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Easiest Demo to Record a Specific Window on Computer

feature specific screen window Have you tried using a tool to record a specific window? If not, try it on your PC and use it to get significant screen captures. Whether you want to capture the highlights of a game, record a tutorial video, or record a demo in real-time, you’ll need a screen recorder that can capture a specific window. Various tools can be used to record a specific window from your screen. However, not all of them work perfectly. If there is another window covering while you are screen recording, it may be difficult to avoid capturing inaccurate content. However, this article uses the quickest reference with the most effective tool to guarantee that your recording stays on the window you want to capture.

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How to Record Specific Window on Windows/Mac

Distinctive Feature: This tool can record specific parts of any screen activity and highlight important information by adding text, callouts, and more while the recording works.
Price: You can acquire the premium version of this tool with its starting plan of $29.95 per year.

You will typically need to focus on capturing a particular area of your screen for your recording. Additionally, you should record your screen and yourself in the appropriate location in Windows and other OS, especially if you can annotate and comment on the recording. Suppose you want to record a video with a specific window in the best way possible. In that case, AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is a perfect place. You may find fully customized screen recording and editing tools here. Below is a quick and straightforward procedure for recording a single computer window. First read, then operate.

Step 1 Get and Launch the Specific Screen Recorder

The initial process you need to do is to get the specific screen recorder. Click the “Download” button above as your first move. Then, run the downloaded file to start the installation process. Follow the simple instructions to launch the tool on your computer successfully. Once you have it, open the main interface on your screen.

Step 2 Select Custom Mode Option

Open the “Video Recorder” of the tool and select the “Custom” mode to capture a specific window. Then, the tool enables you to drag a specific portion on your screen. Additionally, you can use pre-made screen dimensions such as 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 854 x 480, and more. Moreover, turn “On” the Microphone and System sound to initiate the recording you need.

Step 3 Setup Recording Setting

Go to the recording "Setting" by clicking the “Gear” icon on the upper-left corner of the tool’s interface. Select the “Output” from the column and modify your preferred recordings. Additionally, tick the dropdown menu of each option, including the file format, quality, and framerate of the video.

Step 4 Start Recording Specific Window

After modifying the recording settings, hit the “Rec” button to start. The recording countdown will begin. If you want to customize your screen while on-screen recording, you can use the annotation features. Click the “Edit” icon from the floating toolbar and start adding text, shapes and lines, and other provided tools to customize your video. This tool can help you create unique content while recording a specific window.

Step 5 Save and Share your Recorded Video

If you're finished recording a specific part of the screen, tick the “Stop” button to end the recordings. The preview page will then display so you can recall your recorded video. The tool also allows you to trim the excessive part and finally click the export button. However, tick your file on the list and click the share button to upload to various popular online sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

save and share your recorded video

How to Use OBS to Record a Specific Windows

Distinctive Feature: The prominent feature of this software is its functionality to add media sources like images and text for personalizing recording.
Price: Free

OBS Studio is one of the most commonly used tools for screen recording and streaming. Compared to other software packages, this program offers the best functionality at no cost. The software's flexibility to record from many sources is undoubtedly its most significant advantage. You can integrate several types of recordings, such as webcam, text, audio, etc. You may also create a scene with several sources and modify it repeatedly. We'll utilize OBS Studio's Window Capture tool to capture a particular window.on your screen. It is simple to configure. How? Read more.

User Guide:

  1. Download OBS on your Computer. On your web browser, find the OBS Studio and download it. Run the installer on your computer to finally launch the tool. Once done, open the tool's main interface on your screen to familiarize yourself with its features.
  2. download obs on your computer

  3. Add Scenes and Sources. Open OBS Studio. Usually, the software automatically adds the Scene upon startup. If not, click on the "+" icon in the Scenes box in the bottom left corner of the screen. Go to Sources next to Scenes and click the "+" icon at the bottom of the panel.
  4. add scenes and sources

  5. Select Display Capture. Now choose "Display Capture" from the options menu. A small popup will appear, add a title and click "OK ."Another popup window will appear. If you have multiple monitors, click the small down arrow to open the dropdown. Select the image you want to capture and press "OK."
  6. select display capture

  7. Start Recording. Go to the bottom right corner of the screen and click "Settings ."A new window will appear - select Output from the sidebar on the left. Once you're done, click "Start Recording" in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  8. start recording

