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How to Record 3DS Gameplay

record 3ds A lot of game lovers fancy the idea of sharing their gameplay on social platforms for others to see, comment, or learn a trick or two; as a result, 3DS game recording is becoming more popular than it used to be. Do you need an easy way to record your 3DS gameplay in high quality? Are you interested in showing how amazing you are on 3DS gameplay with friends, family, or the online community? Then you need a reliable tool to capture your gameplay effectively, and the standard way most people used at the moment is to record 3DS gameplay. Read this post on two easy solutions to record 3DS gameplay. Once you are done the reading, recording 3DS gameplay will no longer be an issue.

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Best Solution for 3DS Gameplay Recording

Recording 3DS screens is not an easy task, but with AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium, it will make it easier. However, it would be best if you mirrored your 3DS to PC first before you can record it. But once you successfully connect it to the computer, this tool will let you record it in HD quality. Also, you can put annotations like shapes, lines, texts, and arrows while recording. Another good thing about this tool is it can include your voice on the recording by plugging in your external microphone on the computer. It is best to make a video walkthrough on 3DS games like Pokemon X, Alpha Sapphire, Zelda, and more. To know how to use this tool, you can find the steps below.

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Step 1 Grab the installer of the tool above

First of all, refer to the “Download” button above to the installer of Screen Grabber Premium. Then, run the installer and follow the steps on installing this tool to your computer. After installing the screen recording, get a USB cable and connect your 3DS to your PC to start mirroring it.

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Step 2 Begin recording 3DS screen

Once mirrored, go to Screen Grabber Premium, and choose the “Video Recorder” option. You can select at the leftmost part of the toolbar if you are going to record in full-screen or in region mode. Then, click the “REC” button on the right side of the tool to start recording while playing on 3DS.

3ds recorder sgp recording

Step 3 End the recording process

When done recording, hit on the “Stop” button at the leftmost part of the floating toolbar to end the recording. It will open its built-in playback player where you can watch the recorded video. You can also click the “Save” button to get the video to your computer, and “R-record” to record again if you are not satisfied with the output.

3ds recorder sgp preview

Buy a Nintendo 3DS Capture Card

The second method that you can try to record 3DS is to buy a Nintendo 3DS Capture Card and install it on your game console. Currently, this facility is only available in the USA, Germany, and Japan. It's either you order online to receive at your location or send your gaming console to the company, and they will return it with the modification. What the professionals do is to create an extra Mini USB port on the backside of Nintendo 3DS. However, it will take you a while to install this device on your 3DS to record your 3DS gameplay. But still, this is one of the best solutions that you can use to record your 3DS. If you already have a Nintendo 3DS Capture card on your device, follow the steps below on how to use it.


User guide

  • If you have Nintendo 3DS Capture Card installed on your 3DS device, install its viewer software by connecting it to your PC via mini USB cable.
  • Next, you will need to open any recording software you have to specify the source of your video capture.
  • Now, launch the recording tool that you are using and follow the on-screen instruction to begin the recording process.
  • Once you are done recording, you can save your gameplay footage and share it with your friends or family.

Recording 3DS Gameplay Without the Capture Card

If you don't have the money to buy an expensive capture card, you can still record 3DS gameplay. You can use a smartphone or an external web camera to record the 3DS screen. However, this will take a lot of effort before you can record your 3DS. You will need a stable tripod for both phone and 3DS devices. Also, it might record unnecessary noise in your surroundings since you are using an external recording device. But still, it is a lot cheaper than buying a Nintendo 3DS Capture Card. You can follow the steps below to start recording 3DS without a capture card.


User Guide

  • Set your smartphone on a clap and adjust till you get a perfect-focused position on your 3DS gameplay.
  • Open camera in your phone, look for a suitable view angle that can capture your full screen.
  • Make sure every other application running on your phone is closed during this period to prevent interruptions from notifications.
  • Ensure your environment is calm and begin your 3DS game video recording. Turn off your phone camera if you are done the recording. Don’t forget to save your video.


The second method is much more comfortable and fast than the first method since all you need to record your gameplay is a smartphone. However, you may notice some issues with the recording when done; for instance, you may not be impressed with the quality. Finding the best position to place your phone to record may also be a challenge, ensure you get the perfect shooting angle before you start recording. This is why the first method is better, it saves you the stress of finding an ideal angle to record, and you don't have to worry about the video quality. The first method is more stable and reliable. To record 3DS gameplay instantly, download and install the AceThinker Screen Recorder. Have an enjoyable high-quality 3DS gameplay video experience.

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Last updated on January 18, 2022

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