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Topnotch Game Recording Software for Mac: Best of 2022

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Game recorders are game changers. With all the actions and breathtaking moments we have while playing, we want to capture it for the world to see. However, you must find the right program to do the job to pull off this goal. While most users rely on a capture card to record their games on their devices, here's some good news for you. Screen recorders are your best solution so that you won't need hardware. But where can you search for the best one to capture your gameplay at its highest quality? Perfectly, this guidepost will walk you through the top 6 game recording software Mac. Get your arsenals ready, and let's get started.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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The 6 Best Game Recording Software for Mac

1. Screen Grabber Premium

Distinctive Feature: This program is best for professional gamers to capture any high graphic gameplays without experiencing lags.
Supported FPS: Captures gameplay in 20 fps, up to 60 fps.
Price: Offers a free version with satisfactory screen recording features. However, if you wish to maximize the most advanced features to record gameplay, you can avail of its premium version for $29.95.

If you wish to record your game plays smoothly and ideally, you need the best one to do the job. Henceforth, here is the Screen Grabber Premium by Acethinker. This program is renowned for recording gameplay from 720 up to 4k resolution. Moreover, you can grab the system sound and your voice-over on the gameplay 320kps quality. On top of that, it supports a picture-in-picture (PIP) effect by inserting your web camera. This way, you can grab your amusing reactions when you hit that victory on your game. As for the video formats, the program is a great solution to solve any unwanted compatibility issues. You can save your file to MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG, and a hundred more formats. Finally, Screen Grabber Premium offers a variety of screen recording modes. You can screencast in Full mode, a selected region, a specific window, or a tab on your browser. Without further ado, read the guide beneath on how you can record your gameplay using the best game recorder for Mac.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Install the Game Recorder

First, get the installer of the program on your deivce by ticking the "Download" button above. Afterward, run the Screen Grabber Premium on your device and follow the installation process. When done, the main interface of the program will launch on your screen.

screen grabber premium interface

Step 2 Select Recording Mode

Select “Game Recorder” on the welcome screen as your capturing mode. After that, allow the program in the dialog box to run as administrator. Once done, select the game you wish to record by ticking the first tab on the interface. Then select your game from the available windows.

select screen recording options on screen grabber premium

Step 3 Allow Webcam and Sound Overlay

If you need to insert your web camera on your recording, hit the slider for the “Webcam.” To record your internal audio, turn on the “System Sound.” Moreover, switch on the “Microphone” button if you want to add your voice-over while in the game. Once ready, click the “Rec” button and slay on that game for victory!

modify sound and webcam overlay for gameplay on screen grabber premium

Step 4 Save the Recording

Once the game ends, it’s time to save the file on your local storage. As you can see, there is a floating control on your screen, and hit the red button to stop the recording. After that, click the “Save” button, and input the file name and the target output folder.

save gameplay recording

Step 5 Preview the Recorded Play

Next, your history window on the Screen Grabber Premium will appear. You will see the list of your recordings, from the recent one to the oldest. Select the recorded game you created and the play button along the file to preview. Also, you can click the “Share” button to upload it directly to other sites online.

watch recorded gameplay from screen grabber premium

2. Camtasia

Distinctive Feature: The program can record mouse movements while on the game with modifiable effects.
Supported FPS: It can record your gameplay with a maximum of 60FPS.
Price: The lifetime plan of this program is $199, which includes exclusive tutorials in achieving a task using the program.

Camtasia is also another game changer when it comes to capturing your digital plays. This program is dedicated to helping gamers to create a high-quality recording at 4k resolution. It can also record your screen in different dimensions like the entire or customized screen. Moreover, you can use the annotation feature when you want to draw your audience's attention to a specific part of your game. You may easily insert an arrow, box, or sketch on the screen. After recording, Camtasia also offers a built-in video editor to make your work exemplary. You may choose royalty-free clips and music and insert them into your work. Moreover, you can use its Audio FX tool to enhance the sound quality of your game.

camtasia interface

3. ScreenFlow 10

Distinctive Feature: This Mac-exclusive screen recorder offers more than 500,000 stock media libraries like audio, clips, and images.
Supported FPS: The default FPS of the program is 360fps. However, you can start from 20fps up to 60fps.
Price: The paid plan costs $149, encompassing all the basic and advanced screen recording features.

