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How to Record Apex Legends on PC: Accessible Tools are Here!

feature record apex legends gameplay Would you like to record Apex Legends Gameplay smoothly on your PC? A Viable recorder will help you deal with that. On the other hand, the goal of Apex Legends players is to battle and destroy other fighters to be the last person or team standing. Knowing how to record Apex Legends Gameplay can be an even more fantastic experience, especially using a feasible tool to make perfect recording footage. In this way, players of PC games can gather their accomplishments, showcase their gaming skills, and save iconic or memorable moments. In order to achieve that, a viable screen recorder for Gameplay is necessary. This page will guide you if you haven’t discovered the best Gameplay recorder.

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How to Record Apex Legends on PC with High Quality (Screen Grabber Premium with detailed steps)

Best for: This recording software is used for creating video demos and tutorials and capturing the best moments of Gameplay with high-quality file outputs.
User Group: It is perfect for users who want a multi-functional tool to capture Gameplay perfectly.

You can acquire a powerful yet user-friendly Gameplay screen recorder on a PC. If you want to screen record Apex Legends on PC in excellent Resolution, AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium comes highly recommended. Using this excellent game recorder, users can capture all the essential activities, including moments and achievements from Apex Legends. You can get a perfect video of your game for up to 4k Resolution. You can freely modify the recording settings highlighting your needs, like FPS, to ensure recording without lag. The recording provides various modes. You can select a webcam to expand your video and a Microphone to create record steam games content. You can also enjoy the benefits of more stunning features of this tool. Read more to discover them.

Step 1 Acquire the Best Gameplay Recorder

To acquire the tool, click the “Download” button that is suitable to install on your computer. Next, double-click the downloaded file on your screen to install and run the program on your computer. Lastly, adhere to the instructions for installation to smooth access to the tool's main interface.

sgp interface

Step 2 Modify the Recording Preferences

Once you have access to the app, it enables you to choose from the recording mode. You can use “Video Recorder” to capture any video activity on your screen or select “Audio Recorder” to record sounds .”To record your Gameplay, you can choose Full-screen recording or custom mode to drag a specific area on your screen to capture. A system sounds and Microphone is also provided to utilize.

sgp settigs

Step 3 Start the GamePlay Recording

Go back to the Video Recorder interface once you're done setting up your recording preferences. From the Right side, click the “REC” button. The recording will start immediately after the recording countdown, and the tool will run smoothly in the background while you're playing. You can also pause and draw on your screen while recording, using the available tools from a floating window.

start the gameplay recording

Step 4 End the Gameplay Recording

Click the “Stop” icon to stop the recording. The playback window will appear on a window pane. You can take a preview of your video and trim the excessive clip by moving the slider below. Then, move to the “Export” button to save or share your created video.

end the gameplay recording

Step 5 Save and Share Recorded Video

The recorded file will be stored on the “Recording History” of the tool. Select your previous video on the list and right-click. Choose “Share” from the option and select the online sites where you like to upload your video. However, click the “Open File” to locate the path of your recorded file on your computer and watch it anytime you want.

save and share recorded video

How to Record Apex Legends Gameplay with Windows 10 Game Bar

Best for: It is best for quick Gameplay recording with its available shortcut keys.
User Group: This tool is suitable for users who want to capture full-screen Gameplay on their Windows computer.

Xbox Game Bar is a wonderful option if you want to instantly record your games without installing anything on your PC. The application is best if your system is running low on space. With the help of this application, you can easily capture the best Apex Legends gaming moments. It is an application that comes pre-installed on Windows computers, making recording video games simple. Additionally, there is no need to download and set up this program. Now let us explore how to record Apex Legends on PC using this tool.

User Guide:

  • Use the “Windows + G” shortcut key to access the game bar screen recorder. The toolbar for recording will eventually show on your screen. Tick the check box from the selection “Yes, this is a game” to confirm the recordings.
  • Choose the camera icon to the provided options to access the Xbox screen recording. Otherwise, you can press on Windows + Alt + R shortcut keys to start and end the recordings. Moreover, clicking the Windows + Alt +G” keys simultaneously enables you to record 30 seconds.”
  • Once you end the Gameplay recording, you can locate your recorded file in the “Capture” folder in the video directory of your local computer. Every recording will automatically be saved and stored using the tool for windows computers.

record apex legends gameplay with windows 10 game bar

How to Record Apex Legends Gameplay with Bandicam

Best for: It is best for recording Gameplay with different recording modes and editing features.
User Group: This tool is great for all gamers who want a specific recording for their gameplay footage.

