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The 10 Best GIF Maker for Mac

gif screen capture macGIF is an image format that shows a short video or multiple images in a quick loop. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so putting them all together in one file will mean a lot more. GIFs are one of the most commonly shared outputs on the internet today. Whether they are for memes, marketing, ads, and more, GIFs are an excellent means to convey messages since they are viewable to any devices, including Mac. Additionally, they are an excellent replacement for dull images or large size videos to include in various presentations. In case you want to record GIF on Mac, here we have introduced the best 10 GIF screen recorder tools for Mac to help you create an animated GIF on the Mac OS.

GIPHY Capture

The first solution that can record screen to GIF on Mac is GIPHY Capture. The software's primary function is to turn everything in your screen into GIF within a few clicks. Additionally, it lets users add captions, adjust the size, and export the GIFs quickly. Moreover, it allows users to trim the clips down to a modified frame as they want to. GIFPHY Capture can also upload or share the created GIF files for your friends to access it easily. Aside from that, one of its apps features preset fantastic GIFs and stickers. Lastly, it features a robust GIF keyboard that can be installed as an iMessage extension to share and send those lovely GIFs into your friends as MMS.

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Gifox for Mac

Another delightful GIF screen capture and sharing app is Gifox for Mac. Users can also download this excellent software straight into their App Store. Additionally, it showcases a primary interface that only shows as a simple menu bar that can record the screen and turn them into animated GIFs. Moreover, it introduces an entirely new way of the continuous screen, capturing with the help of its window selection mode. One unique feature of the software is it lets users compress the GIFs to provide complete control of the quality and also save storage space. Also, users can control the fps, filters, loop count, and the desktop background. However, one drawback of the app is that users would not maximize its features without purchasing its licensed version.

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Recordit is also an excellent Mac recorder to capture screen activity and convert them into GIF directly. This is a lightweight tool that shows an icon once it is installed in your Mac. Regarding this, users would not have to open or launch any interface to create a stunning animated GIF. Also, it offers an iOS mobile app, so iPhone and iPad users can create GIFs using only their smartphone. However, it still has too many limitations for a recording tool like it can only capture the screen for as long as 5 minutes. Another is that the output is not automatically saved into the Mac storage, and users would have to download it first from the app's server. But still, it would be a great alternative if users only want a free and straightforward recording tool.

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The next GIF capturer for Mac is LICEcap. Although it has a weird name, this is a powerful GIF maker that even creates its GIF-like format called .LCF. This file format allows a higher compression rate compared to GIF. Regarding this, it produces higher quality for more than 256 colors per frame and more accurate timestamping. Along with its impressive features, it also provides hotkeys into its interface to increase the efficiency in creating GIFs. Additionally, it lets users get the full control of the recording since they can pause and resume if anytime they want. However, the cost of all of these features will take a lot of space for Mac which is kind of relevant due to the limited memory they have.

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Another great solution to record animated GIF for Mac is the CloudApp. This Mac software features a community to instantly share GIFs, videos, and screenshots to your peers. It is also one of the world's leading visual communication platform that ensures HD recording of GIF, screen activity, and webcam sessions. The primary purpose of the software is to create GIFs and send them as an e-mail attachment to quickly convey a message for the corporate world. Another is that it also offers spectacular GIFs and recording that users can search rapidly. Additionally, it can record limitless screen activity and still convert them into GIF that is equipped with HD quality. However, all of these fantastic features come up with a price. But if you are willing to pay to get stunning and high-quality GIFs, this would be an excellent recommendation for you.

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GIF Brewery

GIF Brewery is an exclusive GIF maker for Mac App Store. Based on its recent update, it joined the growing community of Gfycat, which is also a fantastic GIF maker. Regarding this, users can sign up and log in to get customized GIF feed from professional GIF creators. The main feature of the app is to convert or create superb GIFs straight from all video files. Additionally, it features a comprehensive built-in editor to make the GIF perfect. It lets users set the frame rate, size, and crop the video. Also, it can apply amazing filters like color correction, transfer, or noir which are advanced photo editing features. Finally, it also allows users to add multiple captions or overlay sets of images into the existing GIF file.

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Another excellent screen capture tool to record GIF for mac is Kap. This software is affiliated to GitHub so users can upload or share their output into this awesome community. Also, it is available to download for macOS devices with software version 10.12 or above. Like Recordit and Gifox, this app will also put a quick access icon into the toolbar for better accessibility. Additionally, it is an open-source and free macOS app so it would not hurt users if they would try using it. Moreover, it offers multiple preset screen ratio size that fits perfectly for any Mac OS devices. However, one limitation is that it can only produce a recording with limited formats like GIF, MP4, WebM, and APNG.

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The next on the list of GIF maker for Mac is Gifrocket. What separates this solution from other software mentioned above that all of its excellent features are packed into its minimal interface. Due to its vibrant and straightforward color and flat design, everybody would not have any trouble in creating GIFs. Regarding this, it allows users to create GIFs by merely dragging and dropping the video file into the interface. However, the reason we cannot name it as an all-in-one solution since it can only convert video files into GIFs. The software lacks essential tools to record the screen activity to customize it into GIF files. Still, this could even be a great alternative, especially for beginners who are just learning how to create GIFs.

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Gifable is an exclusive GIF screen capture software for Mac. As its tagline suggests – Unlimited Uses, Unlimited Fun, it allows users various boundless possibilities to capture the screen into GIF. One remarkable feature of this software is that it will enable users to even transform game videos directly into GIFs. Regarding this, the app is perfect for creating blogs, tutorials, and more. Additionally, it will show a preview of the GIF when the recording is finished. Also, it can produce high-quality GIF since it can record the screen for up to 12fps. One limitation of the tool is that it cannot handle making long GIF at the moment since it would also take a lot of time to produce it.

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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Mac

The last but definitely not the least software to record GIF using Mac devices is AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. This screen capture software is a robust but intuitive solution to capture any part of your screen activity and convert them to fantastic GIFs. Additionally, it offers multiple recording modes to screencast a specific section of the screen, custom size, or full-screen area. Aside from that, this software is perfect for recording any on-going or upcoming live stream since it possesses a convenient task scheduler function. Regarding this, users would only have to configure the settings and leave all the work to the software itself. Finally, users can also do real-time editing on their GIFs with the help of its built-in annotation tool. To know more about this excellent solution, please click the link in this description to access its official website.

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GIFs are really usable to deliver a long message without consuming too much time. All of these apps reviewed here are all capable of creating amazing GIFs for Mac. However, it is highly recommended to use the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Mac to make stunning GIFs. This software is an all-in-one and comprehensive but user-friendly screen recorder app to capture all of your screen activity and turn them into various formats.

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