Capture, edit, and share- this is the overall view you can have with Screenflow 10. This program is a 1080P screen recorder, which lets you watch a vivid and ultra HD game recording. Moreover, many gamers love the ScreenFlow 10 since they can capture their webcam, system sound, and microphone in one program. Besides that, digital games have been reaching the whole world, and you might need to add subtitles to your recordings. Luckily, the program is geared with a closed caption support feature to connect with others anywhere. After editing your game, you can export it to different video hosting platforms like Vimeo, Brightcove, and Youtube.

screenflow interface

4. OBS Studio

Distinctive Feature: An open-source program that lets you live-stream your gameplay and record it simultaneously.
Supported FPS: It offers multiple frames per second choices ranging from 20 to 60 fps.
Price: Free

Undoubtedly, OBS Studio has an impressive impact on gamers today. It can record gameplay on Mac, also in Windows, and Linux operating systems. But more importantly, you will appreciate the program for letting you preview and record eight multiple scenes at once. In addition to this feature, switching your screen from one to another becomes more painless. Moreover, the user interface of OBS Studio might look quite challenging for a rookie, but it becomes manageable over time. While recording your screen is crucial, focusing on the game is far more critical. But don't worry. With OBS Studio, you won't have to run through many clicks to maneuver the program. You can start or stop the recording with hotkeys or specific commands anytime. You can also insert record gaming consoles like the PSP and Xbox on your Mac. However, several users complain when they experience a black screen on OBS studio whenever they try to record their games. In case you encounter that program, find the best solutions here.

obs studio interface

5. QuickTime

Distinctive Feature: It provides basic screen recording features yet reasonable performance for recording games.
Supported FPS: It records screen activity with a 60fps default.
Price: Free

QuickTime is a built-in tool popularly known by Mac users. However, it's more than just a media player; it also serves as a screen recorder. Since QuickTime is a free gaming screen recorder Mac, you can use it only for casual gaming and simple video recordings. Unlike the paid programs in the market, this tool only supports system sound and voice recording. So, if you need a PIP effect through a web camera overlay, you might consider an upgrade. On the positive side, it supports different recording dimensions in the entire or dragging selected screen areas. Yet again, there are no annotation tools that QuickTime offers where you can highlight a particular portion of your game.

quicktime for game screen recording

2. Icecream Screen Recorder

Distinctive Feature: This program allows you to record gameplay in full 3D.
Supported FPS: You can record your games from 20fps, 30fps, and 60 fps.
Price: One-time payment of the pro version costs $29.95, suitable for 2 PCs.

Get your ice cream ready for a smooth game recording experience with Icecream Screen Recorder. This video game recording software Mac lets you record from 480, 720P, 1080P, and 4K. Moreover, it supports two audio sources and a webcam overlay to make your game recording more engaging with your audience. In addition, you can add your personalized watermark to your work to protect your intellectual property. Moreover, you can edit your recordings for more professional-looking output. You can change the speed and trim the unnecessary part. Lastly, the Icecream Screen Recorder offers a time scheduler. With this, you can record your gameplay at a predefined time and brush off the fear of forgetting.

icecream screen recorder interface  for gaming

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What screen recorder do most gamers use?
Most gamers earn a monetary gain from streaming and recording their games online. However, a premium screen recorder is a must-have whether they share their media for fun or commercial use. Most premium programs offer features like annotations tools, video editor, and mouse cursor effect.
2. What software is best for recording my gameplay?
Having no regrets is all we want when looking for the best screen recorder on the market. Hence, Screen Grabber Premium is the ideal one for recording your gameplays. First, it can capture your plays in HD and provides no lag issues among its users.
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Screen Grabber Premium
Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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