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Top 10 Free PC Game Download Sites

websites to download pc gamesPlaying computer games is a way to relax, forget all the stress from your work or school, and you can have bonding with your friends and family. PC Games have become a considerable role for children in bonding with their family and friends by playing computer games. With today's games development, you can play First-person Shooting, Sports, Racing, RPG, and massive multiplayer games on your PC online. All these games will give you excitement with their upgraded video graphics, music background, and gameplay. For that reason, we have looked for the best PC games download sites that you can visit to search and download the PC games for free. See the list below to start getting your favorite computer games.

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Skidrow & Reloaded

The first website that can download PC games for free is Skidrow & Reloaded. It is a website that you can use to buy or download available PC games for free. Skidrow & Reloaded also contains updates, features, and add-ons of a specific game for you to enjoy it better. Besides, Skidrow & Reloaded have a collection of games like FPS, Survival, Simulation, RPG, and Fantasy games. It is helpful whenever you are looking for new games to download and play with your PC. In fact, you can download games via torrent, multilink, KATfile, and other mirror links on both Windows and Mac. Skidrow & Reloaded has become popular with the games from 2014 up to present, so there are no reasons for you not to try this website to get your preferred games.


FitGirl Repacks

The next game downloading website on our list is the FitGirl Repacks. This website established last 2016 and still provides games up to date. In fact, it is mostly used by gamers who want to save space on their PC storage when downloading games. It's because FitGirl compressed the games within its website, and then extract when you are going to install it on your PC. Another good thing about this website is its "Monthly Archives," which helps you to search for PC games by its release dates. Besides, FitGirl has a list of all the upcoming PC games every day. So if you want to download and collect all of your favorite PC games, then FitGirl will help you with that task.

best-website-games-2020-fitgirl is a torrent downloading website, founded in 2008, that helps you get PC games for free. You can easily search games by categories like Games/XBOX-360, Games/PC ISO, Games/PC RIP, and lots more. Also, provides the latest update/patch of the game that you are playing. It has DLC that you can add to your game. These DLCs contain costumes, items, weapons, and armor, which adds more fun to the game. Besides, this website has a "TOP 10" section that you can check when you are not sure which game to download. It listed the best games depending on the ratings of the gamers who have tried a specific game.



Steam is a top-rated game digital distributor that helps you to get PC games for free. This website has a desktop app that acts as a launcher for each game you download from Steam. Also, it has free-to-play games like Stay Out, Warhammer, Warframe, and Dota 2. You can also purchase some of the most popular games like Monster Hunter World, PUBG, Code Vein, No Man's Sky, and NBA 2k20 for their online access. You can assure that your PC is safe from viruses with Steam when downloading games because it is a legitimate Game Store developed by Valve, a trusted American video game developer and publisher.


Epic Games

Epic Games is another game downloader website to get PC games for free. Its primary focus is to provide awesome games for gamers to play. Also, you can see the upcoming features and updates of all the games on this site. You can also find the significant known issues of a particular game on the Epic Games website. Although you can get some of the games on this website for free, you can also purchase their games for an affordable price. Epic Games will surely show you the list of the best games, depending on your preferred game genre.



LimeTorrent is one of the best websites that you can use to get all of your favorite games on PC. This website contains different game genres like Action, FPS, Survival, Simulation, Sports, and lots more. Thanks to its simple web interface, you can find and download PC games in a few clicks. In fact, you can not just download games, but LimeTorrent has a library of Anime, Apps, Movies, Music, and TV shows. LimeTorrent has many "Seeders," which helps you to download PC games faster. Seeders are the users who downloaded the game via Torrent client and uploading the parts of the data of a particular game online. As long as you download the game from LimeTorrent, you will receive the data from the Seeders.


Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games is another website on our list that you can use to get the most upcoming popular PC games in 2020. This website was launched in 2013, and it made a massive community of game lovers. Users can also share their reviews and ideas on the latest PC games. Ocean of Games has a library of Action, Adventure, Fighting, Mystery, Puzzle, and Racing games that you can download and play on your PC. You can also request a game if you can't find the game that you want to download on this website. Since numerous gamers have trusted the Ocean of Games, you can be sure that all of the download contents from this website are safe and clean.

best-website-games-2020-ocean-of-games is a free PC game downloader website that consists of Classic/retro remake games. You will feel nostalgic because you can find lots of old games like Final Fantasy: Endless Nova, Beneath a Steel Sky, Elder Scrolls: The Arena, Wings of Fury, and more. You can download and play those retro games on your PC with better graphics and audio. Also, has reviews for each game that you find. It can help you to give more information about the game you are about to download. Lots of remastered games have been released as of today, and there will be another retro game that will be reworked in 2020. So don't hesitate to visit this website if you want to download those classic games.


Best Old Games

Best Old Games is another website where you can download old games. It contains games from a console gaming platform and has been reworked for gamers to play on. If you are familiar with Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Dungeon Master, and Baldur's Gate, you can find them within the Best Old Games website. Even though it has an outdated web interface, you can download games from this site quickly. If there are old games that have been remastered and released in 2020, you can also refer to this website to download them for free.


Microsoft Store

The last website on our list is the Microsoft Store. You can download the top free games like Angry Birds 2, ROBLOX, Asphalt 9, Forza Street, and more. Within its category section, you can choose your preferred game genre like Action, Adventure, Cardboard games, Casino, Classics, Educational, and more. You can also download cross-platform multiplayer games from the Microsoft store. Those are the games that can also be played on mobile, Xbox, and Hololens. As we all know, Microsoft is a top-rated developer, and it can also provide you free and secured games to download and play on your PC.



In this post, you will see all the websites that can help you to download PC games. Some of the games are continuation/sequel of the most frequently played PC games. You can get updated on those games with the list we made above. These websites will surely update all of the newest games that you can play on the PC. Also, some retro games have been remade due to its popularity. So we also listed the best website that you can use to get those classic remastered games. You can then enjoy playing games with your family and friend on your personal computer.

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