2 Methods on How to Record on YouTube TV in High Quality

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record on youtube tv featureSuppose you try switching to a digital cable that can offer over 80 channels. Like ABC News, Nat-Geo Wild, and Cartoon Network, YouTube TV is the best option, besides saving you from installation fees. This platform's compatibility is exceptional, as you can watch through big screens and mobile devices. Also, it lets you watch live videos, especially sports coverage you're dying to watch in real time. But the best selling point of this tool is its digital video recorder (DVR) feature, which lets you record on YouTube TV unlimitedly. This function is best for busy people who want to keep updated with current events, like entertainment and news. In line with that, this article will help you record shows on YouTube TV using its built-in recorder and a third-party app. In this article, you will learn how to record YouTube TV using two effective methods.

Record Shows on YouTube TV with the YouTube DVR

YouTube TV has a YouTube DVR that will allow you to record all your activities. The YouTube DVR automatically starts recording once the video is paused and has a function that will let you rewind the videos. It is also supported by Cloud storage, so you won't have any problems even if you don't have enough internal storage on your device. In addition, you can modify the video's quality before streaming according to your device to avoid buffering while recording. It also avoids overconsumption of your data cap. Here are the steps on how to record YouTube TV shows or record live YouTube stream online.

Step 1 Sign in on YouTube Tv

Search YouTube TV on your Google search bar and use your Gmail to create an account. After successfully creating an account, you can now proceed to search for the shows you want.

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Step 2 Search for the video

After the account is successfully created, you can start looking for the shows you want to record by searching the show's title or the name of the video on the search box. After the results come up, you can now click the video you chose.

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Step 3 Start Recording

To start recording, you need to click the "Add" button on the right of the video you choose to record. To ensure that the recording is already proceeding, wait for the "Add" icon to be replaced by the "Check" icon. After that, the recording of the video will be automatically saved on your YouTube library.

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Step 4 Play Recorded Video

After successfully recording the video, you can go to YouTube TV's homepage and look for the library. In the library, you can find all the recorded videos and click the play button beside the video to watch the video.

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  • It can capture live streams in HD quality.
  • Record a video while streaming a different video.

  • Recorded videos will be automatically deleted after nine months
  • It doesn't support offline viewing of videos.
  • Subscription costs $64.99 monthly.

Record on YouTube TV with Aqua Demo

As we already mentioned above, there are still drawbacks that you can encounter in using YouTube DVR. These factors set limits on how to do you record shows on YouTube TV. Good thing, YouTube TV still allows screen recording using a third-party app recorder. And speaking of, one of the best tools to record your YouTube TV programs is by using AceThinker Aqua Demo.

This screen recorder is most used and known by consumers worldwide. One of the reasons is its straightforward screen recording procedure. Interestingly, annotation tools let you edit your video while recording. Also, this tool enables you to record audio either from your system audio or microphone. Moreover, it also enables you to choose your video formats, including MP4, WMA, MOV, AVI, etc., to play and share anywhere. Plus, you can trim out unnecessary clips as well before saving. Furthermore, this software is perfect for schedule screen recording with its Task Schedule function. And for a cleaner recording, you can opt to hide the floating recording bar as to your preference. Regarding that, here's how to record with YouTube TV using Acethinker Aqua Demo:

Download for Free

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download

Step 1 Download and Install Acethinker Aqua Demo

To start using this app, you have to get the app by clicking the "Free Download" button provided above (according to your operating system). Then, open the app installer and run the program as directed. Next, install and launch the tool.

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Step 2 Set Your Recording Preferences

In making sure that you capture the right program, make sure that you only set "System Sound" as your audio source. And to record YouTube TV video, click the "Video Recording" button and select "Custom," and click "Select Region or Window."

record on youtube tv 4

Step 3 Start the Recording

After setting up the tool, you can now click the "Rec" button. Then, go to the YouTube TV website. Type in tv.youtube.com on the address bar and click the "Search" icon. Once you have already accessed the tool, search for the video you want to record. And play it once you find one.

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Step 4 Stop and Save the Recording

Click the "Stop" button. Then, when a preview window appears, you can trim the video to remove unnecessary videos on your recorded file. Once done, select "Save," and your video will then be available on your recording list.

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Step 5 Play the Recorded Video

You will see three lines labeled as "Recording History" click it on the app's home panel. That's the list of all your recordings. Then, click "Play" to preview your recorded video. Meanwhile, you can also edit the file name and share your output here.

record on youtube tv 7

For a cleaner registration of your screen records, you can hide the app's floating toolbar. To do this, look for the menu bar or "Three Lines" icon on the app interface and click "Preferences. Then, check the "Hide float bar when recording."

  • You can set your recording's length.
  • You can take a screenshot of your favorite shows.
  • You can instantly share your recorded programs on various social media sites. This includes the most popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
  • Recorded videos are available for offline viewing.

  • The free version only lets you record for 3 minutes, so get a premium account for unlimited recording.
AceThinker Aqua Demo
An Impressive Recorder that Can Cater All Your Recording Needs
  • It can record YouTube TV with customizable resolution of up to 4K.
  • You can directly share your recorded videos on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  • You can overlay annotations to make your video more interesting, like texts, arrows, shapes, callouts and others.

FAQs About Record YouTube TV

1. How much does YouTube TV really cost?

For $64.99 per month, you can have YouTube TV. It comes with a cloud DVR service that fits three devices. After subscribing to their premium, you can watch or stream on smartphones, computers, and game consoles.

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2. Does YouTube TV need a box?

With YouTube TV, you can have free access to over 85 popular cable channels and broadcasts, including international channels. It also does not require you to have a contract or cable box to make YouTube TV work on your device.

faqs about record youtube tv

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