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Through Guide to Record DVD to Computer Effortlessly

feature record dvd to computer Does your DVD have a lot of videos to watch? If you’re planning to store them on your Computer, you must look for a brilliant PC DVD recorder. Find the best tool that is accessible and simple to use. A simple procedure is suitable for all users who haven’t tried converting DVD videos into other file formats before. DVD recorder for computers works with just a few clicks on your Computer. Moreover, a simple configuration is needed to successfully acquire an excellent DVD video outcome on your Computer. On the other hand, only a few free software allows users to explore and try them on their Computer. Luckily, there are built-in tools that were produced to solve your concerns. Thoroughly read the suggestions and bright solutions in this Article to easily record video from DVD to Computer.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Record DVD to Computer on Windows/Mac with Screen Grabber Premium

Best For: The highlight of this tool is its capability to modify a personal recording need with the best quality video outcome.
Unique Feature: This tool provides a “Task Schedule” feature that allows users to set a specific time to record any activity on their computer screen, including DVD videos.

It would be best if you got AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium to grab all your desired DVD videos. This program was developed with full recording features that guarantee excellent file outcomes. If you want to record video from DVD to Computer, this tool enables a simple process for you to achieve it. You can capture the entire screen of your video or select a specific area according to your preference. Moreover, you can enable both system sounds and a microphone to collect audio data for better recording. You can’t miss recording a DVD to the Computer since the tool will help you specify all your recording preferences. This tool offers video formats, including WMV, MP4, MOV, WEBM, and more. There are also options to set video frame rate and quality up to Lossless quality.

Step 1 Download and Install Screen Grabber Premium

First and foremost, download the best tool to record DVD to Computer by clicking the correct “Download” button based on your Computer Operating System. Then, run the tool on your Computer by opening the downloaded installer file on your Computer. Adhere to the instructions and permissions to acquire the tool. After the installation, you can open its main interface to initiate the recording process.

Step 2 Navigate to Recording Settings

To meet all your recording needs, you can first modify some basic settings of the tool. You can achieve it by navigating to the recording preferences window page. Click the available “Gear” icon in the tool’s settings. From this page, choose the output menu and identify all your preferred selections. Set up the file location where you want to store all your recorded files. Choose from the available video format, quality, and framerate. Ensure that you have selected all your desired options before starting the recording.

Step 3 Initiate the DVD Video Recording

Finally, return to the tool's main interface and choose “Video Recorder.” Choose the screen mode to record full-screen and turn on the audio source, including the system sound and microphone. You can enable both if you want to capture internal and external sounds at the same time. A webcam overlay is available if you want to capture yourself while recording a DVD video. Lastly, press the “REC” button on the left side of the tool to start the recording process.

initiate the dvd video recording

Step 4 Save the Recorded Videos

Stop the recording process when the DVD video ends. The playback screen will show automatically once you enter the “Stop Recording” button. You can watch the recorded video and trim the excessive part if you want. Then, hit the “Export” button. Consequently, your recorded file will be saved on the file location you set in the Directory Settings. If you want to share your recorded file on Youtube, Facebook, and other online sites, press right-click and select the “Share” button.

save the recorded videos

Record Video from DVD Using VLC Media Player

Best For: This tool's highlight is its ability to convert video files to a multiple-file format.
Unique Feature: This tool can create Audio and Video Effects according to your preference.

Aside from the powerful tool stated previously, recording DVD to Computer has other possible ways. Similar to how to record windows media player, a VLC media player is used to record all your desired video from DVD. Using the tool, you can record any DVD videos played on your Computer and other activities you want to capture on your screen. This tool is easy and free software to convert all the video files to the file format you need. It is a versatile tool that can play multiple audio and video from different sources like Youtube videos. That's why VLC Media Player can create numerous high-quality video recordings as a PC DVD recorder. Therefore, you can use the tool on your Computer as a practical DVD video recorder.

  1. Open VLC Media Player. You can record DVDs on a hard drive using this program. Go to the “Media” menu tab above the tool’s interface to achieve it. Then, select the “Open Disc” option or press “Ctrl+D” to proceed to the next step.
  2. open vlc media player

  3. Set up the Disc Menu. In this section, choose “DVD” from the Disc Selection. Then, move your way to set up the Disc Device you like to record. Click the “Browse” button to select the DVD folder. Once done, hit the “Play” drop-down button. Choose “Convert” from this or press “Alt + O " to continue.
  4. set up the disc menu

  5. Start DVD Recording. Lastly, choose the best output format for converting your recorded DVD videos. Under the Profile, select your best option. Then, browse the Destination File for your recorded DVD outcomes. After you set all the settings, hit the “Start” button to initiate the DVD recorder for Computer.
  6. start dvd recording

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I turn my DVD into a Hard Drive?
Yes, the common concern of creating a Hard Drive for all your DVD files is possible with useful software like Screen Grabber Premium. You can use the tool to convert or record video from DVD and store them on a Computer Hard Drive effortlessly. The tool enables users to identify a specific file destination to store the recorded file and select their preferred file format. So, don’t miss the tool if you plan to turn your DVD file into a Hard Drive.
2. How Can I Transfer DVD Videos to a Computer?
Suppose you want to transfer your DVD videos to your Computer. In that case, it is easy to utilize a powerful DVD recorder to get your videos. This tool can produce or create the same quality or better output of your DVD video. Moreover, it can convert your video into a file format that your Computer supports. With that, use the Screen Grabber Premium powerful recorder and explore all of its fantastic recording features.
3. Can a DVD file be converted to a different File format?
Screen Grabber Premium is a DVD recorder for computer. This tool can record multiple DVD video files and convert them to a specific file format to choose from, like MP4, MOV, WEBM, GIF, and more. Apart from this, the tool allows users to share and upload the output file directly to Youtube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, and Flickr.
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