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Most Recommended Tools to Record Call of Duty Gameplay

feature record call of duty gameplay Do you want an HD video of your Call of Duty gameplay? This tool is possible if you want to share the best gameplay moments with everyone. To achieve that, you have to discover how to record COD gameplay and use the best screen recorder that will help you acquire the easiest way to record your computer screen. A user-friendly software with the capacity to run without difficulty on your PC and simple screen recording functionality. Gamers must carefully read this article. Furthermore, it gives users a direct understanding and practical tools to record all the crucial moments on their screen. This post will identify the primary information and keys for gamers and for everyone who intends to record their computer screen for significant purposes.

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4 Most Recommended Tools to Record Call of Duty Gameplay

1. How to Record Call of Duty Gameplay on your PC

Distinctive Feature: This tool has the prominent feature of scheduling and recording gameplay using the Task Scheduler.
User Group: This tool is suitable for gamers who want to create a customized gameplay recording with multiple high-quality video outputs.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is your first solution to record Call of Duty gameplay with a high-quality video. This program is ideal for gamers looking for a professional game recording option for game streaming or video sharing. With full-screen recording mode, you may capture your computer screen in high quality so that no one will miss your fantastic games. Additionally, you can highlight a specific area of your game by choosing the custom setting, which allows you to customize the screen's size and aspect ratio. This tool allows users to record their computer's system sound and microphone as external sounds. Creating unique visual content with the tool's webcam feature is possible. In order to achieve the best COD game video results, users can modify their audio and video characteristics, including video format, quality, and frame rate, and even use editing tools like video trimming.

Step 1 Launch the COD Screen Recorder

Get the best Call of Duty Gameplay recording tool on your computer. Select the correct “Download” button provided above for your Operating System. Run the installation file once it downloads and follow the given simple instruction successfully launch the tool. Then, open the main interface of Screen Grabber Premium and select “Video Recorder” to start.

sgp interface

Step 2 Set Up Video Recording

Set up the recording setting based on your preferences on the main interface of video recording. You can select from the provided features that will make your gameplay footage perfect. To do so, choose the screen mode for your recording first. You can choose a full-screen or a custom mode where you can sketch the area you want to record. Turn on the system sound to record internal audio and the microphone if you wish to have a voiceover. Then, proceed to record settings for more options.

set up video recording

Step 3 Modify Recording Settings

To access the recording settings, click the “Gear” icon on the upper-right corner of the tool. The window pane of recording preferences will appear. You can check the options for recordings, sounds, camera, output, and more. Navigate to the output menu to set your needs. From this, you can modify your preferred file location for all your recorded files, followed by video formal, quality, frame rate, and others to have the personalized recording you want.

sgp set bitrate

Step 4 Create GamePlay Recording

Once you set up the requirements for capturing your COD gameplay, start the recording process. Hit the “REC” button on the leftmost area of the toolbar. The recording countdown will run eventually after initiating the screen recording. The recording will work in the background, and the tool’s recording control will be visible to pause and end the recording anytime you want. Furthermore, you can customize your video using the annotation features that enable real-time drawing.

create gameplay recording

Step 5 Save Recorded Video

End the video recording once your gameplay ends. The tool’s playback page will display afterward, where users can watch and trim the recorded video you've done. Press the “Export” button to save it again on the preferred file location. Additionally, right-click on your previous file and select the “Share” button if you want to share your recorded video directly to Youtube, Facebook, Google, and more. Then, choose “Re-record” if you like to create another footage of your game.

save recorded video

2. How to Record Call of Duty Gameplay on your PC using Xbox Gamebar

Distinctive Feature: It provides simple gameplay recording with functional shortcut keys to access and use the tool.
User Group: This tool is suitable for all gamers who wish to record a full-screen gameplay mode with a lengthy recording process.

If you're using a Windows computer, you can look for the Xbox Gamebar program, which typically comes pre-installed on your computer. With the use of this tool's straightforward built-in screen recording feature, you may record the entire COD gameplay scene. You can even access the game bar's recording tool by pressing the Windows key and the character G on your keyboard. Its recording interface is straightforward, and every gamer can easily use the tool. The tool's recording interface is simple enough for all gamers to use. Additionally, the tool offers the ability to take screenshots to capture your gameplay in photos and more. You can read the following instructions if you want to utilize this tool and try Call of Duty game recording on your Windows computer.

User Guide:

  • Press the “ Windows key + G “ on your computer keyboard to use the Xbox Game Bar screen recorder. Otherwise, search the Xbox game bar on the search tool. The recording control will show on the top of your Call of Duty gameplay.
  • You can also see the pop-up alert to allow the tool to record. Click “Yes, this is a game .”You can see the available icon provided, including the capture menu. Select it and enable the microphone if you want to. Then, click the “Start Record” button or the “Windows + Alt + R” key to start the recording process.
  • You can enjoy your gameplay while the game bar records your game. Once it is finished, hit the “Stop Recording” button to end the process of gameplay recording. You can check your recorded file on your local computer to watch and share it anytime you like.

record call of duty gameplay on your pc using xbox gamebar

3. How to Record Call of Duty Gameplay on your PC using OBS Studio

Distinctive Feature: This tool has a multiple recording feature that enables users to add sources for recording and have live streaming simultaneously.
User Group: This tool is suitable for all gamers who want to have multitasked gameplay live streaming and recording the computer screen at the same time.