How to Use Bandicam to Record a Specific Windows

Distinctive Feature: It has an FPS overlay to track a smoother and more realistic video recording.
Price: You can get its full version for $33.26 per year

Record specific windows using Bandicam are possible. This program is helpful for Windows computers and is commonly used to record screen activities. Its user interface is relatively straightforward compared to other screen recorder programs, so users might find it simple. It offers top-notch outcomes, specifically for recording gameplay that is appropriate for all players. Users can choose the recording area of their choice to capture a particular part of their screen. There are possibilities for generating stunning content using a web camera and audio sources. In addition, the program allows for unlimited screen recording. To obtain the tool, adhere to the steps listed below.

User Guide:

  • Go to the Official Page of Bandicam and select the download button you prefer. Then, run the Software installer until it finally launches on your computer. Access its interface and familiarize its recording features.
  • Choose the “Rectangle Area” option to record a specific window using the tool. Then, navigate to the “Video” tab from the left column and modify the video recording you need. Finally, you can start the recording by pressing the “REC” button from the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • You can end the recording by clicking the red “Stop” button. Otherwise, you can press the “F12” shortcut key to stop the recordings. Open the Home page to locate your saved video.

use bandicam to record a specific windows

How to Use ScreenCastify to Record a Specific Windows

Distinctive Feature: The prominent feature of this software is the straightforward recording functionality that provides multiple screen sharing.
Price: This tool has a free trial of $7 per month.

Screencastify is an ideal software if you're looking for a good recorder with built-in features that ask you to share and record a specific window on your desktop screen. This tool works as a Google Chrome extension, which installation process isn’t required. Aside from these, this screen recorder offers various recording options, including full-screen recording, browser tab, and webcam. Annotation tools like drawing pen, highlighting and mouse spotlight, and more are provided while the recording starts. The audio source, however, supports a microphone to capture voice and background sounds. Read the guide steps below to learn more.

User Guide:

  • Search for Screencastify on Chrome Store and add the tool as Chrome Extensions. Pin the tool on the main page of your computer browser. You must first sign up with your Google Account. Then allows permission to use the web camera, Microphone, and others.
  • Select the Recording mode based on your preference. Choose Desktop Mode and click the “Record” button. Select Turn on the Microphone by ticking the toggle button. Also, switch on the Embed Webcam if you like to capture yourself while recording a specific window on your screen. Then, initiate the recording by clicking the “Share” button.
  • The recording will eventually start to record a specific window. You can use a mouse pointer, pen, shape, sticker, and more while on-screen recording. Then, click the stop button to end the recording.

use screencastify to record a specific windows

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you only record a particular area of your Windows screen?
Yes, there are helpful tools accessible to Windows users. It enables them to customize your screen recording. With the aid of AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium, specific areas of the computer screen can be easily and quickly captured. You can download and run the program freely on a Windows computer. To start the recording, go to its main interface and select the video recording option. Additionally, the app's straightforward interface allows you to explore it thoroughly to acquire the optimum outcome possible.
2. Is it possible to record specific windows on a Mac?
Quicktime player is a standard screen recorder that allows Mac users to record specific part of screen. You can find this tool pre-installed on your computer and access it by pressing the shortcut key “shift+command+5” on your computer. Additionally, its recording interface helps you choose the menu to select a custom mode to select a specific window on the screen. Then, you can start the recording by pressing the “Record” button. If you’re a Mac user, you can try this tool to record specific windows on your screen.
3. Can I record a specific part of my screen with audio?
Yes, Recording a specific window on screen doesn’t affect any recording function; it is the same way with recording using the full-screen mode. Suppose you want to record a specific part of your screen with audio. You should get a tool that provides both features. Screen Grabber Premium offers a recording feature that allows you to drag a specific screen portion. The tool's free trial version allows you to try it out without charge. In contrast, the tool's premium version gives you access to its more sophisticated capabilities.

Comparison Chart

Tools Supported Video Format Time Limitation Software File Size
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium MP4, MWV, MOV, F4V, TS, WEBM, and GIF No time Limit 112 MB
OBS MP4 No time Limit 600 MB
Bandicam AVI and MP4 10 minutes 103 MB
ScreenCastify WEBM, MP4 and GIF 30 minutes None
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