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feature record class lecturesMost students find attending class lectures dull. That is because of the conventional language spoken by professors. Some do not like carrying heavy books, and some are unwanted distractions. Other students prefer video or online video lectures over boring class lectures. This way, they can review their lectures and listen to them in a conducive and calm environment. Is this possible? Yes, this is pretty much easy for students who prefer using lectures from a video. All you need is a laptop and recording software, either offline or online. It should help you prepare for your quizzes, assignments, and exams. Also, it applies to professors who want to acquire knowledge through video lectures. Luckily, audio and video recorders encompass great features for students. They can be used to record class lectures of high quality. Here are a few of the top ways to record lectures.

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Preparations for Recording Class Lecture

The first thing you need to have is a device that allows you to join a class lecture. It can be a computer or mobile phone if they have a camera. You also need to be quiet and clean when doing the online class, and it is because you can conduct a proper class lecture without any distractions. Moreover, please check the tips for preparations to record class lectures below.

things to consider

1. Ensure that you are well-prepared with your content.
First, ready your script, videos, presentations, or any materials you'll discuss. Also, make sure that you present the important notes in bullets and avoid repeating them.

2. Include your Audience
A classroom or a learning session will always be boring if one-sided. To avoid that, you have to be more interactive and use activities in your online lecture video like pop-up quizzes, polls, or others.

3. Prepare the devices you will use
Ensure that the equipment or gadgets like cameras and laptops you are about to use are fully charged. Also, you have to be in a room with minimal noise to avoid any unnecessary background noise. Lastly, you must have a good light source, especially if you plan to show your face in the recording.

4. Show the Exact Process
Show the process if you're creating a tutorial video on using specific software or playing an online game. It is better to record your screen activity than just explain the whole scenario by talking.

5. Better specs for PC and phones
Also, it would be best if you use a mid-spec computer and mobile phones for smoother streaming. You don't want to do or record class lectures if it's so lag. So invest in a higher processor and RAM good for video streaming.

6. Install an Excellent Screen Recorder
Install a powerful screen recording software on your computer or laptop. The recorder must capture your screen in HD quality for up to 4K resolution. It must also save the recording in various formats to upload or share your video to different devices or streaming platforms.

Optimize Audio and Video Quality

It is also most advisable to do online class lectures in your room if you are in your house. It is best to go to a cafeteria or library for the outdoors. It would help if you had a reliable and robust screen recorder with lots of features when it comes to recording, and it should be able to record in full-screen or region mode. Also, the tool you will use must record using a webcam and external since this is a class lecture. Of course, you should consider getting a better webcam and microphone to record a more straightforward video and audio. On the other hand, we will list what you should avoid when recording class lectures online.

User guide

  • Lighting: You need to avoid having lots of lights behind you. It can blind the viewer of your video when they look at it. So it is best to find a spot where there are no lights behind you. Avoid sitting in front of your window if it is daylight because sunlight can cause too much backlight on your video.
  • Not enough lighting: As mentioned above, you need to avoid too much backlight. But don't forget that you will also need enough light for your webcam sensors. The best thing to do is go to a spot where the light is above you.
  • Background noise: Other things to avoid are loud fans and other noises. Close all the background apps that play music on your device. Also, it would be best if you turn off your fan or do not point it on you.
  • Distractions: Do not sit in front of something that can distract the viewers, like television or a busy place. It is to make sure that your class lecture flows smoothly for better learning.

Guidelines of Lecture Capture

Recording class lectures should not be complicated for you to capture all the essential parts of the course—most schools invested in set-up robust video and audio hardware to conduct an online class. The essence of Lecture Capture is for students to replay the recorded class lectures to understand them well. Another thing that you need is powerful software to record class lectures. That being said, Lecture Capture is an excellent guideline for recording class lecture videos. It should allow you to screen record video presentations, files, and online streaming videos for its software. That is why many universities follow the guideline of Lecture Capture for online classes. We will also show you below the best five tips for Universities using this recommendation.

record class lecture capture

1. Be resourceful

You don't have to create a class lecture video from scratch. Lecture Capture tells you to add local videos, and photos from your device are a great help for your class videos. It is also OK to add quizzes and puzzles to the video you made to add more twists. Another good thing is an icebreaker trivia. It is to make your video fun to watch and have different information. Since the class lecture's goal is to teach, make sure that your visual aids are easy to understand and readable. So to say, don't make it hard for you when creating a class video and follow the Lecture Capture to make things easier for you. Do not create everything from scratch if you think you have resources on your device. Think outside the box.

2. Accessible class lectures

Another thing you need to consider when making class lecture videos should be accessible to every audience. It should be playable on any device like Windows, Mac. Also, iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, Android phones and tablets, etc. Lecture Capture can help you teach with that matter. Another thing that a class must have is the caption or a subtitle. It is because to make sure that all viewers, even with hearing impairments, can still understand the content of the video entirely. Besides, not all students are native English speakers, and some of them speak English as their second language. So, it is essential to show the word that the speaker says.

3. Move around your place

Making a class lecture video in a quiet place like a classroom is essential. It is to ensure that no unnecessary noise or distraction is captured on the video. It is also OK to record a class video in different places as long as it is not chaotic. Lecture Capture tells you to use your phone to move around your area. Do not restrict the class lecture recordings with too much information. It would be best to make a real-life example to make your lectures fun, interesting, and engaging. You can make your audience not feel bored with your video by doing that. Plus, there are extra things that they can learn from you.

4. Create an interactive video

Making an interactive video can help videos explain the critical part of the lesson. You can put questions to be answered in the video. Also, interactive videos can lead to a marketing strategy. They are improving the conversation between the viewers and the speaker. Aside from that, it can prioritize an audience's choice by choosing the answer they think is right. Perfect when you want to put a recitation on the class lecture that you are making. You can make your student feel that you are not just discussing your lesson. But you are also interacting with them via online video. With Lecture Capture, you will know how to add a full quiz at the end of the video.

5. Conversate, not just talk

Another tip is to make a great bonding with your student, not just talking about your lesson's topic. Watching boring videos make a student feel sleepy. And, study shows that tired students can absorb less even within a classroom. What more if it is a boring video. It would be best if you made a lot of icebreakers with your video. A good example is jokes, trivia, Q & A, and Lecture Capture also teach you how to add them to the video. If you discuss a complicated topic, you should thoroughly explain it to your student to understand it easily.


Although there are tons of screen recorders you can find on the internet, only a few can bring you the best screen recording experience. That's why this list was written to help you narrow down the options for yourself. The best solution for you is the Aqua Demo. If you have comments and suggestions, please help us improve by dropping us a message below.

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