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Perfect Guide on How to Easily Record Facebook Video Calls

record facebook video chatCommunication is essential in our lives, and it is the best way to connect to our friends, families, and loved ones. Facebook is a platform that allows people to socialize online. Talking to friends or workmates via Facebook video calls is one of the most impressive features of this platform. Lots of studies say that communicating thru chat or text can cause miscommunication. That is why many people nowadays do video calls via Facebook to avoid miscommunication. Any message is important; that is why we don't want you to miss every detail. The great idea is to record your Facebook video calls if you want to discover the most convenient way to do that. You must check out the methods we curated below.

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Best Way to Record Facebook Video Calls on Windows/Mac

If you want a perfect Facebook video call recording, use AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. Why? It is simple; aside from the screen, this tool can also simultaneously capture the computer sound and microphone. This is important so you can record the entire record Facebook messenger calls without a problem. Aside from that, it can record the video call in its original quality. Thanks to its powerful recording function that can capture your screen for up to 4K quality. Let us explore how to record Facebook video calls using Screen Grabber Premium.

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Step 1 Set the Facebook Video Call Recorder

Can you record Facebook video calls? Of course, we must first hit the "Download" button and install the AeThinker Screen Grabber Premium on your computer to do the task. You can do it on both Windows and Mac computers. After installing Screen Grabber Premium, open it to get familiarized with the interface.

sgpremium interface

Step 2 Record Facebook Video Calls

Next, be sure that you turn "On" both "System Sound" and "Microphone" to record the complete conversation. Then, choose whether you want to record in the "Full" screen or a "Custom" size. After that, you can now click the "REC" button to initiate. A 3-second countdown will begin allowing you to go to the Facebook video call you want to record.

record facebook calls sgp recording

Step 3 Save the Facebook Video Call Recording

While on it, you can use the "Pen" icon and access the annotation function. Once the Facebook video call finishes, click the "Stop" button to end the recording. Wait for the playback window to appear and hit "Save" to keep it on the output folder you prefer.

record facebook calls sgp playback

How to Record Facebook Video Chat on Android

AZ Screen Recorder is an Android mobile application capable of recording any activity on Android devices. This is a free Facebook video call recorder because no payment is required to download and install the tool. AZ Screen Recorder can record smooth videos with audio. This feature makes it a perfect Facebook chat recorder and other video chatting applications. The tool is also capable of doing basic editing to videos recorded from the mobile, which is very convenient. To learn how to record a video call on messenger, follow the steps below.

az android screen recorder

User Guide:

  • To know how to record Facebook messenger video calls, install the Facebook Messenger call recorder app from the Google Play Store by searching for the AZ Screen Recorder.
  • From the actual page of the tool, tap the "Install" button and wait for the installation process to finish.
  • After installation, launch the app by tapping the AZ Screen Recorder icon from the phone menu, and the app will open its main interface.
  • Tap the "Camera" icon from the toolbar at the left-hand side of the tool and then click the "Record" button and start the Facebook video call.
  • Slide down from the top-most part of the screen to end the recording, and the notification bar will appear.
  • Tap the "Stop" button to end the recording process and save the video on the mobile device.

recording settings

Record Facebook Messenger Video Calls on iPhone/iPad

iOS versions 11 and 12 are now capable of recording mobile screen activities and record Messenger video call. This is possible through the built-in screen recording feature of iOS devices versions 11 and 12. Recording screen and audio are the tool's main features, which is why it is perfect for recording Facebook video chat. Using the built-in iOS recorder means you will not have to install a different Facebook Messenger video call recorder. To learn how to record Facebook video chats using the iOS screen recorder, follow the steps below.

record facebook ios

User Guide:

  • To know how to record video call in Messenger, launch the iOS screen recorder from the Control Center by swiping upwards from the bottom part of the screen.
  • Tap the "Record" button from the Control Center, and the recording process will begin.
  • Start the Facebook video chat and proceed to the conversation.
  • To end the recording process, swipe downwards from the top part of the screen. Then, tap the "Stop" button from the notification bar, and the recording process will end.

FAQs about Facebook Messenger Video Calls

Is it legal to record Facebook video calls?

All transactions online, such as recording video calls, are legal if the other party permitted the other to record it. Otherwise, recording a Facebook video call may be illegal if anyone on the line unknowingly records it.

Does Facebook record and store the Messenger video calls?

According to Facebook, they record video and voice calls. However, the developer can only access these records to adhere to the data privacy act. Also, they can only be surrendered to the law enforcement team for legal matters. On the other hand, they assure that users don't have to worry because they won't disclose information without a legal agreement to the parties involved.


All of the said screen recorders within this article are easy to operate. Even if each tool has its differences, they can record all the calls via Facebook with high-quality output. Furthermore, some require you to download their app, while others only need a web browser to use it. One thing is for sure, and you can keep all the time you spent with your family and friends while having a conversation with them via Facebook call. You do not have to feel lonely, primarily when you work overseas. For this reason, you can always watch your video calls with your loved ones with the help of these tools.

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Last updated on March 25, 2022

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