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How to Record Live Streaming Video

How to Record Live Stream Videos

  • Acquire AceThinker Aqua Demo on your computer
  • Hit the Video Recorder to select the recording area
  • Lastly, tick the REC button to start the process
record live streaming video

Live streaming is the evolution of watching TV in the comfort of your living room. When the internet becomes accessible to every household and community, watching videos online becomes a trend. With that, many content creators, brands, and even television channels live stream their content through their social media accounts. Live streaming is a similar method of streaming on television. Yet, the difference between live streaming in watching live TV is the first one is accessible across every device with the help of the internet. The benefit of live streaming for brands and individuals is the level of engagement and interactions. It allows the streamer or content creator to communicate with their audience in real-time and vice versa. This method of promoting videos or content online was and still is popularized by different social media platforms. These platforms include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and more. Live streaming has also become famous for online sellers and buyers to transact different products and services in the comfort of their homes. However, the only downside of live streaming is once the live stream has already ended. Some media platforms do not have the option to post a live video or share it with users who failed to watch it. That is why screen recorders have become necessary for live streamers and audiences. In this article, we unravel the best solution and live streaming video capture tools to help you on recording live-stream videos. Read more below to know more about these software applications.

Why Should You Record Live Streaming Video?

Why do we need to record live-stream videos? An apparent reason is to gain a media copy that can be shared on different platforms for the recorded file. We all know that most live streams do not have an option for playback or offline viewing. When the live stream ends, the content created on it will no longer be viewable for those who missed it unless it was shared by the uploader. That is why screen recording tools are relevant for live streamers and audiences who like to watch live-stream videos. There are different advantages when you have recorded a live stream. First, it is easily shareable with your friends or followers. After recording a live stream, it will be exported as a media file that can be played on different media players or platforms. Next is the ability to view or rewatch the live stream. Suppose you are busy and need to watch a specific live show and want to make sure to see it; record it for offline viewing. Yet, what types of videos are considered live stream videos? Many users live stream gameplay videos and game-related content when they access Twitch. TikTok is also a platform that offers live-stream videos, including personal chitchats, shopping promotions, and gameplay videos. YouTube and Facebook offer similar features to TikTok regarding live streaming.

why we record live stream

Now you know why we need to record live stream videos, let’s tackle the difference between recording live stream and screen recording. These two do not have noticeable differences. They both use a screen recording tool to record the content on your PC screen. However, screen recording is a process where you capture the screen activity on your PC screen, regardless of whether it is a task or a video. In recording live streams, we only focus on capturing live broadcasts of videos and export them as a media file suitable for offline viewing.

Top 5 Best Live Streaming Video Recorder

1. AceThinker Aqua Demo

Distinctive Feature: This tool is designed for capturing live screen activities with its Task scheduler in a predetermined time.
Pricing plans: It is a freemium service. This tool also offers a premium plan with lifetime support for $42.95.
System Requirements: This is designed to work for low-end PCs as it requires a 2.0GHz dual-core CPU, at least 4G of RAM, and a processor of Intel i3.

The first tool that we can recommend when it comes to recording live-stream videos is AceThinker Aqua Demo. This application is designed to capture any activity on your PC screen with the highest resolution possible. It is suitable for capturing live stream videos in a predetermined time using its task scheduler. This feature will allow users to record a PC screen automatically in a set time, even without manually commanding it. If you are having a meeting while the live stream is ongoing, this tool will help you record it anytime and anywhere you are. In addition, this application contains different modes of recording. Users can choose many recording regions, including full-screen, custom or free-formed areas, and more. What makes this device outstanding is its ability to capture live-stream videos in different quality. You can select a variety of qualities from lowest, low, middle, high, highest, and lossless.

aqua demo interface

2. Camtasia

Distinctive Feature: It has video editing functions that enhance the recorded live stream.
Pricing plans: It comes with a free trial version; however, you can avail of its premium plan for $299.99 for 2 PCs to access its 20+ how-to videos and templates annually.
System Requirements: This live streaming video recording software works on Windows and Mac devices with at least 8GB RAM and Intel® 6th Gen or newer CPU.

Do you need an application with a screen recorder and video editing software? Introducing Camtasia, a one-of-a-kind screen recording tool that can cater to users who record and edit their videos. When you need to capture live stream videos, such as gameplay videos, and create reaction content or tutorials with it, this application can help you achieve that. It can capture an entire screen or free-from region to capture live stream videos. You can also use a webcam, microphone sources, and system sound to capture audio and video that can be added to your recorded live stream suitable for reaction videos or tutorials. What makes this tool unique from other screen recorders? After you capture live streaming video, the device will automatically import the recorded file on its editing function, which you can enhance and beautify the output video.

record live stream videos with camtasia

3. EaseUS RecExperts

Distinctive Feature: It comes with an option to enable users to add custom watermarks while recording the live stream.
Pricing plans: This tool comes with free usage of its recording process; however, if you need to avail of its premium privileges, you can buy it for $19.95 per month.
System Requirements: It works for Windows and Mac devices. Besides that, this tool failed to mention its CPU, RAM, and processor requirements.

