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The Best Sound Recorder on Your Computer: 3 Ways Unlocked here!

feature record audio from computer Recording sounds on your Computer is the way to store and collect audio files. It is commonly done when we have something to recall by just listening to the recorded sound. Recording sounds on a computer can be separated into internal and external. We can listen to sounds from the internal sounds of our computer system, like the music we play from Youtube and the sounds on computer games. External sounds, on the other hand, can be the background sounds like doing a voiceover or other possible external noises. However, not all programs can record both internal and external sounds. So, we gathered and found the top solutions to help your sound recording suit your needs. To clarify, here are the top ways to record audio from Computer. Let us unlock the three ways to record audio that will give you great practice to try it.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Record Audio From Computer using Using AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Screen Grabber Premium

Distinctive Feature: It has a powerful feature that doesn’t require a time limitation, allowing you to do non-stop audio recording.
Best for: It is best for recording sounds on your Computer with a simple user interface available for different devices.

The topmost option to record internal and external sounds on your Computer is the Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium. It is known as a reliable tool for audio recording. This tool has built-in features that allow you to record any activities on your screen with audio like youtube songs and other music streaming sites. You can easily record audio from a computer by configuring the audio recording sources like the computer system and Microphone. The software's advantage is that it can direct you to the most convenient ways to record audio easily without any time limit. It provides multiple recording choices and high-quality output like the MP4 file format. Most significantly, you can directly set the location of your output file on your Computer. To try its excellence, mind per steps below.

Step 1 Download and Launch the Program

To start, select the download button of AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium given on this page and wait until the downloading finishes. Open the file and proceed with the instructions for installation. You can now open and launch the program to see its main interface when the installation is done.

Step 2 Select the Audio Recorder

Once you open the Main User Interface of the tool, Click the "Audio Recorder" menu to initiate the process of recording sound from the Computer. The audio recording options will appear after. You can choose between "System Sound" or "Microphone ." You can simply tick the on/off button below each option. You can enable both if you want to record a computer System and Microphone simultaneously. The volume of the two recording functions is also adjustable, so you can record the perfect sound you want.

select the audio recorder

Step 3 Configure Audio and Output Setting

From the "Record-Setting of the tool, Hit the "Output" from the list. Browse the location of your file output as the "Directory setting" by clicking the three dots on the right. Choose the right file destination where you like to save all your recorded sounds after. Then, you can proceed directly to the Audio setting, wherein you can select your preferred audio format and high-quality output from the drop-down menu. You can also set other options from the setting to make your sound recording better.

Step 4 Start Recording

After finalizing your recording setting, return to "Audio Recorder" and press the "REC" button on the right corner of Screen Grabber Premium. The countdown will start in three seconds. The recording dialogue box is visible, and you can easily see it running. You can take your time with your recording and adjust the recording volume whenever you want. If you want to end your recording, click the red quadrangle button. The recording will stop, and your preview recording output will immediately show.

start recording

Step 5 Save the Recorded Sound

Once you are satisfied with the result of your record, you can then save your file. Select the "Export" button, and the next window will show. At this time, you can customize your file name and finalize your output path. Hit the button "Next" until your recorded audio is successfully saved.

save the recorded sound

Step 6 Play your Recorded Output

If you want to check and play your recorded output, You can go to the history panel of the software. Open the recorded output on the top list file. Click the "Play" place beside the file so you can listen to it. Moreover, you can also share your file online by pressing the button "Share" and even remove the file if you like. Then make another audio recording by hitting the "Record More" button.

play your recorded output

Record Audio From Computer using Using Audacity


Distinctive Feature: This tool has numerous built-in features for audio recording, including its ability to mix, trim and edit sounds for unique audio output.
Best for: It is best for recording sounds on your Computer, allowing you to make new recordings or use existing video for making an advanced output.

