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Top 5 Tools to Record Computer Screen and Audio

record screen with audioIf you watch a video, it still the best if it is accompanied by audio to get the best viewing experience. In connection with this, screen recording is one of the most-used methods to create a video. Tutorial videos, software demo, live stream gameplay are some of the typical products of screen recording. With that being said, it is also essential to capture the sound produced so the viewers can fully understand your content. In that case, we have tried and tested the best solutions to record screen with audio.

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Best Free Online Screen and Audio Recorder

Trial Limit: None
Task Scheduler: None

Let us open the solutions by talking about the best among the rest. AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online is a web-based app that would not need any download nor registration process before you can use it. This tool can capture the screen and any sound coming from your computer at the same time. Additionally, it can also record the sound from an external microphone, which is perfect for doing narrations, voice-overs, and more. Follow the steps below to learn how to record screen with audio using this excellent solution.

Step 1 Access the Online Tool

First, visit the official website of AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online. From here, click the "Start Recording" button to access its main interface. Note: For first time users, it will ask to download its launcher, but this won't take a long time to do so.

fsro interface step1

Step 2 Configure Settings

From the interface, click "More" then choose "Settings" to continue. A new window will appear wherein you can adjust the audio and video quality, output format, hotkeys, and more. Hit "OK" to save all changes you made.

fsro configure step2

Step 3 Start Recording

Next, click the "Audio" icon from its main interface and make sure to select either select "System sound," "Microphone," or both to record any audio produced. Then, choose which recording mode you want if you prefer to record in full screen or only a particular part of it. Once set-up, click the "REC" button to start.

fsro record audio step3

Step 4 Add Annotations

While recording, you can click the "Pen-like" from the recording toolbar icon to access the annotation function. From here, you can add texts, shapes, and lines into the recording in real-time.

fsro add annotations step4

Step 5 Save the Recording

Once you're done, click the "Stop" icon, which is also found on the recording toolbar. The preview window will appear wherein you can watch it. If you're satisfied with it, click the "Save" icon located at the lower-right corner and select "Save as Video File." Finally, open the output folder so you can access the recorded file.

fsro save recording step5

Default Ways to Record Screen with Audio on Windows/Mac

The following solutions are pre-installed software in your Windows or Mac computers. One main advantage of this is that you would not need to download any 3rd party software, and they are all available for free.

1. Game Bar (Windows)

Trial Limit: None
Task Scheduler: None

The Windows Game Bar is one of the default apps available for Microsoft computers running on a Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher. It can access any external speakers or microphone plugged-in to your computer and capture any sound produced. In fact, it has an "Audio Bar" that helps you switch from toggle from the system audio or game audio. Using this, you also have the option to control the volume of the audio while recording. Follow the steps about screen recording with audio on Windows 10 with Windows Game Bar.

windowsgamebar audio settings step

User Guide:

  • First, enable Windows Game Bar by going to the "System Settings" of your Windows PC. Search Game Bar and toggle its switch to turn it on.
  • Next, open Windows Game Bar by pressing the combination "Windows + G" on your keyboard. From the game bar itself, click the "Audio" icon and make sure that the speakers and microphone are enabled.
  • After that, click the black "Record" button located at the game bar to start. Then, a small recording toolbar will appear, allowing you to control the process.
  • While recording, you can mute/unmute the microphone sound as you want. Once done, click the "Stop" button, and it will automatically save the recording.
  • Finally, a notification will show from the lower-right corner of your PC. Click this notification, and it will open the output folder wherein the recording is saved.

windowsgamebar record step

2. QuickTime (Mac)

Trial Limit: None
Task Scheduler: None

QuickTime Player is the default media player for Mac computers that can play MOV video files. However, due to its updates, it now also provides other functions like screen recording. QuickTime allows you to record screen and sound on Mac for up to 1080p resolution. Additionally, it can record the sound captured from a built-in or external microphone, which is perfect for doing narrations. Despite these awesome features, for some reason, QuickTime won't allow you to capture the system audio.

quicktime record screen step

User Guide:

  • To start, launch your "Finder" then go to your "Applications." From here, find and launch QuickTime Player from the list of programs installed in your Mac.
  • Next, click the "File" option located at the menu bar of your Mac then select "New Screen Recording" to launch the recording toolbar.
  • From the recording toolbar, click the "Drop-down" menu next to the "Record" button. Make sure that the "Internet Microphone" is selected as your audio source.
  • Once everything is ready, click the "Record" button to start. At this moment, you can also begin your narration, and it will be recorded.
  • Once finished, click the "Stop" button located at the upper-right portion of your screen. Then, click the "File" option again and select "Save." Open the output folder and double click the recorded file to watch it.

quicktime record audio step

Advanced PC Screen Recorder with Sound

Although built-in recorders will surely save you money, we cannot ignore the fact that they still lack other essential features for screen recording. One of them is that they lack annotation features and recording modes so you can comfortably record your screen with audio.

1. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

Trial Limit: A watermark is embedded into the recorded file if you're only using its free trial version.
Task Scheduler: Yes

Screen Grabber Pro is a robust yet intuitive screen recorder that allows you to capture any activity on your computer and its audio simultaneously. The software can both record the system sound and microphone at the same time. Additionally, it would even give you the option to record the audio-only. Unlike the other default apps mentioned, Screen Grabber Pro provides opportunities to record your entire screen or only a part of it as you prefer.

screen grabber pro

2. Camtasia

Trial Limit: The software provides a free trial of 30 days wherein you can enjoy all of its features. However, a watermark is embedded in the output. After 30 days, you must purchase the license to continue using its services.
Task Scheduler: None

Camtasia is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor with the primary goal of creating video tutorials with ease. Like most of the solutions mentioned above, it is capable of recording screen with audio. Regarding this, it can even record the sound only and save it as an MP3 file by default. After you record your screen and its audio, Camtasia will give you the option to edit it using several filters, video templates, transitions, and more.

camntasia interface record audio

Comparison Chart

Features Free Screen Recorder Online Windows Game Bar QuickTime Screen Grabber Pro Camtasia
Price Free Free Free $29.95/year $49.75/year
Supported Formats MP4, MP3, MPEG, and more MP4 MOV, MP4, AVI, and more MP4, GIF, MP3, and more MP4, MP3. AVI, and more
Compatibility Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more. Windows Only Mac Only Win/Mac Win/Mac
Recording Quality up to 1080p up to 1080p up to 1080p up to 4K resolution up to 4K resolution
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