OBS Studio can be another tool you may use how to record COD gameplay. This freeware is an available screen recording tool that works with all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. In addition, this application has multiple recording capability that enables every gaming enthusiast to broadcast their most memorable moments while playing Call of Duty. The tool concentrated on the purpose of creating high-quality video outputs of gaming actions in professional-looking video content. Furthermore, this program may also be used to stream live video using a webcam in addition to recording computer gaming. You can configure the recording settings to satisfy your requirements. By adding scenes and sources for your video, the tool will assist you in producing the excellent material you desire. Simply review the OBS guidelines below to access its additional capabilities.

User Guide:

  • Download the OBS studio program on your computer, visit its official page and click the available download button for your operating system. Launch the tool and access its main interface. Familiarize the provided features of the tool to initiate the gameplay recording you need.
  • On its main interface, you have to add a scene and sources. Click the “+” to the Sources Docks, click the “Game Capture” option, and create a new source. Click “OK” to continue. Moreover, go to the settings on the “File” tab to modify the recording requirements you need.
  • Make sure you have selected all your recording needs. Once done, click go to the control section and hit the “Start Recording” button to start your Call of Duty gameplay recording. The recorded file will save automatically on your PC.

record call of duty gameplay on your pc using obs studio

4. How to Record Call of Duty Gameplay on your PC using Bandicam

Distinctive Feature: This tool generates visible FPS Overlays for gameplay screen recording.
User Group: It is suitable for gamers who seek an intuitive game recording interface.

If you want a COD game recorder for your Windows PC, choose Bandicam Screen Recorder. This program offers a straightforward recorder that lets gamers record their video games. If you want a COD game recorder for your Windows computer, Bandicam Screen Recorder is the best choice. The straightforward recorder offered by this application allows all gamers to capture their video game sessions. This program is one of the options available to gamers looking for high-quality recordings. Drawing, audio recording, camera overlay, scheduled recording, and lengthy recording are also supported by this tool. Its user-friendly UI can satisfy your needs for recording gaming. This tool lets users record any content, like game streaming, on their computer screen in full-screen or custom mode. Read the list of instructions below for further details about how to record COD gameplay PC.

User Guide:

  • First and foremost, launch the Bandicam screen recorder on your PC. Visit the official page of the tool and hit the download button. When successfully installing the tool, open its main interface and select the “Game Recorder” provided.
  • You can browse your preferred file location from the “General” page on the left-side column. You can also set a Scheduled recording of your want. Then, Open the” Video” tab from the column and select your preferred setting for the Record section. Make sure you set up your selection before proceeding to the gameplay recording.
  • You can add a webcam overlay and audio recordings and use a mouse cursor before starting the recording process. Click the “REC” button on the upper-right corner of the tool’s interface and drag a specific area on your screen. Finally, hit the “Record” button to start the recording. The lines that indicate the screen dimension will turn red if the recording begins.

record call of duty gameplay on your pc using bandicam

Comparison Chart

Tools Systems Compatibility Supported Format Task Scheduler
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium Android, Windows, and Mac MP4, WEMB, MOV, WMV, and more. Available
Xbox Gamebar Windows MP4 Not Available
OBS Windows, Mac, and Linux MP4 and MKV Not Available
Bandicam Windows MP4 Available

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you film a live COD gameplay?
Yes, the OBS screen recorder is typically used to create live video streaming. It can record your computer screen while doing a COD gameplay live streaming. However, recorded files can only be saved in MP4 format. If you plan to share your recorded video in another format, you can directly use Screen Grabber Premium. This tool is a reliable screen recorder that can convert your recorded file to the formats you prefer.
2. Is recording COD gameplay possible on mobile?
Yes, you can get and download helpful screen recorder applications on your mobile phone, like the DU recorder. It is a powerful recording tool for mobile devices that lets you easily capture and save your gameplay videos and recordings. It’s perfect for capturing your best gaming moments and can be used on Android and iOS devices. Apart from this, you can easily and quickly record Call of Duty gameplay unlimitedly using the application's intuitive interface.
3. How can you Record a COD gameplay on Mac?
Quicktime Player is a famous multimedia player for Mac computers with a built-in screen recorder. The process of how to record COD gameplay can be done with a full-screen or just a specific part of the screen. Since this tool is already available, you can adapt its great feature in just a few clicks. On the other hand, this program limits file sharing and uploading recorded videos directly on Youtube, Facebook, Google, and more. If you want more options and possibilities to make perfect recordings on Mac, use Screen Grabber Premium. This tool will let you use more of its exclusive features without hassle.
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Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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