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Accessible Tools to Record PowerPoint Presentation with Webcam

feature record powerpoint presentation with webcam Creating Slides Presentation and Instructional Visualizations are practically done using Powerpoint. Microsoft developed this tool containing the complete package of features for creating personal, business, and educational presentations. It was known as the most practical application owned by Microsoft. Its editing tools help people widen their imagination and creativity, making a unique presentation output. With innovations, screen recording was added to the tool, giving people the best PowerPoint experience. But aside from capturing your PowerPoint slides, maybe you ask yourself, “How do I record a powerpoint presentation with a Webcam.” With that, this article will grant a final solution to questions.

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Use PowerPoint Recording Feature

Best for: This tool for PowerPoint screen recording with a webcam is best for creating video in PIP mode without installing third-party tools.
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

As was already mentioned, the default function of PowerPoint Screen Recording enables users to record every part of their slide presentation. Its user interface is intuitive. It launched as a standard PowerPoint recording tool that can access audio sources like a voiceover. Other than that, this will appear as a PiP recording mode. It is a straightforward and effective way to record webcam videos with your PowerPoint presentation, making it perfect for making tutorials, presentations, or discussions. You can save your PowerPoint presentation as many times as needed. For more instructions, read the section below on how to record webcam PowerPoint presentation.


  • To start recording the PowerPoint presentation using a webcam, you must open the Program on your computer. Prepare or open a slide presentation. It is better to prepare it before proceeding to screen recording. Navigate the “Slide Show” tab and click the “Record Slide Show” dropdown. Finally, choose your preferred option to start.
  • After choosing your preferred option to start the screen recording, the new screen window will display. On the top-right corner, hit “Settings” to select the microphone and webcam for your presentation. You will quickly notice your video camera opened and the microphone enabled, which is visible below.
  • Click the red “Record” button at the screen's top left corner. The recording countdown will start then, and you can eventually start your Powerpoint presentation with video and audio. You can use the “Notes” to prepare a presentation script or the "Pen" tool to customize your presentation.
  • Once you're done with PowerPoint Presentation, you need to click the “Stop” button. The recording will eventually start, and your video will be available as a slide. You can watch your recorded video and customize it using the built-in tools. To save the recorded video. Select the slide of your recorded video, right-click, and choose “Save Media.”

 powerpoint screen recording feature in presenter mode

Record PPT and Webcam with Filmora

Best for: This tool for powerpoint screen recording with a webcam is best for creating a personalized video file using its built-in video editor tools.
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

Filmora is a video editing program with the ability to record your screen. This Program offers numerous alternatives for producing a personalized video with customizations made possible by its advanced editing feature. It includes easily accessible templates and downloadable effects. The screen recording function of this software allows you to select the recording to utilize. Voiceover, a webcam, and a computer screen can all be used to record a PowerPoint presentation. Recording a PowerPoint presentation using this tool is more likely to be entertaining. You can use a webcam in full-screen or custom mode to record your PowerPoint presentation. Below is a list of all its features.


  • Download Filmora and launch it on your computer. Open the tool and click on “Create New Project.” Select the “File” tab and “Record Media” from the list. Choose the option to "Record from a webcam" and wait until a new screen window displays.
  • Then, choose a screen mode to capture your PowerPoint Presentation. You can choose a full-screen or a custom mode to select a specific area on your computer screen. Make sure your webcam is detected, and choose the audio source you need. Then prepare your PowerPoint slide for screen recording.
  • To initiate the recording, hit the “Record” button. It will start the recording countdown, and you can start presenting your PowerPoint Presentation with a webcam. You can end the screen recording by pressing the “F9” key on your keyboard. Otherwise, click the “Stop” button directly on the taskbar of the tool.
  • Once your recording ends, the recorded video will generate automatically on the preview page of the tool. You can customize the video by adding text, titles, transitions, effects, and more. For video saving, click the “Save Project” icon, enter your file name, and save.

filmora user interface

Record PPT and Face with Panopto

Best for: This tool is the best choice for recording a PowerPoint presentation quickly without installing the app since it is a web-based platform.
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

For making simple PowerPoint presentations with video and audio discussion, Panopto is another good solution. This platform is user-friendly and ideal for creating essential PowerPoint slides suitable for different organizations. It is accessible online and provides basic video capabilities for webcam screen capture. This screen recorder lets you choose whether to capture audio, video, a screen, and apps. The software makes enabling your camera and choosing a PIP mode quite simple. The user interface for screen recording is so simple that it is perfect for creating PowerPoint presentations. You can easily see how this screen recording performs. And if you’re interested in how to record a meeting, you can visit this page.


