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Proven and Tested Ways on How to Record Clips on PC

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Almost any information in our world today can be found on our PC screens. Occasionally, we find inspiration from the videos we watch but taking a screenshot of it seems not enough. On the other hand, you could be the type of person who loves to show only the highlight reels of your gameplay instead of uploading the whole game itself. So instead of getting an hour recording session, you could save a 30-second clip, which is a huge save on your storage and tells the whole story. Therefore, we have provided five practical methods on how to capture clips on PC. You will discover which program is best for a particular platform along with its best features.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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How to Capture Game Clips on PC with Screen Grabber Premium

Output Format:This screen recording tool provides a wide range of format options like MP4, AVI, FLV, WebM, and more.
User Group: This program fits users with simple and extensive screen recording needs.

Screen Grabber Premium is a commendable solution for grabbing clips from your PC screen. This program can record in different recording dimensions aside from the full-screen mode. By recording with a specific area, window, or tab, you can capture the clips on your target part. Plus, you'll no longer need to use an editing program to crop your footage. On the other hand, Screen Grabber Premium also supports gameplay recording at 60fps with 4K quality. Henceforth you can be sure to have a smooth and clear display when you upload your videos online. Screen Grabber Premium is an exemption if you worry about getting muted clips again because of the past tools you have tried. It can record not only the system sound of the computer, but you can also add a voice narration with the microphone recording feature. Additionally, it provides option to record clips from your webcam which is favorable for recording video call or conference meetings. With all this program's versatility, let's try learning how to capture game clips on PC using it.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 1 Get the Screen Recorder

Begin by locating the program on your device. Select the appropriate "Download" buttons above by checking what matches your operating system. Afterward, run the program on your device and follow through with the installation process.

screen grabber premium interface

Step 2 Choose the Recording Mode

Once the program finally launches on your screen, click the "Game Recorder" as your recording mode. Afterward, you will be prompted to allow the tool to run as your administrator. Next, choose the game you wish to record on the "Select Game" tab. Moreover, toggle on the System and Microphone sound to incorporate audio on your footage. You can also apply your webcam to show your facial reactions while in-game.

record gameplay clip on screen grabber premium

Step 3 Specify Other Requirements

Afterward, hit the gear icon to specify the output quality for your clip. Head to the "Output" panel and select your preferred format, codec, quality, and frame rate. Next, move to the Audio panel and select your format to MP3 with lossless quality. Finally, click the "OK" icon to save your changes.

Step 4 Preview and Save the Recording

Next, hit the "REC" button to start the recording session. While on your play, you can draw on your screen with the annotation tools or let your game be captured as it is. Once you are done, hit the red square icon to stop the recording. Finally, a preview window will appear where you can watch how the whole game went out. Also, you may create short clips on your footage by adjusting the playhead buttons. When satisfied, hit the "Save" button to locate the clips on your PC.

save recorder gameplay on screen grabber premium

Capture Clips with an Free Online Screen Recorder

Output Format: This tool can save recording clips using AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MP4, and more.
User Group: This tool is useful for people who do not want to install computer software to record video clips.

Do you want to capture clips on your computer? Yet, You do not want to install any computer software? We recommend a well-established tool which is AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. This tool is designed with free recording functions that allow users to capture video clips on their entire screen. It also has a function that can customize the recording area to highlight what needs to be captured on your screen. It also comes with annotation tools and drawing features that help you pinpoint a certain area on your recordings. Additionally, you can record clips on your device and save them as GIFs. This tool also comes with an option to export the recording files on your social media account.

Step 1 Download the AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder

The first guide to capture clips on your PC screen is to access AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder on your net browser. By proceeding to its primary page, you will see the recording button that you only need to use. The plugin will automatically install its firmware for your web browser if you still need to launch the function online. The recording panel will open when you tap Start Recording.

free online screen recorder

Step 2 Record Video Clips

Then, go to the clip you want to record and launch the tool, which is located in your taskbar. Hit the custom area of recording and drag it on your screen. Tap on the REC button to initiate the recording process.

record video clips online

Step 3 Play the Recorded Google Meet

Finally, once the clip has finished, you can hit the stop button on the recording panel to terminate the process. Afterward, a built-in media player will pop up. This player will provide you an option to preview, play, or record again the video clip.

playing recorded clips online

Capture Clips with a Built-in Recorder

Output Format: It can record files in AVI and MP4 format.
User Group: It's best for students with simple recording needs.

