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Top 5 Solutions to Record MP3 Windows 10 (Quick & Easy)

feature record mp3 on windows 10

One of the basic computing tasks we do is to record our voice. This activity is hugely beneficial when creating memos, voice messages, trying to build melody for your lyrics, or even for a recital. While recording your voice can be done with the native sound recorder your Windows 10 device, getting a more advanced program undeniably pays well. Therefore, this post will cover the top 5 MP3 voice recorder Windows 10 you may have to try immediately. Know their strengths and limitations, with a tutorial on each one of them. Moreover, our team has provided efficient tips that you can apply to improve the quality of your audio files.

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Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Top 5 MP3 Recorder Windows 10

1. Screen Grabber Premium

Output Quality: Record MP3 audios from standard quality up to lossless.
Pricing Plan: It offers a free trial. But you can avail of the premium plan for $29.95, suitable for two PCs with support and upgrade.

Let's start with the best recorder, which is the Screen Grabber Premium. While the program's primary objective is to capture your screen display, it's also a perfect tool to record your voice at a seamless quality. It supports to record internal audio, if you need to capture songs or lectures from your computer. On the other hand, Screen Grabber Premium can also take microphone sounds which is excellent for voice narrations. For the exciting part, Screen Grabber Premium steps up the game with its noise canceling feature and sound check feature. Knowing that recording our voice gets thwarted at a time due to these factors, you should not worry about getting an unsatisfactory output anymore. Read the step-by-step tutorial downward on how you can record voice with the best MP3 recorder Windows 10.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Get the Installer

Begin by locating the program on your device. Select the left "Download" button at the top for your Windows device. Afterward, install the program by following through with the setup wizard. Once the program launches on your screen, select "Audio Recorder" as your recording mode.

screen grabber premium interface

Step 2 Configure Recording Needs

Afterward, toggle on the "Microphone" and leave the "System Sound" button off. Next, tick the Gear icon and go to the Output panel > Audio Settings. Set the audio format to MP3, while the quality to "Lossless." Next, go to the "Sound" panel and check the microphone noise cancellation and enhancement. Finally, hit "OK" to save your changes.

record mp3 on windows 10 with screen grabber premium

Step 3 Record Voice

After configuring all your requirements, hit the "REC" button and start speaking near the Microphone. When you finally achieved the task, hit the square button to stop the recording and proceed to save the file to your computer.

record voice with screen grabber premium

Step 4 Save and Listen to the Recording

Finally, the preview window of the program will appear on the screen. Hit the play button so you can listen to your voice. You can also trim the length of your file by adjusting both sides of the playhead buttons. Then, hit the "save" button.

listen to the recorder mp3


Output Quality: You can record voice recordings at 320 kbps.
Pricing Plan: A one-time payment of $39.95, downloadable on one PC.

Bandicam is a Windows-exclusive program that offers a versatile audio recording feature. Like the Screen Grabber Premium, this program lets you record system sound, microphone, or both. It can record anywhere between 22,050 Hz and 48,000 Hz, ensuring that your sample rate produces an impressive detail on your output. Moreover, it supports stereo recording, which is a suitable channel if you want to record for entertainment purposes. It also supports noise suppression, which lets you remove sound clicks and keyboard sounds on your recording. However, Bandicam is only limited to two output formats: the MP3 and the WAV. Refer to the guide underneath if you want to try this MP3 recorder Windows 10. On the hand, if you experience that Audacity not working on your device, click this guide.

  • To start the process, open the program on your device. After that, drop down the recording mode and select the "Audio Only" button.
  • Once done, only select the Microphone recording on the tool selection and turn off the "System Sound." Then, hit the "REC" button and start to record your voice.
  • After your recording activity, hit the button once more to stop. You will then see your file on the Home panel of the program, where you can play, edit, upload, or delete the recordings you made.

record mp3 voice with bandicam

3. Audacity

Output Quality: The program supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit.
Pricing Plan: Free and open-source

Audacity is a cross-platform audio recorder you cannot let go of today. By saying it's cross-platform, yes, you got it right. It works without complications anywhere on Linux, Mac, and Windows devices. It can digitize your voice recordings through a built-in or external microphone at 320kbps with a 384HZ sample rate. With this irresistible audio quality, it's a perfect tool for recording music and even creating podcast content. Moreover, tons of music creators have Audacity as their go-to because it also supports recording from mixers and other media. With the program, you can also combine a series of audio files and stitch them as one great masterpiece. Wondering how you can use Audacity as your MP3 recorder app Windows 10? Then follow the guide below.

