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How to Turn Google Slides to Video Presentations

googleslides featuredGoogle Slides are essential when it comes to our everyday business. It helps us through a lot of different ways. For business, you can create a presentation for your business proposals, reports, and projects. It helps students develop presentations with their topic reports and topic reviews from the teacher for students and teachers. For freelancer business people, they can create presentations through Google Slides and make demos and tutorials to sell whatever they want or discuss whatever they want. You see, Google Slides have many benefits in our life. Think of it if those Google Slides presentations become videos. There are lots of benefits that lie within; you will see a significant improvement in your presentations. Like, you can share it through social media sites, give them an excellent tutorial for others, and get additional insights for advertising your product. This article will help you make that possible. It will teach you how to record Google Slides to video.

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Make Google Slides Into a Video with Screen Recorder

Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium is the recommended program to help you turn Google Slides into video for presenting and sharing anywhere. It is a screen recorder that provides original quality outputs up to HD 4K resolution. Moreover, it has multiple recording options, such as recording a region of the screen or the entire screen and offers a vast amount of forms for your output, such as MP4, MPEG, VOB, GIF, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, and more. So you will not have video playback problems. Also, one of its many exciting features is that it can annotate the recording in real-time. For better discussion and making your video presentations authentic and informative. Follow the detailed guide below to create a video from Google Slides.

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Step 1 Get the App ready

First and foremost, we need to set up the application to start making Google Slides into beautiful and informative video presentations. Click the "Download" button to get Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium's installer. After that, follow the installation process to set the app entirely on your computer. Once done, launch the application, and you should see an interface like this picture below.

googleslides sgp step1

Step 2 Set up your output preference

So, since we are capturing your Google slides, we need to choose the "Video recorder" option. As you click on it, you will see the choices of settings. The first tab is the region of the screen to be recorded. You can choose a full screen or a particular area. After that, we will have to skip the "Webcam" tab since we are getting your desktop activity. Then, the third tab is the sound source. You can pick system sound, microphone for voice-over, or leave it to turn off. After all of those settings, now we are ready to capture slides.

googleslides sgp step2

Step 3 Record your Google Slides

Once we have the application ready, go to your Google Slides. Play the Google Slides with the corresponding button on the slides. As you do that, go back to the Screen Grabber Premium app and click the big red "REC" button. It will then start recording the Google Slides presentation. Also, in the recording process, you can annotate the ongoing recording by clicking the "Pen" like button for better discussion. After that, You have to wait until the Google Slides presentation is done.

googleslides sgp step3

Step 4 Save your recording

After the presentation is finished, click the "Red box" button to stop the recording. As you do that, video playback will automatically show on your screen to check the recording. On that media player, you have the option to save the recording or to re-record. Then, your video presentation is ready for its audience!

googleslides sgp step4

Useful Tips for Google Slides

1. Share your Google Slides in YouTube

Once you have already turned your Google Slides into a creative video presentation. You now have the power to share it with the world. Entertain, inform, and impress people of the video you have created on Youtube. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to upload your video to YouTube.

googleslides youtube interface

User Guide:

  • First, create a google slide presentation.
  • Make sure everything you want to share is on the slides.
  • Then, record the Google slides and make them as one video file.
  • After that, save it on your computer.
  • Double-check the formats supported by Youtube to make sure your video is fine.
  • Then, register on Youtube or log in if you have an account on the website.
  • The upload button is on the top right. Click it to upload the video.
  • Select the video presentation into the window to upload it.

2. Add Videos on Google Slides

Making a video presentation that is engaging to your audience makes them watch thoroughly. So, to bring a great vibe to Google Slides video. Most of the presenters add videos to spice up the presentation. In this way, it will get a life and keep the audience watching simultaneously entertained by it. These are the simple steps to add videos to your presentations.

googleslides addvideo interface

  • Suppose you are to be adding a video. Make sure it is saved on your Google Drive storage. If not, then you can upload it first before moving on to the next step.
  • Then, open your Google Slides presentation, choose the "Insert" option, and then press the "Video" button.
  • After that, find the video you want to add on the Google Drive window, then double-click the video file to move it on your Google Slides.
  • Suppose you want to add a video coming from Youtube. All you need to do is follow steps 1 and 2, then insert the YouTube video URL to add the video to your presentation.

3. Google Slides Custom Templates: Overview

Are you bored with the regular slides you are using every time you make a Google slide presentation? If yes, here is an overview of the new custom-designed templates you can choose from in making your presentations lively and with style. Click the link to check out these exciting Google Slides templates. These are samples of the recently added templates on Google Slides.

Doora Google Slides

It is a type of Google Slides that is perfect for minimalist people that need creative designs and significant presentations. You can use this theme for birthdays, anniversaries, and all other stuff that need a simple but elegant style.

googleslides doora interface

Contrax Google Slides

A well-structured design and removes distractive things from the content. It gives emphasis to the main topic of the Google Slides presentation.

googleslides contrax interface

Business Rapture Google Slides

This Google Slides theme is perfect for business presentations. It shows a professional style made for annual reports, student projects, and business plan presentations.

googleslides businessrapture interface

Small reports Google slides

These slides are best for presenters who want to impress and have a very aesthetic presentation. This theme is an eye-catcher that the audience will look at.

googleslides smallreport interface

Business Plaza Google Slides

This is best for business proposals, projects, reports, and all other things that include professional things. This is a great solution for business plans as well as school presentations.

googleslides businessplaza interface


Creating Google Slides is fun; at the same time, you are productive. You can do reports, project presentations, business proposals, school topics, and many more things with Google Slides. Also, leveling up your Google Slides to video presentations is another thing. It makes your slide presentations alive and fantastic. Now that you have already learned how to turn Google Slides into videos. You currently have the power to create more exciting and informative videos for your everyday requirements. Thanks to Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium for making that transformation possible. I hope you got your takeaway from this article. Please comment below for more suggestions.

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Last updated on September 18, 2021

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