Another application that can record live stream is EaseUs RecExperts. It comes with a plethora of features when recording a live stream. It has GPU hardware acceleration which helps users to capture live telecast videos without lagging. It is considered one of the no lag screen recorder that can help you catch any activity on your screen. It can capture videos in full screen or any region, whichever users want to capture on their PC screen. Its advanced features make the tool unique from its competitors. This application can add opening and closing credits to the recorded file. It can also export an additional audio file while recording the screen or live stream. This function means you don't have to convert the file into an audio file if you need to extract its audio files. Lastly, it supposes recording in auto-split while recording. This feature means that when you set a specific file size, the entire recorded video will be divided with the set maximum file size, which makes the exported files split into different clips.

easeus recexperts main interface

4. Bandicam

Distinctive Feature: It is suitable for capturing gameplay videos in the live stream as it uses DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphics technologies.
Pricing plans: This best live streaming video recorder comes with freemium service. This service means you can record for free with limitations. Nonetheless, you can avail of its advanced features by availing its premium plans for $49.95 annually.
System Requirements: This application only works for Windows devices with 1 GB or more of RAM, 10 GB or more of HDD, and Dual-core processors such as the Intel Pentium D.

When you need a lightweight video recording option to record live streaming video, Bandicam is what you need. It can record TV streaming videos from YouTube, CNN, BBC, and Internet Lectures. In addition, it can record live stream videos for up to 24 hours without stopping while running smoothly on your device. Of course, this can only be possible if your device has enough space to accommodate the 24-hour recorded file of live streams. But worry not; this software has a high compression process that can record live stream videos with high-quality output while compressing it into smaller file sizes. It enables users to record 4K Ultra videos with 3840x2160 resolution in size. Its ability to record dual or multiple monitors simultaneously makes it unique from other screen recording software.

bandicam interface

5. Movavi Screen Recorder

Distinctive Feature: It can record or capture live stream videos while annotating them to highlight some areas.
Pricing plans: This application uses a trial version. Once it expires, you must avail of its premium plans for $19.00 for an annual subscription.
System Requirements: This application requires 1GB of dual-core Intel and AMD, 4 GB RAM, and at least 2GB of drive space.

The final solution we will review for a live streaming video recording app is Movavi Screen Recorder. This application is suitable for creating video tutorials, reaction videos, gameplay content, and more. It can record screen and audio files simultaneously or separately. It can also enable users to capture their computer screen full-screen or customized recording region. In addition, suppose you are going to react on a live stream that contains a game pageant competition. This application can help you overlay your webcam while recording your screen. Moreover, it comes with efficient basic recording functions that can be used to record a live-stream video. You can annotate, use microphone sources, schedule a task recording option, and more.

movavi main interface

How to Record Live Streaming Video

Step 1 Choosing the Correct Screen Recorder

The initial guide on recording a live stream on your device is to select a better screen recording tool. For the demonstration, we are going to use AceThinker Aqua Demo. First, what you need to perform is to download the application by ticking the download button presented below. Next, run the file on your computer to prompt the installation of wizards. Then, the tool will launch its interface automatically.

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aqua demo interface

Step 2 Configuring Recording Settings

The next step is to modify the settings before recording a live stream. What you need to perform is to access the Menu icon at the uppermost part of the tool. Select the Preferences option to access a new window that holds all the settings presets of the device. You can modify parameters like the output quality, format, location folder, and more. Hit the OK controller to save the changes made in the settings of the Aqua Demo.

setting of aqua demo

Step 3 Selecting the Recording Area

Then to select a recording region on your computer screen hit the Video Recorder option. A new set of options will be presented on the application interface. For example, you can hit the Full option to record for full screen. Alternatively, the Custom icon can select a customized recording region.

recording area of aqua demo

Step 4 Selecting Audio Sources

The subsequent step is to check the audio sources for the recording session. Since you will record a live stream, ensure that the button and volume of System Sound are enabled. If you need to use a microphone source, plug it in on your computer, and it will allow it on the tool by clicking the On button. You can also change the level of volumes for both system sound and microphone input.

selecting audio sources in aqua demo

Step 5 Starting and Stopping the Recording

Then, access the live stream that you need to capture and select the recording area according to the dimension of the live stream. Hit the REC button to initiate the process. The tool will record the stream while providing a new recording panel to access. You can use this to pause, resume, annotate, and more. Finally, you can hit the stop button to save the recorded live stream on your computer.

record live stream videos using aqua demo

Step 6 Previewing the Recorded Video

The last step is to preview the recorded file when you have stopped the recording session. A new window will appear, which is a media player that enables users to check or play the recorded file. Hit the play button to check the recordings. You can also save the recorded file by tapping the Done button, or you can select the Back option to disregard the recordings.

preview the recorded file

Tips for High-Quality Live Streaming Video Recording

With many content creators producing similar live-stream videos and recordings, what makes your live-stream recorded video differ from others? It is easy to create unique recorded live-stream videos. You only need to follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Optimizing your internet connection and computer performance is the first thing you should consider. Check your internet to have excellent quality live streams. Unlike streaming videos, live stream quality depends on your internet connection speed. In addition, to capture better recording output or have a smooth recording session, optimize your computer’s performance by clearing unnecessary files and providing more significant RAM space for the recording software.
  • The exemplary recording software and settings are vital to achieving high-quality live-stream videos. Above are the tools we recommend to use when it comes to recording different live stream videos.
  • Choosing the right recording area and audio sources is another factor that we can consider. You need to know the dimension and resolution you need to have for your recorded files. With it, you can easily publish it on every social media site or play it on different media players without having an issue with playback viewing.
  • Recording in a quiet environment is also a recommended factor to do. If you need to dub or overlay your voice with the live stream videos, do it with a lesser noise environment. Alternatively, you can check this link to learn different recording tools with noise-cancellation features.
  • Editing the recorded video to improve its quality is the final tip we can recommend to enhance your output file. It will give your audience a personal touch, authenticity, and uniqueness on your recorded live stream.

tips on having high quality live stream

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