Bandicam is one of the capable programs for recording Apex Legends games. Furthermore, you might occasionally utilize it as a Windows program. Aside from playing games, it lets you record every activity on your screen. Moreover, it can record the entire screen of your computer with 4K UHD video from 2D and 3D games and other computer programs. You may add webcam overlays and voiceover using the Microphone of this tool, which optimizes the quality of your video. Bandicam Screen Recorder allows you to playback and edit your Gameplay recordings once you completely capture everything. Below is a summary and user guide for this software.

User Guide:

  • Download Bandicam Screen Recorder and install it on your computer. Then, open its main interface on your computer. Choose the “Game Recording” mode from the menu bar on the interface's top-left.
  • After that, the Green number will be visible on your screen. You can navigate to the menu tab on the left-hand column to modify your recording options, including the FPS, Video, and more. If you want to start the Gameplay recording, press the F12 key on your keyboard.
  • The green number will turn red once the recording begins. On the other hand, you can end the recording once the game ends by clicking the “Stop” button. The recorded video will be added automatically to the Home tab window from the list of videos. Additionally, you have the option to play your video, edit or upload the recorded file to different game streaming sites.

record apex legends gameplay with bandicam

How to Record Apex Legends Gameplay with OBS

Best for: It is best for creating a personalized Gameplay recording with features that add different sources.
User Group: The tool is designed for users who like live streaming their Gameplay while recording their computer screen.

Suppose you're seeking a free screen recorder to capture your best moments of Apex Legends Gameplay. In that case, OBS Studio is a good choice. It is an open-source program compatible with most of the available computer OS like Windows, macOS, and Linux. OBS can easily record anything on your computer screen, including games. You are allowed to stream, record, and playback with this tool. Using this software, you can even start a live stream while playing Apex Legends. Therefore, this is how you do it.

User Guide:

  • Download and Install OBS Studio on your computer. Open the main interface of the program afterward. Its user interface might look complex at first sight if you're a beginner. Begin by adding on the Source Docks. Tick the (+) plus icon and select “Game Capture.”
  • Create a New source of Game Capture and click “OK .”Click the drop-down menu and select the best from the three options of Mode. Then, open your Apex Legends Gameplay window to be recognized.
  • When the Gameplay window is recognized by the tool, it can easily be recorded. Click the “Start Recording” to begin recording your Gameplay window. Click the “Stop Recording” once you finish. Lastly, the recorded file will be saved automatically on your local computer as an MP4 file and shared with different video streaming sites like this.

record apex legends gameplay with obs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Apex Legends record Gameplay?
GamePlay Apex Legends doesn’t record the clip itself. However, you can easily record Apex Legends Gameplay by pressing the “Windows + G” keys on your computer keyboard. This open game bar recorder directs you to a toolbar to record your screen. On the other hand, utilize AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium if you like to customize your Gameplay recording.
2. How can I save Apex clips on a PC?
Quick saving of your recorded Gameplay on PC follows a simple step-by-step procedure. To give you ways how to record Apex Legends on PC, follow the guidelines below.

  • Use AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium to record Apex Legends Gameplay. Select the “Video Recorder” of the tool and modify the recording you want to use.
  • Go to the recording setting and select “Output” from the option. Navigate to the Directory section and set the location for your output file. Click “OK” and initiate the recordings.
  • Once your Gameplay recording is done, a preview screen will appear after, and the tool lets you trim the video if you like. Proceed to the “Export” button and click on it to save and share your file. You can directly save your file on your local computer or share it on different online sites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more.
3. What do YouTubers use to record Gameplay?
Utilize AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium if you want to share your Gameplay recording on YouTube easily. This screen recorder enables users to create professional-like videos of their favorite games using its tools provided. You can capture the entire computer screen or select a specific area to highlight your game. The recorded file saves automatically on the tool “Recording History .”Share your recorded file by simply clicking the “Share” button and selecting the YouTube icon to export your Gameplay video.

Comparison Chart

Tools Systems Compatibility Supported Format Task Scheduler
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium Android, Windows, and Mac MP4, WEMB, MOV, WMV, and more. Available
Xbox Gamebar Windows MP4 Not Available
Bandicam Windows MP4 Available
OBS Windows, Mac, and Linux MP4 and MKV Not Available
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