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How to Record Microsoft Teams Meeting

Record Microsoft Teams MeetingRecording team meetings is one of the essential things to do, especially if you are working as a secretary in one company. Also, it is very important to record the group meetings and keep them on your data. Besides, several video calling apps can be used online. But, one of the best tools that we recommend you to use is the Microsoft Teams video calling app. It is because it has a built-in recorder wherein you don't need to install a third-party app to record a meeting. It is also very advisable on business because most of the companies now are using a Windows desktop. With that, for you to record Microsoft teams meeting using its built-in recorder. Keep reading this article. Plus, we provided additional tools that you may use to record group meetings with ease.

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Record Microsoft Teams Meeting using its Built-in Recorder

When you want to record a meeting in Microsoft teams, it is better to use its built-in recorder to avoid downloading a third-party app. Besides, this tool supports a chat-based platform with document sharing, online group meetings, video calls, and many useful business communications features. Moreover, it has a simple recording feature wherein you can easily record the group meetings for up to 4K quality. Aside from that, it supports screen sharing wherein you can use it to share your desktop for some technical purposes and assistance. That being said, we will show you a detailed guide on how to record meetings using this tool.

Step 1 Save the Tool on your Computer

First is you have to install the software on your computer by getting its installer from its official site. You have to create a new account before you get its installer. After that, follow the installation process to save it on your computer.

mt main interface

Step 2 Join the Meeting

Once the software is installed, launch it on your PC and go to the "Chat" option located at the interface's left part. Here, hit the "Join" button at the upper right portion of the tool, and a window will show up, click the "Join Now" button to start.

mt join meeting

Step 3 Start Recording the Meeting

While group meeting calls are ongoing, you can record it by clicking the "Triple-dot" button that you can see at the top of the tool and choose the "Start Recording" option from the drop-down menu the recording.

mt start group meeting recording

Step 4 Stop and Play the Recorded Group Meeting

To stop the recording, you have to hit the "Triple-dots" located at the upper portion of the interface and select the "Stop Recording" from the "drop-down" menu. The Microsoft teams video recording will then be transferred into the chat history. From here, click the "Download" icon to save the video on your PC.

mt stop the group recording

Better Way to Record Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Just in case you are not comfortable using Microsoft's built-in recorder tool, you can use another software called the Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium. It is one of the famous screen recorders where you can record all your computer screen activities. This includes online group meetings, online sharing, video calls, etc. Moreover, this is perfect for Microsoft teams video recording because it supports high-quality video for up to 4K. In connection with this, it offers many video file formats such as WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, and more. For you to perfectly use this tool, rely on the methods below.

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Step 1 Download And Install the Program

To begin, you have to save the tool on your computer by hitting one of the "Download" buttons given above. Launch it and follow its simple installation guide. After that, open it on your computer and get familiarized with its main interface.

sgp main interface

Step 2 Access the Video Recorder

From the main interface of the tool, select the "Video Recorder" option. Then, customize its frame rate by clicking from the "Custom" option. Make sure that the "System Sound" and "Microphone" are turned on for better recording.

record browser sgpremium main interface

Step 3 Start Recording Microsoft Teams Meeting

Once set-up, start a meeting in Microsoft Teams and then hit the "Rec" button from the interface. After that, the countdown will show up, and then it will start the recording.

sgpremium start recording

Step 4 Stop and Preview the Recorded Group Meeting Call

Lastly, stop the recording process by clicking the "Red" icon from the floating toolbar. Then, a window will appear, showing the recorded group meeting call. Hit the "Save" button from the bottom right corner of the interface to save the computer's recorded video.

sgp stop the recorded video

Edit the Recorded Group Meeting Calls

This part will show you a simple way to edit your Microsoft Teams video conference recording. This is useful, especially if you forgot something to add to your recorded group video calls. Here are the easiest ways to edit your recordings.

edit recorded video

  • To start, go to the chat history from the left corner of the interface and click "More Options" and then select "Edit" from the drop-down menu.
  • Under "Options" select "Captions" and hit the "Download File" and choose a video that you want to customize.
  • After that, get the VTT caption file and make whatever changes that you want to make on your video and save it on your computer.
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Last updated on September 22, 2021

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