  • First, click the File button on the menu bar and select "New Recording" to start a new project. After that, hit the red circle icon, which stands for the "Record" button.
  • While recording, speak at least 6-8 inches away from the microphone for a clearer voice on your output. Once done, hit the "Stop" button. For the fun part, Audacity improves the quality of your sound recording by editing it.
  • To improve the quality, go to the Menu bar at the top, hit the "Effect" tab, and play around with the lists of the tools you can apply. You may tweak your recording with equalization, amplification, compression, and more. To save the file on your device, go to the "File" button and hit "Export."

audacity mp3 voice recording instruction

4. Windows Voice Recorder

Output Quality: The program records a standard audio quality.
Pricing Plan: Free

Voice Recorder, as the name suggests, is a native tool to record MP3 Windows 10. While the program does not offer a host of recording features compared to other programs, it's still suitable for people with uncomplicated recording activities. The default output format is M4A which quality is better than the mainstream format we know, the MP3. Voice Recorder will be perfect for recording recitals, lectures, melodies, and even a simple interview. Moreover, you can add a marker while your recording is in progress. This simple button is essential if you want to identify the crucial parts of your recording and editing process. Moreover, you can use the editor of the prgram if you want to trim the unnecessary parts of your recording. Without much ado, here is a step-by-step tutorial to using the program.

  • First, click the Start icon on your windows device and search for the Voice Recorder. Once you launch the program, hit the Microphone icon at the center of the interface to start the recording.
  • While recording, you can click the "Add Marker" button to save the specific time you want to check after your activity. When you are finally finished recording, hit the "Stop" button.
  • Since the Voice Recorder is a native program of Windows, your recording will automatically save on your local folder. You can also listen to your file on the app directly.

use windows voice recorder for mp3 recordings

5. Reverb

Output Quality: The program records at a standard quality of 128 kbps.
Pricing Plan: Free

Going on for an online voice recorder is an excellent solution if you run on a low CPU device. If you are looking for one, here is Reverb. This program works pretty similarly to the desktop programs in the market. However, it has the upper hand when sharing your work online. You could be recording a voice memo or a message on the program, and you'll get a voice link ready for Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, Facebook, and more. Moreover, you can create a Reverb account if you want to retrieve your outputs anytime. Anyhow, if you opt not to have one, you could be assured that your recordings are kept secret and unknown.

  • With your browser, enter the official site of Reverb. Once you enter their main page, click the "Record now" button.
  • Afterward, you will be directed to the recording interface of the program. Hit the Microphone button and start speaking in front of your Microphone. Once done, hit the same button to stop.
  • Finally, put a file name and then hit the Save" button. If you want to share your work online, options like the embed and link buttons will be available.

use reverb to record mp3 on windows 10

Comparison Table of the Voice Recorders

MP3 Recorders Task Scheduler Social Share Feature Installation Size
Screen Grabber Premium AVAILABLE You can share your output to any sites online. 1.89 MB

Tips When Recording Voice

Recording your voice seems intimidating the first time you do it. When listening to your projects, we know how it feels to hear those pesky noises in the background. But voice recording is an important activity we must master, especially when we want to create valuable content for people. That's why we have formulated some essential things to keep in mind so you can record your voice like a pro.

  • Consider getting a quality mic - if you can, invest in decent microphones known for their excellent quality. While this may be quite costly since you need to spend some cash, it will surely pay off when you hear its difference from a recording captured on a built-in mic.
  • Check your surrounding - even though you geared yourself with a noise canceling tool, it's also advisable to record in a quiet place.
  • Create your script- getting blocked when you start talking in front of the Microphone is inevitable. Therefore, we suggest that you start writing your narration before you do the recording. If you have a limited time to do this, at least create a quick outline to maintain your flow while talking.
  • Compose a good posture -this is another factor that affects your recording output. Try to stand up while speaking so you can breathe nicely. Or, if you are sitting, avoid slouching.

tips when recording voice

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