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[2022] 5 Best Methods of Screen Recording in Windows 11

feature record screen windows 11 In the present world, people prefer to record their PC's screen for various reasons. The ability to record your computer's screen is essential for eLearning, recording specific highlights of your online meeting, or can help you make YouTube videos. Whatever the reason is, screen recording has made life easier for many. Making a screenshot is effective, but it is more beneficial to record the screen or video that helps you to solve the issue. Now, you can use a variety of third-party Windows 11 screen recorders or even built-in programs to record your PC screen easily. In this article, we'll talk about screen recording in Windows 11 and list tools you can easily use!

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Record Windows 11 Screen with Screen Grabber Premium

Are you looking for the best and most professional recording software to help you record screen Windows 11 PC? AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is the best recording program available for this purpose. With the help of this software, you can record and create quality video content anywhere and anytime. Whatever it is, whether it's a streaming video, game video chat, business demographics, webinar, podcast, and so on. You can record any event in the manner you want! This method to record screens on Windows 11 is super easy and does not require any technical experience or knowledge. Even beginners can quickly learn how to record using the easy-to-use interface within a matter of seconds.

Salient Features

  • You can save the recorded video in various formats, such as MP4, WMA, MOV, AVI and more.
  • Use various editing features during the recording process.
  • Capture live streaming videos on the most popular video hosting sites and save online lectures to view offline.
  • Screen Grabber Premium can also help you capture only audio, whether from the computer system or a microphone.
  • Customized shortcut keys to easily manage the entire recording process.

scrren grabber main interface

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Install Screen Grabber Premium

Install AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. Utilize the email address and the registration code we provided to sign up.


Step 2 Access Video Recorder

To open the video Recorder window, click Video Recorder. Inside the tab, you can record any audio or video.

access recording

Step 3 Select Recording Mode

You can record either a fixed or full screen, select the area you wish to record, select Customize the next step, then choose a Region or Window. The System Sound selection must be enabled if you plan to record online music or videos. If you plan to capture online games, meetings, videos, tutorials, or webinars, you'll need to simultaneously turn on the microphone option and the Systems Sound option.

select recording mode

Step 4 Configure the Audio Source

Switch on "System Sound" and "Microphone" to select which source for the audio you'd like to hear.

configure audio

Step 5 Start Recording and Save the Video

To begin recording your computer's screen, click the REC button when you've finished recording to see your recorded footage. You can edit the video and add text, arrows, lines, labels, and text to the video that you recorded while making recordings. Make sure to save the recordings you have made by pressing Export.

save recording

Use Xbox Game Bar to Record Screen on Windows 11

Windows 11 has an inbuilt game bar program that can aid you in capturing your screen quickly and easily. But, it doesn't permit you to record your entire screen. Instead, it only records specific application screens and doesn't allow the user to control the area that is recorded. It is the Windows 11 game bar is initially created to record the scenes of your most played game and the way you are playing it. Record video Windows 11 steps using the game bar program running on Windows 11 PC:

Step 1 Select application

Open the application you'd like to record.

select application

Step 2 Access Xbox Game Bar

Use the Windows key and G at the top of your keyboard. This will launch Game Bar. Then click the Capture option in the game bar at the top menu. To include any audio or textual clue, you can use the mic button located in the pane of capture on the left side of the screen.

open xbox game bar

Step 3 Start Recording

Hit the record button on the capture pane and begin recording the application. Once the recording begins, the capture pane and Xbox game bars will minimize, and you'll see only the status of the recording on the right. If you want to change the recording's volume using the keyboard, press the Windows key + alt + R. When the recording is on, there will be an image to the right of the screen. You can click to view the complete list of recorded clips. Select the display all captures button within the toolbar of Gallery View in the game bar app. Then, you will be able to click the play button that appears on the screen.

record video

Record Your Screen on Windows 11 with PowerPoint

Although the Xbox Game Bar is indeed built-in to Windows 11, most people are also running PowerPoint on their computers, which has its screen capture utility to save recordings as a slideshow. Utilizing this method, you can export the video you have created from the slideshow into any folder on your PC, which means you can play the video just like any other video file.

