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Must-Try Methods to Record Mac Screen with Internal Audio

feature record screen on mac with audio

Screen recording, screencasting, or screen capturing. No matter what term we use among these three, recording any screen activity on the computer is undoubtedly essential in our daily life. The world today has become a place where everything gets publicized online. It could be a product demonstration, lecture, tutorials, video reactions, and even gameplay. No wonder screen recorders have become highly demanded as they make your life easier when recording any of these. While you may use a built-in program on your Mac device, there are also third-party applications you can try to access more advanced features. And for sure, you do not just want to capture the screen alone. Because other than that, there are some things you need to consider, which might be the system sound recording or your voice itself. Well, you have reached the right place since this walkthrough is about to teach you to record video and audio from screen Mac.

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Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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5 Ways to Record Mac Screen With Audio

1. Screenshot Toolbar

Suitable Users: This program is appropriate for users who aim to capture simple screen activities. It could be a video, or an online class, to name a few.
Audio Recording: Microphone Sound

Mac users whose device runs on macOS Mojave and above versions can easily record their computer screen with sound. Using the screenshot toolbar, you only need to press a specific command key on your device. This toolbar provides you with fundamental options for screenshots and recording. Moreover, the container format rendered by this program uses the Apple QuickTime or the MOV file extension. While this file type is a lossy compression like the MP4, assure yourself of high video quality with excellent audio. Beneath, you can follow the user guide to Mac record screen and audio using the screenshot toolbar.

User Guide:

  • On your keyboard, press Commnand + Shift + 5 to open the screenshot toolbar. Once it appears on your screen, you may select the fourth icon to grab the entire screen display. On the other hand, select the fifth button if you wish to record only a portion.
  • Next, tick the "Options" tab and click on the “Audio” button to include your microphone sound in your recording activity. After configuring the necessary details, hit the "Record" button on the toolbar's left side to start the screencasting.
  • As soon as the recording task concludes, tap the "Stop" button to save your file on your device. Do not worry about where you will roam through the directories for your recorded outputs get located on the desktop.

record screen with audio using the screenshot toolbar of mac

2. QuickTime

Suitable Users: QuickTime is great for beginners to capture videos and walkthroughs from the internet.
Audio Recording: Internal Microphone Sound

Another simple tool to screencast Mac desktop is is QuickTime. This program works two in one since you can rely on it for watching videos and grabbing screen activities. While the first method is exclusive to the newer macOS, QuickTime is compatible even with macOS 10.13.6 and lower versions. Moreover, like the screenshot toolbar, QuickTime uses Apple's standard format. While you do not get to modify your video recording quality, the output is more than satisfactory when you play it on screen and hear the audio quality. However, several concerns are raised by users of this program. Some experience lags when recording their gameplays and yield bigger file sizes. Read the step-by-step tutorial below to record screen on Mac with audio using QuickTime.

User Guide:

  • First, search and open your Quicktime Player using the Finder. Once the program launches, go to the top area of the screen and click the "File" tab and then "New Screen Recording."
  • Next, the recording control will appear and expand the arrow beside the recording button. From there, check the "Internal Microphone Sound." You can also check options like the "Show Mouse Clicks in Recording" and "Blue Snowball."
  • When you are all set, hit the recording button in the center of the recording prompt. Furthermore, click the red button to stop and save the file once you accomplish the task.

record mac screen with audio using quicktime

3. Screen Grabber Premium

Suitable Users: This is best for beginners, intermediate, and professionals. You can have intensive screen recording activities like gameplays, interactive demos, and presentations.
Audio Recording: Captures both the system sound and microphone.

Screen Grabber Premium is the best option if you want a tool with more advantageous features when screen recording with audio. The user experience with this program is commendable because it acts as a 60fps PC screen recorder. Additionally, you produce better audio with the Microphone Noise Cancellation and Microphone Enhancement. To add to the thrill, you can have your sound checked first before starting the task of screen capturing. Moreover, Screen Grabber Premium lets you save your file into various output formats like MP4, TS, MOV, and more. In addition, you can embed the web camera while recording, creating a picture-in-picture effect when you are presenting. There's more to these features, such as the annotation, task scheduler, and cursor hovering effect. Acquaint yourself below on how to screen record on mac with internal audio using the program.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Get the Recorder with Audio on Mac

