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Best Software to Record Screen with Audio

record screen with audioNowadays, people love to share everything online, which made screen recorders to be useful. You can capture activity on-screen⁠ through this tool— whether it's a tutorial, gameplay, demo, or your favorite movies and series. Aside from being a shareable output, this can also serve as your backups or reference for future use. However, captured videos are more beneficial if they have quality audios too. So it's better to ensure that you've recorded the sound produced as well. In connection with this, besides using a quality video screen recorder, it is still best to have one that will help you record the video's sound with clarity and comprehensiveness. And if you're searching for the best ways and tool to record screen with audio, let us assist you with this article.

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The Best Solution to Record Computer Screen with Audio

If you haven’t heard about AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium then you’re missing something gem on your net surfing. This screen recorder is popular because why not? When it's fully packed with amazing video recording features. And it is compatible with either Windows or Mac OS, making it the friendliest screen recorder to install on your PC. With this tool, you can grab those videos by screen recording them instead of downloading them, especially for sites that restrict downloading.

Furthermore, Screen Grabber Premium can record online videos from any site so you can stream them offline. It also lets you record your gaming sessions and video chats. And if you're into tutorials, this platform is for you. It allows you to capture the video's sound accordingly, whether the audio source is through the computer system or your recorded voice via microphone. Thus, it guarantees comprehensive and explained content to your audience and listeners. In connection with that, it also has annotation tools that can help you produce creative and interactive videos. And interestingly, you can have your outputs in MP4, WMA, MOV, AVI, etc., to play and share anywhere. To learn more about this tool, scroll more, and read further.

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Step 1 Install the app on your PC

To get started, you have to click on the download button above and install it on your PC. After clicking the button, follow the installation procedure as instructed. Once okay, launch the app and familiarize yourself with the app's interface.

record screen with audio step 1

Step 2 Configure your audio settings

Click the "Video Recorder" button. Then, choose your audio source. For this tutorial, we will be selecting "System sound" to record a TED video. Next, switch on the toggle button for "System sound" and Switch off the one for "Microphone" to avoid unnecessary recording noise.

record screen with audio step 2

Step 3 Search for the video to record on TED

Go to the TED web page. Next, click or search the video you want to record. Then, play the video first and click the app's thumbnail on the taskbar to start recording the video.

record screen with audio step 3

Step 4 Start recording the video

Once you're back on the app's interface, click the "Custom" button to record only the needed part of your screen. Then, drag it to your desired size. Otherwise, you can click "Full" to record your full screen. Finally, click "Rec" to initiate the recording process.

record screen with audio step 4

Step 5 Preview and save the video

After you finished recording the video, click stop on the recording bar. Then, a new window will open wherein you can preview your recorded video. Just click the "Play" button and if satisfied with the output, click "Save."

record screen with audio step 5

Step 6 Play the video

To play the video, go to the app's interface again. And click the "Recording History" at the bottom part of the window. From there, select your recorded video, right-click, and click "Play." Finally, you can now enjoy your video and play it repeatedly anytime.

record screen with audio step 6

If you want to edit your output, you don't have to install another editing software. Because Screen Grabber Premium has built-in editing tools that let you trim and cut unnecessary clips from your recording before saving.

Top 6 Alternative Softwares to Record Screen and Audio

Since screen recording tools have been essential these days, you can already find more of them online. Some are free, some are web-based, while some are easy-to-use. Although each of them has a downside, it is still great to know what satisfies you more and the other's differences. Meanwhile, if you want to try them all and don't know what tools to try, this article will give you a list of alternative software to record screen and audio worth giving a try.

1. ScreenRec

The first tool we will be talking about is ScreenRec. It serves both as a screen and audio recorder that you can download for free. This tool's developers are driven by their passion for providing more effective communication materials digitally through screenshots and screen recording. It's easy to download, and it has a straightforward interface that is useful for new users of screen recording apps. Here's how to use the tool.


  • Install the app by clicking this ScreenRec. The app will automatically launch after the installation process.
  • On the right part of your screen, click the “Settings” button. Then, click the toggle button for “Record system audio.”
  • Go to the site you want to record a video. After selecting, click the video icon on its floating bar. Then, the video will start automatically after you select the region you want to record.
  • Click the stop button once done. Next, on the new window, select the “Save” button and your video will now be available on your device.

  • It can record both audio from your computer system and microphone.
  • You can instantly share your output using its URL.

  • It doesn’t have a built-in editing tools

2. ShareX

If you want an alternative that offers necessary video recording tools, then ShareX is one for you. Despite its simplicity, it can help you record your screen just like with the other devices online. And the good news is you can download it for free.


  • To use this screen and sound recorder, download and install the app here Sharex.
  • Select “Capture” and from the drop-down menu choose “Screen recording”
  • Click the “Stop” button on the floating bar. And the video will then be saved on your selected devices.

  • You can capture a screenshot with this tool.
  • You can customize the region of your recording or screen record your full screen.

  • Though it allows you to record desktop with audio, it requires you to download additional recording tool to do so.

3. Game Bar

Did you know that Windows 10 has a default screen recorded named Game Bar? Though designed to record gameplay on Windows PC, it can also screencast any of your on-screen activities. This tool helps you screen record with internal audio without downloading any screen recorder. Lastly, it's easy to use, and it's free for Windows users.


  • To use this, just press Windows + G keys.
  • Click “Audio” and make sure that you enabled the settings for microphone and speaker.
  • Then, click the “Record” button to start your recording. Once done, click the “Stop” button and your file will be saved on your PC.

  • You don’t have to install another tool.
  • You have a full control while recording on its floating bar tool.

  • It can't record your full screen.

4. OBS Studio

Another tool that can serve as a screen and voice recorder is OBS Studio. It lets you record your screen quickly and easily. This app is not just for screen recording; it's a studio wherein you can add images, text, and effects to your recorded videos. This recorder supports various OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • Download the screen recorder here OBS Studio
  • To have your video accompanied by an audio, go to the audio mixes on the right side of the app’s interface. Slide on or off your desired sound source.
  • After setting up, click the “Start Recording” button on the bottom-right corner of the tool.
  • To save the file, select the “Stop Recording” button located at the same spot of the recording button.

  • It also allows you to modify the video’s audio and do mixes to set up moods or enhance the quality of your recorded sound.

  • Too technical interface that might intimidate new users.

5. Free Cam

An additional tool that you may download to record your screen and audio is Free Cam. This tool helps you record video creatively and professionally with its unique recording and video editing tools. Thus, it allows you to create engaging videos produced by your computer screens. To use this tool, continue reading.


  • Start downloading the tool by clicking here Free Cam.
  • After the installation process, click the “New Recording” button.
  • Then, select the region you want to record⁠. Otherwise, you can also record full screen.
  • Next, click the record button to start the recording of your on-screen activity. And to stop it, click ESC.

  • You can highlight your mouse or use annotation tools while recording for more emphasis on your video.
  • You can instantly share your output on YouTube or emails.

  • It is purposely designed for Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 only.

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