Step 1 Select Screen Recording

Create a new presentation or one already in place if it is in the slideshow that you'll ultimately keep the recordings. On the Insert tab, locate the Media area and select Screen Recording.

open powerpoint and select screen recording

Step 2 Select Area

Select the appropriate area from the menu at the top of the screen. You can then draw your cursor directly over the area you wish to record. It is also possible to make use of this menu to enable or disable the recording of audio and to change the display of the cursor.

select area

Step 3 Start Recording

After you have made your selection, select Record to begin recording the screen.

record video

Step 1 Stop and Save Recording

Pause the recording anytime, and then choose the Record option again to restart the screen recording. Once you're done making a recording of your Windows 11 screen, press the stop button or press the key combination WIN+Shift+Q. The recording will automatically be inserted into the slide show. If you want to save it elsewhere, click the video, right-click it and select Save Media. Choose the location on your PC you want to save your MP4 recording.

stop recording and save

Capture Video on Windows 11 with Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a screen recorder for Windows 11 that allows you to record the screen in a snap. If you're running the stable version, there will be a place for Clipchamp within the Windows 11 start menu. If you're running the latest Windows 11 version or later, Clipchamp will be installed as a native application out of the box, even though it's essentially a web-based app. In addition, recording your screen allows you to add the webcam overlay onto the screen recordings (but it's not required). The overlay with a webcam will be handy for teachers looking to make instructional videos for their pupils. The only drawbacks of this Microsoft application are that it can only record your screen for 30 minutes using the free version. You can also export the video only 480p with the free version.

Step 1 Select Screen and Camera

click the "Screen and camera" option on the main page. Suppose you want to capture the screen using an overlay of cameras. Choose "Screen" when you want to record what's on your screen.

select screen and camera

Step 2 Start Recording

You must grant the Clipchamp app access to the microphone and camera. Next, click "Record" and hit the "Record" button. On the next screen, select if you would like to record your entire screen and an active window or the Edge tab. Then, click
"Share."Screen recording will begin instantly. To stop the recording, click "Stop sharing."

record video

Step 3 Save Video

Click on "Save and edit."

click save

Record Desktop Screen on Windows 11 with ShareX

ShareX is a no-cost screen capture program that allows taking screen recordings and saving the file in an MP4 or GIF format. You can also Click Here if you want to check other sharex alternatives.

Step 1 Select Capture and Screen Recording

Choose capture and then Screen or Screen recording (GIF). You can also type Shift+Print screen to create the MP4 format; alternatively, press the combination of Ctrl+Shift+Print screen to create the creation of a GIF. Choose the area you would like to record. The recording will start soon after the selection has been made. Click and drag to outline the area. To record just one window, you can hover your mouse over it until it's highlighted, then click once. To capture the entire screen, click on the desktop.

select capture and screen recording

Step 2 Stop and save Video

Select to save and stop the screen image or end it altogether. To accomplish this, click the red dot on the taskbar and choose "Stop". The other option is to type the Shift+Print Screen. If you scroll down to the bottom, you'll find a stop button. Select the Abandon button to stop the recording.

select stop

Step 3 Open File

Select the recording in ShareX to play it or right-click and navigate to Open > Folder to view it in File Explorer

open video file

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. For how long can you record screen time using Windows 11?
If you want to record your screen on Windows 11, use AceThinker Screen Recorder, which allows users to access more options and commands for recording the screen and audio. There is no limit to the video duration; you can record for as long as you like, and you only have to see the space on your computer's hard disk.
2. Can you detect Windows screen recording?
If you're using the default settings from Google Meet or Zoom to record your meeting, everyone in the room will know that the meeting is recorded. However, when you use the AceThinker Screen Recorder, screen recording on Windows 11 is not detected by others, and other participants cannot recognize Windows 11 screen recording.
3. Can Windows Screen Recorder capture sounds?
Yes, there is an integrated Windows Screen Recorder - Xbox game bar. You can also use a third-party application, AceThinker Screen Recorder, to record audio if you have a microphone installed..
4. What is the best software to record screens?
The most well-known screen recording tool available for Windows 11 is the AceThinker Screen Recorder, which lets users select the entire screen or just a specific visible area.
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