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How to Record GoToMeeting as Attendee: A Detailed Guide

feature record gotomeeting as attendee As technology continues to advance via the internet, there are many ways we can work remotely. We cannot only chat or share content but also hold meetings and discuss things in group discussions. We can arrange online meetings through various applications such as GoToMeeting. As its name implies, GoToMeeting is a well-known online conference application with many features that allow users to create real-time interactions. It allows users to communicate with coworkers and clients using high-quality audio and video streaming. Apart from hosting web-based meetings, users also have options to record conferences and store them in local or online places. You can also share recordings of GoToMeeting with your colleagues, but unfortunately, it is impossible to record a GoToMeeting webinar as an attendee. If you're new to this software and want to know how to record GoToMeeting session as attendee, this guide will provide some valuable techniques.

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How to Record GoToMeeting as an Attendee using AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium?

In general, GoToMeeting comes with a built-in recorder; however, it has a disadvantage. You cannot record a GoToMeeting event as an audience member. Imagine you're taking part in a valuable lecture where you want to play it again afterward, or you're just slow in grasping concepts. The best way to capture GoToMeeting sessions as an attendee is to record them using an advanced recorder. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is considered as the best screen recorder because it is easy to use yet special software to record web meetings in GoToMeeting. This tool is handy since it helps record any computer screen activity, making your work much more productive and accessible. Whether streaming video, game video, chat webinar, business demo, podcast, or whatever it is, you can capture any moment on your screen without any restrictions.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Easy but powerful screen recording software to capture any computer screen activity to high quality video.
  • You can capture live streaming videos on many popular video hosting platforms, including GoToMeeting
  • You can also customize your recordings to share them with your friends or peers
  • The recordings can be saved in various formats such as MP4, WMA, MOV, AVI, and many other
  • You can select to record videos using a computer's sound system and voice recorded from a microphone or even both
  • It provides the option to preview every part of the recordings before saving them

How to record GoToMeeting as attendee without permission?

Step 1 Install Screen Grabber Premium and access Video Recorder Window

On your PC, download the AceThinker software and then run the program. Click the Video Recorder option from the main interface to open the Recorder window. Inside this tab, you can capture footage of any audio or video.

access video recorder

Step 2 Select Recording Mode

You can record on a fixed or large screen, for example, 640*480 or 1920*1080. To sketch the area you wish to record, select the Customize option and choose a Region or Window. The System Sound selection must be enabled, but if you intend to capture online meetings, games, video tutorials, meetings, or webinars, you might be required to enable the microphone option and the Systems Sound option simultaneously.

choose recording mode

Step 3 Configure the Audio Source

You can toggle to "System Sound" or "Microphone" to choose the sound source you're looking for.

select audio source

Step 4 Start and Save the Video

To begin recording your video, press the REC button. After you have stopped recording, click Stop when you're done recording to view your recorded footage. You can save your recording by clicking Save.

record video

Tips: How to Efficiently Record GoToMeeting with Built-in Records?

With the default feature of GoToMeeting, recording the video is simple. It allows you to capture audio and video simultaneously, and the video footage recorded is saved straight to the cloud without uploading. In addition, the tool can be used on both Windows and Mac and is extremely useful for those who use it. We will let you know how you can record a GoToMeeting webinar with a built-in recorder. Follow these steps in case you aren't sure what to do with that default recorder:

Step 1 Launch GoToMeeting

Launch GoToMeeting on your Mac or Windows. Begin the meeting with the desktop application.

launch gotomeeting

Step 2

Next, in the "Control Panel," click the "REC" button to start recording. After the recording has finished, you can select "Stop Your Recording" to stop the recording. Then, you can access the video in the "Meeting History." Finally, you can watch the video to get more details and receive the link to share with your friends.

record screen

Although the GoToMeeting Recorder is handy; however, there are some limitations that the built-in tool has:

  • The task ceases if the hard drive is smaller than 100MB
  • Options for choosing output formats are not as flexible as in the case of AceThinker
  • The quality of the picture is often affected by an intermittent blank screen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can you record a GoToMeeting conference?
You can record a GoToMeeting meeting with a built-in tool or reliable third-party screen recording software like the one we discussed earlier.
2. Can you record a meeting on GoToMeeting even if you're not the presenter?
If you are an attending participant, it is possible to take a recording of webinars or GoToMeeting meetings using third-party software. The recordings of GoToMeeting will include an audio recording of the session, all activities displayed on the screen during the event, and any file sharing performed by the attendees.
3. Where is my GoToMeeting recordings are stored?
If you use a built-in tool for your recording, your recordings will be saved in the Documents folder.

In Summary

After reading this write-up, we hope you can easily record the GoToMeeting session as attendee by using the above mentioned method. We strongly recommend using AceThinker as the software is compatible with Windows and Mac computers and also comes with many additional features to record your meetings. If you’re interested in other best HD screen recorders, you can visit this page.

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Last updated on August 30, 2022

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