  • Go to your computer’s web browser and visit the page of the Panopto screen recorder. Open and Prepare your PowerPoint Presentation. From the tool's main page, select the “Record” button located at the top-right button. It will bring you to the next screen page, where you can select your recording mode.
  • Select the “Screen and apps” for your recording. Click the option to record your entire screen suited for your PowerPoint presentation recording. Make sure to tick the checkbox provided below indicating to share system audio.
  • Click the share button to finalize your choice. You can try clicking the audio and video to find out if it is working and record in PiP mode. Then, click the red “Start” button to record yourself online on PowerPoint presentations.
  • Once done, hit the “Stop” button. The preview page of your recorded video will display on the page. You can directly send your file to Panopto, YouTube, and Google Classroom online. Otherwise, you can hit the “Download” icon, and your file will be saved as a WEBM file on your local computer.

screen recording interface of panopto

Record PPT and Camera with Camtasia

Best for: The tool is best for its easy-to-use screen recording feature with multiple editing tools.
Supported OS: Windows and Mac

Camtasia is another popular screen recorder for Windows and Mac. It is commonly used to download online videos, record computer screens, and create simple instructional videos or demos. Numerous editing features are available, which are easy to understand and use. These features include presets, effects, and pre-made templates. You can quickly share your recorded file with others by directly uploading it to platforms like Youtube, Google Drive, and Vimeo. However, you may also download it directly to your device. It is good enough to play various video formats, including MP4, MOV, M4A, and others. Since it has a good capability for using PowerPoint to create a professional-looking video presentation, you might be more familiar with its other functions. Let's look at how to record on PowerPoint with webcam using Camtasia.


  • Launch Camtasia and open it on your computer. This tool may launch as a PPT add-in, and you can directly use its screen recording tool to the main interface of PowerPoint. However, you can upload your PPT presentation file to Camtasia since it supports files from PowerPoint, as well as edit your file on it.
  • To record using PPT adds-in, you may click on the menu “Add-ins” on the main interface of PowerPoint located at the top. Then, the custom tools for recording will open, including the camera and microphone options. Select the “Record” button and proceed to the presenter mode, then click the “click to begin recording.”
  • On the other hand, you can directly upload your PPT presentation file to Camtasia. Open the software and click the “Import Media” button on its main interface. Add your file to the tool, and it will automatically display on the tool. To start the recording, open the presentation in presenter mode. You will see the recording toolbar below, and you can enable the microphone and camera. Then, hit the “Start” button.
  • Lastly, you can record powerpoint presentations using the tool Camtasia recorder. Just click the “Start Recording” button from the tool and proceed with your PowerPoint and record directly your slides presentation. The recorded video will show on the preview screen. You can eventually save it on your local computer or share it online.

camtasia screen recorder user interface with uploaded ppt slides


Why is PowerPoint Screen Recording not available on my computer?
Once you have launched PowerPoint on your Mac computer, check the recording menu on the tool's main interface. If it's not yet included, select navigate the file tab and click “Options” from the list below. Open the “Customize Ribbon” and find the “record” in the list of checkboxes, and tick on it. This will enable the recording menu to your PowerPoint.
Can I Record PowerPoint Presentations with a Webcam on Mac?
Yes, aside from the built-in recording feature of PPT, you can use third-party software that has a full-customization feature to have a professional-like video output. Here’s how to acquire it.

  • Download and launch AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium on your computer. Open the app and choose your preferred recording mode. Turn on the webcam and the audio source you want to use.
  • Go to the Recording setting by clicking the icon at the top-right corner. Click the “Output” from the menu list and select your preferred outcome by choosing from the dropdown menu.
  • Hit the “Start Recording” button and proceed to your PowerPoint Presentation. You can hold the recording by pressing the “Pause” icon or pressing the “Stop” button once you're done. Lastly, right-click on the slide of your recorded file and select “Save Media’ to export your file.
Does a built-in Screen Recorder on PowerPoint allow unlimited recording?
One of the most suggested tools to make unlimited screen recording is AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. This software can capture different computer screen activities, including PowerPoint presentations, simultaneously allowing a microphone source and webcam. It provides high-quality video with MOV, MP4, WEBM, and other advanced file formats. You can record as many PowerPoint Screen recordings as you want and save them to your preferred file format with no limit.
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

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