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The Most Feasible Method to Record PowerPoint with Webcam

featured image record powerpoint with webcam PowerPoint is one of the oldest and best presentation programs owned and managed by Microsoft. The tool provides several features to make a presentation elegant. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most used programs for presentations in meetings, webinars, online classes, and more. Since most presentations are done online nowadays, need to to record them to grab a perfect copy for note-taking or other references. But what if you also want to capture the webcam? With this, the presentation will look more professional and interactive for your target audience. Can PowerPoint do that? Let's check the solution on this post or find a better option to record PowerPoint with webcam

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Record PowerPoint and Webcam using Built-in Recorder

As mentioned above, Microsoft PowerPoint now has a default option to record its slide shows and save them as videos. The slide show recording function is available for its 2010 version and above. However, its recorder does not have the option to include or access your webcam window into the slide show recording. In that case, we need to install a plugin first, like VideoPoint. The good thing about the plugin is that it can detect any external camera you can plugin on your computer. The list includes DSLR, webcam, IP camera, and others. Additionally, it lets you use the chroma key technology to replace the background shown on the webcam video. Follow the guide below to learn how to record slide show PowerPoint with webcam.

Step 1 Install the Plug-in

First, visit the official website of VideoPoint and hit the download button. Register an active e-mail address to enjoy a 15-day trial period. Open the downloaded file and install the plug-in on your computer first. After installation, open Microsoft PowerPoint, and you must see the "VideoPoint" plug-in joined on the menu tab. Make sure that the webcam is already plugged-in into your computer.

videopoint install plug in

Step 2 Add Webcam to PowerPoint

From here, click the "Insert" button to put a green screen shape design into the slide. Hit the green screen to resize and reposition it. Next, go to "Source" and select "Video Input Device" to detect your webcam.

videopoint detect webcam

Step 3 PowerPoint with Webcam Recording

Once set up, go to the "Slide Show" tab and click "Record Slide Show" to access its built-in recorder. Using the floating toolbar shown, you can control the recording if you want to pause, move to the next slide, or return it.

videopoint record webcam

Step 4 Save and Play the PowerPoint Webcam Recording

Then, click the "File" menu and select "Export." From here, hit "Create Video" to choose the output folder and rename the file. Once saved, open the output folder and double-click the file to play the webcam recording. The recording will stop automatically after the last slide show appears.

videopoint save webcam recording

Record PowerPoint Presentation with Webcam Mac/Windows

Distinctive Feature: The tool has a Task Schedule function that lets you set an automatic PowerPoint webcam recording, even if you're away from the computer.

Although Microsoft PowerPoint provides a built-in way to record its slide show, it is still evident that you need to install a different tool. So why not install robust and easy-to-use software to do it? AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium lets you record your screen with audio and a webcam overlay window within a few clicks. Also, the software enables you to capture the screen while preserving its original video quality. Furthermore, it proposes several recording modes that let you record the screen in full or just your slide show's exact window. Below is the easy-to-follow guide for PowerPoint with webcam recording.

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Step 1 Install the PowerPoint Screen Recorder

Click the "Download" button provided that will suit your Windows or Mac computer. Then, open the file installer to access the prompt and follow it. Launch Screen Grabber Premium on your computer once installed.

sgpremium interface

Step 2 Embed Webcam in PowerPoint

Next, go to the "Video Recorder" option and choose the audio source among "System Sound," "Microphone," or both. Then, toggle the switch to on for the "Webcam" option to preview the overlay window. After that, select the recording mode to "Full" or "Custom." Once everything is set, launch the PowerPoint slide show and go back to the tool to click the "Rec" button.

sgpremium access webcam

Step 3 Record PowerPoint with Webcam

From the floating recording toolbar, hit the "Gear" icon to show the settings options. Hit the "Webcam" icon to show/hide the webcam overlay window. Then, you only have to control the slide show and record it. Once done, click the "Stop" button from the toolbar.

sgpremium record webcam powerpoint

Step 4 Save and Play the Webcam Recording

The preview window will appear after you stop the recording. Here, hit the "Save" option to rename the file, and you'll be directed to the recording history. Right-click the file name and select "Play" to watch the PowerPoint webcam recording.

sgpremium save webcam powerpoint

Frequently Asked Questions about PowerPoint Presentations

1. Is it possible to link a chart from Excel to PowerPoint?

Yes, you can do it by navigating the Excel file that you want to embed in your presentation. You can start by selecting 'Insert Tab' and clicking the 'Object' button. As soon as the dialog box appears, tap on the 'Create from file' and choose the 'Browse' button to navigate the file.

2. How are you able to present your PowerPoint presentation online?

You should have a Microsoft account first for you to be able to present your PowerPoint presentation online. First, click the 'File' Tab, and from the left panel, choose the 'Share' button. From there, select 'Present Online.' As soon as you have agreed to its terms of service agreement, you can now click the 'Connect' button. You can now share the link given by your Microsoft account so you can share it with the people that you'd like to invite and click the 'Start Presentation.'

3. What is the best tool to record PowerPoint presentations?

The most effective way to record PowerPoint presentations is by installing different tools. One of the most recommended tools for webcam recording is AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. It has features like a task scheduler that makes it easy for users to record webcam from a distance. Aside from it allows you to capture your computer screen while presenting, it also preserves the video's original quality.


The solutions reviewed are the best ways to record PowerPoint with webcam. Both of the keys provide user-friendly methods as you can finish the task within four easy steps. However, it is still safe to claim that AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is the better option. The tool even lets you preview the webcam overlay window, unlike the plug-in. If you have any other ways that you know, feel free to suggest them below. Or if you have any questions, drop them, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible Thank you!

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Last updated on December 20, 2021

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