How to Record Teams Meeting in Different Solutions

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Do you need to record a Microsoft teams meeting?

  • Download and install the AceThinker Aqua Demo
  • Launch the tool and start recording your meeting
  • Stop recording and save the recorded meeting
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Microsoft Teams is a collaborative communication program that lets users collaborate and work together seamlessly from anywhere in the world. It enables users to review important details and information discussed during the meeting at a later time. Recording Microsoft Teams meetings is important because it allows participants unable to attend the meeting in real-time to review and catch up on what they missed. Therefore, keeping track of the critical discussions, decisions made during the meeting, and any necessary action items is important. This can be specifically useful for businesses or organizations that must record their discussions and decisions. Moreover, recording Microsoft Teams meetings can also serve as evidence in case any disputes or issues arise later. So, suppose you like to keep track of all your important meetings and activities on Microsoft Teams. In that case, recording the meeting is a crucial part of that process. Dive into this article to explore the best recorder tools you can use. This page will also highlight how to record Microsoft Teams meeting easily.

Record MS Teams with Built-in Feature

One of the most straightforward methods for Microsoft teams recording is the platform's built-in recording feature. This live meeting recorder allows the meeting organizer to record audio, video, and screen sharing during the meeting. It can capture the whole context of the meeting and provide a comprehensive record for future reference. To use this feature, the meeting organizer must ensure that recording is permitted in their organization's settings. It is also essential to inform all attendees that it will be recorded before the meeting starts. In addition to recording the meeting, this built-in feature allows users to pause and resume the recording as needed. It also includes automatic transcription of the meeting after it has ended for easier reference and searching within the recorded content. One benefit is that it comes pre-installed, so there are no requirements to download additional programs or equipment for accessibility and usage.

Step 1 Start a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Download the Microsoft Teams app and log in with your credentials. Then, click the Calendar icon and select "New Meeting" to start a new meeting. Afterward, make sure to invite all the attendees to the meeting.

start a microsoft teams meeting

Step 2 Activate Recording Feature

Once the forum has begun, click on the "three-dot" option at the bottom of the screen. Next, activate the recording feature from the "Start Recording" option in the dropdown menu. Finally, inform all attendees that the meeting is being recorded. The Teams meeting recording has now begun.

activate recording feature

Step 3 Start Recording on Teams

After clicking on "Start Recording," a pop-up message will appear confirming the start of the recording. Press "Continue" to begin the recording process. You can pause and continue the recording anytime during the meeting as needed. Then, end the recording by clicking on the "three-dot" menu again and selecting "Stop Recording."

start recording on teams

Tips for Getting the Best Results with Microsoft Teams' Built-In Recording Feature

  • You should ensure that your internet connection is stable and reliable to avoid interruptions during the recording process. It is crucial to have a strong connection because the recording process may be disrupted, and you could lose essential parts of the meeting.
  • Ensure all attendees know that the meeting will be recorded and get their consent before starting the recording. Respecting people's privacy and following organizational guidelines surrounding audio and video recordings are important.
  • Consider using headphones with a built-in microphone to improve the sound quality of your recordings. It is also essential to speak clearly while recording and avoid background noise as much as possible.

Use a Professional Recording Software

There are important meetings that we may want to record secretly. For this purpose, Aqua Demo is a third-party software that can be used to record Teams meeting secretly. The tool is designed to create a real-time recording of the meeting, audio, and video. It has a wide range of recording modes to choose from. It includes screen and audio recording features, mouse tracking, keystroke logging, and more. Recordings can be made in high definition, including options for 720p and 1080 resolutions. You can set a recording schedule using the tools “Task Scheduler”. This helps you record your meeting automatically without them knowing. An additional benefit of utilizing this tool is the ability to capture audio from various sources, such as system sound, microphone input, or both. Moreover, when recording meetings using this software, you can access a range of tools that allow you to easily add annotations, including shapes, lines, and text, in addition to arrows, for further clarity.