First, locate the program on your file by clicking the download buttons above. Then, follow the setup wizard to launch Screen Grabber Premium on your device.

screen grabber premium interface

Step 2 Select Screen Mode

To begin, hit the "Video" button from the main interface and select your screen mode. Choose the "Full" button to capture the entire screen. With the "Custom" mode, you may record a selected tab, window, or specific area.

select screen dimension to record on sgp

Step 3 Specify Sound and Other Requirements

To record the audio sound from your device or other sources, toggle on the "System Sound" and "Microphone" buttons. Next, if you want to configure your recordings settings further, click the "Recording Setting" icon. Select your output format, audio quality, FPS, and video codec preferences. Once satisfied with the requirements, hit the "REC" button.

switch on system and microphone sound on sgp

Step 4 Save the Recording

While recording, you can use the annotation tool by clicking the icon that appears like a pen. You can use the call-out, box and circle shapes, text, and more to emphasize a point on your screen. You may also take a random shot of your screen while the recording is ongoing. When done, hit the "Stop" button. Then a new window will appear, and hit "Save."

save recording on sgp

Step 5 Play the File

Next, select your file location, and put a name for your output. Then, go to the "History" panel of the program, and you will see your recent recording at the top list. Finally, double-click on your file to play it on your device.

play the recorded file from sgp

4. ScreenRec

Suitable Users: It's perfect for beginners and intermediates when recording live streams online.
Audio Recording: Captures the system sound and microphone.

ScreenRec is a free and open-source tool for Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, this is another straightforward program that offers an audio option. In contrast, it lets you record your screen activity while simultaneously capturing a shot on your screen. Not only that, ScreenRec can capture the entire display or select specific areas according to your requirements. Another thing, ScreenRec is known for its versatility as you can record your screen, microphone, system sound, and web camera all at once. Moreover, this program makes content sharing online faster as it provides users a shareable link. So, your friends can easily access your recording on o sites like Google, Twitter, Google, and more. On the other hand, read the process below to record video and audio on Mac using the tool.

User Guide:

  • After launching the tool on your screen, sign in email account on ScreenRec to access the media sharing feature. Next, select the "Microphone Input Device" and the "Camera Input" you will operate on in the recording.
  • Toggle on the "Record System Audio" and select your recording quality to SD, HD, or 4K. Also, turn on the slider for the "Instant Share Link" if you want to send your recorded file online after. After specifying the settings, press Alt+S on your keyboard, and the recording will start. Then, tap the "Stop" button on the control prompt when done.

record mac screen with audio using screenrec

5. RecMaster 2.0

Suitable Users: This is excellent for gamers to record their gaming sessions with high-quality audio and video output.
Audio Recording: Captures the system sound and microphone.

Last but not least, RecMaster is one of the most appreciated screen recorders among gamers since it can record 60pfs at 1080P quality. You can choose to record the audio or microphone alone, or both whenever you want. This program's outstanding feature is that it can record screen activity at a predefined time using the Task Scheduler. Moreover, the program offers seven recording modes like the cursor, webcam, and program window recording, to name a few. Lastly, it contains a built-in video editor where you can crop, trim, and add subtitles to your recorded footage. Refer to the guide beneath to try RecMaster 2.0 as your screen recorder.

User Guide:

  • Begin by opening the program on your device. Select your recording mode from Full, Custom, or Game from the main interface. After that, toggle on the System Sound and Microphone Recording. You may also adjust the volume of these two by adjusting each mixer.
  • Finally, hit the "Rec" button on the left side of the program interface. While recording, there will be a control prompt on the screen, but it will not appear on your actual footage. Hit the "Stop" button once finished with your goal.

ecord mac screen with audio using recmaster

Comparison Chart

Programs Recording Area Task Scheduler Supported Platforms
Screenshot Toolbar Customized or Full-Screen Area Not Supported Mac OS
QuickTime Customized or Full-Screen Area Not Supported Windows and Mac
Screen Grabber Premium Select Specific Window, Tab, Region or Full Screen Area Supported Windows and Mac
ScreenRec Customized or Full-Screen Area Not Supported Windows, Mac, and Linux
RecMaster 2.0 Select Specific Window, Tab, Region or Full-Screen Area Supported Windows and Mac
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Screen Grabber Premium
Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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