Xbox Game Bar is a 60fps screen recorder that primarily helps gamers capture the crispest and most fantastic pictures in action. This clip recorder for PC is a built-in tool, specifically for Windows 10 and 11 operating devices. Moreover, it can capture the entire PC screen and your device's internal audio. Not only with this basic feature, but users who wish to create funny memes out of their footage will also find a friend with Xbox Game Bar. After recording, you can add funny captions to your video and share them online for the world to see. Meanwhile, this tool cannot record your web camera and does not have an annotation toolkit. Yet, you can find other valuable tools in its widget, such as the CPU monitoring tool, or catch up with your peers in the Xbox Social. With its CPU monitoring tool, it is a prefect screen recording tool for getting clips from gameplay videos and other activities that requires CPU monitoring.

  • Firstly, click the Windows icon on your PC screen and search for the Xbox Game Bar. Alternatively, you can press the Windows + G on your keyboard to easily access the widget.
  • Next, hit the “Capture” icon on the widget and select the “Start Recording Icon.” Afterward, the tool will have a capture status on the upper right corner of your screen. Moreover, you can tick the “Microphone” icon to record the sound input.
  • Finally, hit the “Stop” icon on the capture status widget. The program will then lead you to its “Gallery” panel, where you can save or edit your output further.

record clips with xbox game bar

Capture Game Clips for Mac

Output Format: This build in clip recorder renders a MOV output format.
User Group: This is suitable for recording clips from online videos and class lectures.

Most Mac device users know that they can take screenshots in full screen and specific areas by using hotkeys. However, for devices that run on a Mojave version and above, the Screenshot Toolbar is a good accessibility tool for you. It can record any clips displayed on your Mac screen without worrying about a time limit. Another commendable thing is that you can capture the whole screen or choose only the specific area you want to grab. The tool has no annotation function. It means that it is not favorable tool to use to record presentation or tutorial as these activities needs drawing tool or highlighter. And if you are wondering how to save video clips on PC with this built-in tool, read the guide beneath.

  • On your keyboard, press Command + Shift + 5 to access the transparent floating toolbar for recording the screen.
  • Afterward, select your recording mode if you need to capture a tab, window, or the entire screen. Afterward, expand the "options" menu and mark the requirements you wish to invoke in your recording. You can show mouse clicks, add microphone recording, and choose the output folder.
  • Finally, hit the “Stop” icon on the capture status widget. The program will then lead you to its “Gallery” panel, where you can save or edit your output further.
  • screenshot toolbar for recording clips

    Comparison Chart

    PC Clip Recorder Installation Package Pricing Plan Social Share Feature
    Screen Grabber Premium 1.8 MB $29.95/month AVAILABLE
    Free Online Screen Recorder No installation required $14.99/ month AVAILABLE
    Xbox Game Bar Built-in FREE NOT AVAILABLE
    Screenshot Toolbar Built-in FREE NOT AVAILABLE
    Bandicam 30.5 MB $59.96/ one-time payment AVAILABLE

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Can I directly upload my recorded clips to YouTube? iPhone?
    Definitely, yes! If you wish to share your recorded clips on PC, you may look for programs like Screen Grabber Premium, which offers a social share feature. This program is excellent since it supports YouTube and other sites like Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, and Tiktok.
    2. Is it illegal to record clips from YouTube?
    While no one can determine whether you are secretly recording any video content on YouTube, you need to check if the content is protected by copyright or not. If the video on YouTube has copyright, asking for permission to record it is a must. On the other hand, those content under the creative commons or public domain can be captured or downloaded freely.
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    Screen Grabber Premium
    Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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