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Step 1 Install Aqua Demo for Teams Recording

First, you must download and install AceThinker Aqua Demo on your computer. Choose the download option that matches your operating system and run the installer after downloading. Then, follow the instructions given during installation until it is completed successfully. Afterward, access its home interface and click on "Video Recorder" to begin using this feature of the tool.

install aqua demo for teams recording

Step 2 Modify Your Recording Preference

After entering the Video Recorder feature, customize your recording preferences by clicking the "three vertical lines" icon. Next, choose the "Preferences" icon to access the tool's settings. You may begin by indicating your desired "Output" settings, including the folder location, video quality, format, and frame rate. To adjust other settings and options, click on each dropdown menu and make your preferred selection.

modify your recording preference

Step 3 Start to Record Teams Meeting

Join or start your Microsoft Team meeting to initiate the recording process. Once you are in the meeting, return to the Aqua Demo screen and hit the "Rec" button to begin recording. The recording countdown will appear on your screen without interfering with the meeting display. You can move the recording toolbar and continue with your meeting discussion while recording.

start to record teams meeting

Step 4 Stop and Save the Recorded Meeting

Once your meeting is over, click the "Stop" button on the Aqua Demo recording toolbar to stop the recording. A preview window will then show, allowing you to review the recording. Head to the file directory specified in the preferences setting to access and play back the recorded meeting.

stop and save the recorded meeting

Tips for Getting the Best Results with Aqua App

  • Prior to using the software, familiarize yourself with its features and settings to ensure that you know how it works and can make the most out of it. You can practice with a test meeting before using it for an important one.
  • Ensure you have the necessary permission to use the tool for recording meetings secretly. Set the recording preferences to the highest quality to ensure a clear and concise recording.
  • Use the annotation tools to highlight important points discussed during the meeting and help you keep track of your thoughts later on. It will be helpful to create engaging and accurate video content.

Alternative Software to Record Meetings

OBS Studio is a versatile and widely used software. It allows users to record, live stream, and edit videos. The tool supports multiple platforms, making it a popular choice for recording Teams meetings on Microsoft Teams. The recording feature can be customized according to your preferences. There are features to add media sources, adjust audio levels, and add filters to the recording. Its recording function also captures screen share, audio, and video simultaneously. All the recorded files are saved in high quality in MP4 or MKV format. The tool is integrated with YouTube, Twitch, and other popular streaming platforms. It allows users to share discussions on any platform like YouTube while recording. This offers a broader audience reach and makes sharing and accessing the recording meetings easier. All you must go over is open the OBS studio on your computer and create a recording scene. You can add any sources and record full screen or a specific screen to record your Team meeting on Microsoft Teams. You can then start the process on how to record in Teams using the tool. Pause when needed and end once the meeting is over.

obs studio interface

Capture MS Teams on Windows 10

Windows 10 Gamebar is another third-party software that can be utilized to record Team meetings on Microsoft Teams. It is an in-built recording tool that can record any application on your computer. To use Windows 10 Game Bar recorder, you must first join or start your meeting on Microsoft Teams. Next, press the "Windows” key + "G" key to open the Game Bar recorder. It will display a dialog box recording option. You can set the audio, turn on the microphone and webcam, or any other preferences in the settings. The tool is suitable for beginner users, particularly those non-tech-savvy professionals who are not comfortable using third-party applications. Simply hit the red record button in the Game Bar toolbar to start how to record meeting in Teams. Moreover, click the same button to stop the recording when the meeting is done. . After the meeting ends, the recorded file will be saved to your computer's Video folder in MP4 format.

 xbox gamebar interface

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do Teams Recordings Go?

Recorded Team meetings are saved in Microsoft Stream by default, a video streaming service that can be accessed through Office 365. Also, the recording file is automatically saved within the Teams channel or group chat where the meeting was hosted. On the other hand, third-party software provides flexibility regarding where to store recorded files, allowing you to select the output destination according to your preferences.

faqs about recording microsoft teams

Can I record Teams meeting without notification?

You can acquire Aqua Demo to help you record Teams meeting secretly without notifying others. You can record any activities on your screen and save them automatically on your computer. No notifications or alerts are sent to other meeting participants.

faqs about recording microsoft teams

How can one record a meeting as a participant without being the host?

Use the Teams meeting recording permissions option. This option allows participants to record meetings if the organizer or host permits. Aqua Demo is also a great option in this scenario, as any participant can use the tool to record the meeting without needing permission from the host.

faqs about recording microsoft teams


Recording meetings is a highly beneficial feature that comes with Microsoft Teams. With this software, users can save and store meeting recordings on their computers using third-party apps or in Microsoft Stream – offering different technical capabilities to suit varying levels of expertise. In addition, the provided recording solutions are very convenient and user-friendly for all users, allowing you to create high-quality audio-visual recordings effortlessly within just a few clicks. Microsoft Teams offers users various options to record their meetings. Depending on individual preferences and requirements, they can choose between built-in recording features available within the application or third-party software like Aqua Demo. Recording meetings have proven to help document discussions and decisions made during virtual meetings. This helps keep track of important information and serves as evidence for future reference if needed.

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