Suppose you have searched for software that has a computer sound recorder. In that case, you might also have heard about the tool Audacity. This tool has been used as free, open-source software for recording computer audio. It is not just a simple audio recording tool; it can also record new and existing audio files. This can record audio from a computer system and Microphone as well. Moreover, the tool was developed years ago, and it produces a lot of features to record audio on your Computer, like editing and mixing audio files on your Computer. To discover more about the tool, read the user guide provided below.

record audio from computer using using audacity

User Guide:

  1. Download the Software Online and launch the program on your Computer. Open the tool and analyze the main interface. Many recording tools and features are provided on the tools, which you might need clarification on the first view. However, you can proceed to the sound recording setting to set up the sound recording output before starting.
  2. Next, check if your Microphone is enabled on your Computer. Then, proceed to the drop-down list where the different audio drivers are located and choose your preferred one. You can also see the Microphone on the right side. Tick the drop-down menu and choose the options to record from Audacity. Similarly, choose your preferred options from the drop-down menu provided by the tool.
  3. Click Audacity's "Record" button, and the sound recording is visible in waveforms. You can adjust the volume while the recording is running on your Computer. Once you want to end the recording process, click the "Stop" recording button, and you can have a preview to recall your recorded sounds. When satisfied with the output, Go to the "File" tab and then hit the "Save Project" to export the file with your preferred output format.

Record Audio From Computer using Using Windows Voice Recorder

Distinctive Feature: This tool is installed for Windows computers by default and can be used not just for games but to make screen recordings without charging fees.
Best for: It is best for capturing your computer screen with different file formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, and WEBM for free.

Windows has built-in tools to record sounds. You don't need to download other software since it is already available on your device. You might probably try to use it before. Still, to make you more familiar with the program, you can search for the tool in the search box on your Computer and start exploring it again. This audio recorder tool is what we recognize as Voice Recorder. It comes with Windows 10, which is already available on your Computer. This software comes with the simplest method on how to record audio from a computer. Let us recognize how to record audio from Computer, which you might use for the easy audio recording conditions you ought.

record audio from computer using using windows voice recorder

User Guide:

  1. Search the Windows Built-in tool to record audio on your Computer. Open Voice Recorder, and make your Microphone available on your device. Then, wait until the program is ready to initiate the record audio windows 10.
  2. If you have yet to try using the Voice Record app, the record icon will appear in the center of its main interface. But, if you have already used it, it will be displayed on the left-side corner. Click the microphone icon to start the recording. You can record any sounds that are audible using your Microphone.
  3. While the recording is running, you can hold or pause the recording if you want by clicking the "Pause" icon. Then, select it again to continue. After that, press the "Stop" icon once you like to finish the recording. The recorded file will display afterward, and you can click it to play. Usually, you can locate your recorded file in the "Sound Recording" Folder on your local Computer.

Comparison Chart

Audio Recorder Tool Supported Audio Format Supported Platform Price
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium WMA, MP3, M4A, ACC, etc. Windows and macOS $42.95 for Personal Lifetime Use
Audacity WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and MP2 Windows, macOS, and Linux Free
Windows Voice Recorde M4A Windows only Free

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best tool to record Internal Audio from a computer?
There are various ways to record audio from your Computer, and the ultimate ways to record internal audio are accessible nowadays. One of the most powerful programs for this is AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. This software is downloadable for free and requires less space on your Computer. This tool can be utilized for free without any advertisements while using the app.
2. Does macOS have an audio recorder?
Voice Memos is the standard audio recorder used on mac. It is supported by a headset and even an external mic. You can also use the built-in Microphone to create an audio recording. Moreover, AceThinker is the most reliable software compatible with Windows and Mac that many people have used. Aside from its good recording functionality, the main reason is that it can produce a multiple file output that is playable to different media-player and devices.
3. Can I save my recorded audio file in a different format?
Some screen recorders can save files with a single file output. Suppose you want to save your recorded file in a different file format. In that case, you need AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. This program provides an output setting containing the numerous audio formats you can choose from, such as WMA, MP3, M4A, ACC, etc. You can have more of this file format when you purchase its premium version, which has the more advanced audio recording.
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Screen Grabber Premium
Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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