPhone or iPad. Additionally, features like editing tools and sharing options enhance the experience. This ensures that you can effortlessly capture and share your favorite streaming content.

1. Vmaker Screen Recorder

Key Feature: You can access all your recorded videos on any iOS device with an installed VMaker iPhone Screen Recorder.
Best For: Recording videos, games, and online content.
OS Compatibility: iOS Devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

Another popular screen recording app for iOS is VMaker Screen Recorder. You can use this tool to record streaming video and other content from your iOS devices. Additionally, it has a screen video messages feature where you can record short videos and send them to your friends or family. Like the other screen recorders available on the internet or for iOS devices, VMaker also has basic editing tools where you can rotate or trim your captured videos.

vmaker interface


  • It is free with no restrictions.
  • You can export high-quality captured videos, ranging from 480p to 720p.
  • VMaker lets you record your iPhone/iPad screen while using another app.

  • User-friendly interface for quick setup and recording.
  • It supports simultaneous recording with internal audio and a face cam.

  • It requires iOS 12 or later

2. Record It!

Key Feature: You can add Face Cam Reactions to your recordings.
Best For: Recording videos with facial reactions.
OS Compatibility: iOS Devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

If you are looking for an iPhone screen recorder, opt for Record It! It has a simple interface with two options and recording buttons. Also, you can use this tool to record your favorite games, create tutorials, or even record streaming videos. Furthermore, the app allows you to record audio separately for video commentary. Aside from that, it also has a video editor that can trim, add video effects, adjust playback speed, etc., to enhance the recorded videos.

record it interface


  • Supports recording at up to 1080p resolution and 60fps.
  • It can organize all your recordings in one location for easy access.
  • You can upload recorded videos directly to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter (X).

  • You can modify the video FPS after recordings.
  • The app has a picture-in-picture that lets you overlay your face cam.

  • You can only share 3-minute videos on social media platforms.

Screen Recorders For Android Devices

Are you looking for a reliable screen recorder for your Android device? Finding the right screen recorder can enhance your ability to capture and share content from your device. With numerous options available on the market, it's essential to consider features, compatibility, and user experience. Let's explore some of the best screen recording apps for Android devices to help you find the perfect fit for your recording needs.

1. Android Built-in Screen Recorder

Key Feature: Integrated directly into the Android operating system (usually found in the Quick Settings menu), eliminating the need for third-party apps.
Best For: Quick and easy screen recordings without additional apps.
OS Compatibility: Android devices

Android's built-in screen recording tool is a pre-installed feature on many Android devices. It lets you capture video of your screen activities directly from the device's settings or Quick Settings menu. You can enjoy its features, including recording apps, games, and browsing sessions with options to include internal audio and microphone sound. Additionally, you can customize settings like video resolution and add touch indicators for better clarity. Aside from that, it's convenient for creating tutorials, sharing gameplay, or effortlessly capturing any on-screen activity.

android built-in screen recorder


  • No additional app is required
  • This screen recorder automatically saves the recorded video on your files.
  • You can use the tool unlimited with no restrictions.

  • Simple to use with straightforward controls.
  • It also has advanced features like adding soundtracks, changing the aspect ratio, adding filters, and more.

  • The features available may vary depending on the Android version and the device manufacturer.

2. AZ Screen Recorder

Key Feature: You can shake your phone to stop the recording.
Best For: recording educational lessons and presentations.
OS Compatibility: Android devices

AZ Screen Recorder is an Android application that lets you capture video of your device's screen activities without rooting your phone. It allows the recording of apps, games, and tutorials with options to include internal audio and add annotations. Additionally, the app offers features like video trimming, merging, and adding background music. Plus, it supports high-quality recording up to 1080p resolution. It also provides convenient tools for live streaming and capturing screenshots during recordings. AZ Screen Recorder is popular among content creators and educators for its ease of use and versatility.

az screen recorder interface


  • It allows you to compress the recorded video to save space.
  • The app is free to download and use with no watermark on the videos.
  • You can remove the middle part of the recorded videos.

  • You can draw on the screen during the recording.
  • The tool also lets you record video calls.

  • Some advanced features like compression may require in-app purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best settings for recording streaming video?

The best settings for recording streaming video depend on your specific needs and the quality you want to achieve. Generally, a 1920x1080 (1080p) resolution at 30 frames per second with a bitrate of 5000-8000 kbps is a good starting point for high-quality recordings.

record streaming video faqs

What are the different file formats for recording streaming video?

Several different file formats are available for recording streaming video, including MP4, AVI, MKV, and MOV. MP4 is a widely used format with good video quality and compression, making it suitable for most recording needs.

record streaming video faqs

How much disk space is needed to record streaming video?

The amount of disk space needed to record streaming video can vary widely depending on the resolution, bitrate, and video length. For instance, recording one hour of 1080p video at 30 frames per second and a bitrate of 8000 kbps requires around 3.6 GB of disk space.

record streaming video faqs

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