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How to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming & Performance

optimize windows10 feature Today, computers have become the most potent device for playing games. You can play FPS, MMORPG, Strategy, Simulation, and more fun along with your friends by playing online. That is why many game companies improve their games in terms of gameplay, story, and graphics. Of course, you need a fabulous computer to play great games. You will need a high-end processor, RAM, graphics card, and other expensive peripherals to play the game in its ultra settings. However, not all gamers can afford these computer parts to play triple-A games and enjoy them in their best quality. That is why some gaming companies consider players who cannot afford high-end PCs and let the game be optimized. Also, most computers now are in Windows 10, and this Windows version allows you to optimize Windows 10 for gaming. But this is not an easy task for beginners to tweak their computer settings in Windows 10 version. That is why we have carefully explored and listed the tips for you to follow for Windows 10 optimization for gaming below.

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Optimize to Game Mode

The first windows 10 performance tweak for gaming that we will show is to enable its Game Mode, which is made for gamers since the computer became one of the primary devices for gaming. Game Mode can boost your computer's gaming performance, especially for fast-paced and high-intensity game moments, because lags can disturb your gameplay. But, before you enable the Game Mode of Windows 10, you can try disabling the Game DVR in the Xbox app first. It is because there are reports that this can help smooth the performance of Windows 10 in gaming. If this solution is not working, do not worry because we will now try the unique feature of Windows 10, the Game Mode. You can proceed below to see the detailed steps on how to enable it for smoother gaming performance and experience.

Step 1 Go to Game Mode settings

From your keyboard, press "Windows key + I" to open the main Settings of Windows 10. There are two ways to go on the Game Mode settings. The first method is to type the "Game Mode" on the setting's search bar to go directly to Game Mode settings. Second is clicking the "Gaming" menu at the lower rightmost part of the Settings interface, and then select "Game Mode."

optimize windows10 game mode

Step 2 Enable Game Mode feature

Next, from its setting's interface, toggle the "Game Mode" option to enable it. It will then optimize your Windows PC for gameplay. If you find that the Game Mode is already enabled, some games will automatically turn it on. If you are experiencing lags while playing, you need to consider the first thing to check and enable Game Mode.

optimize windows10 game mode2

Disabling Nagle’s algorithm

Nagle's Algorithm means improving the TCP/IP network's efficiency in limiting the packets that will be sent over the network. By doing this, you can have a smoother and faster internet connection. However, enabling Nagle's Algorithm will cause a tremendous burden on online games. It can cause high latency when playing games online like Dota 2, LoL, COD Warzone, and more. Since we are doing some tips on Windows 10 game optimization, we are ought to disable Nagle's Algorithm. But, if you do not know how to do it, do not try it without researching or asking some IT specialists on how to do it. That being said, we will list the steps below on how to disable Nagle's Algorithm.

Step 1 Go to Windows Registry Editor

To start, press "Windows key + X" on your keyboard and then select the "Windows PowerShell" option. From there, enter "ipconfig," and take note of your IPv4 address.

optimize windows10 nagle

Step 2 Open Windows Registry

After that, click the "Start" menu, type "Regedit," and then select Registry Editor. On its address bar, copy and paste the path "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces" to open its DWORD Value.

optimize windows10 nagle2

Step 3 Open Windows Registry

Next, when you find your matching folder, select "New > DWORD (32-bit) value" and name it as "TcpAckFrequency" and then click "OK." After that, select "New > DWORD (32-bit) value" again, and call it "TCPNoDelay." Lastly, double-click both of them and set their parameters to 1. If it occurs a problem, try to fix the parameters to 0 to be disabled totally.

optimize windows10 nagle3

Manage Active Hours of your computer

Windows 10 can install updates on its own and reboot your computer without notifying you even while in the middle of your game. It can be a nuisance, especially when you are playing for ranking in Dota 2 or COD. It is because downloading updates can run in the background getting all the connection speeds and working memory of your computer. On that note, you will be forced to turn off the auto-update of your Windows 10, but we do not advise you to do it. Instead, we suggest you set the active hours of your working schedule accordingly. You can select a specific plan when your Windows 10 can update, not when you play a game. Windows will then use the non-active hours to update its system automatically. To do that, you can follow the guidelines below.

Step 1 Set active hours

Press the "Windows key + I" and go to the "Update & Security" option on your keyboard. From there, click the "Change active hours" and set your preferred active hours. Then, click the "Save" button to apply it.

optimize windows10 active hours

Step 2 Let Windows remind you when to restart

If you don't want your Windows to restart even if you are currently using your PC, you can always delay it. Just go to "Windows Update" and click the "Advanced options." Then, enable the "We'll show a reminder when we're going to restart" option for Windows to give a warning when it needs to restart.

optimize windows10 active hours2

Upgrade from HDD to SSD

Another thing to consider to optimize the gaming performance of Windows 10 is upgrading your HDD to SSD. Solid State Drive (SSD) is a new and updated generation of storage devices for computers. It boosts the computer's speed performance because of their short time read-access and its fast throughputs. Installing the game on SSD means that you are also increasing the game's speed performance. Another updated version of the storage device is the M.2 SSD drive. It is a smaller version of SSD that looks like a stick of gum. These devices are faster than HDD and SSD, but more expensive. So to say, if you have enough budget, go for M.2 SSD. If you don't have extra money and only have enough for upgrading, go for regular SSDs with larger storage capacities like 1TB, 2TB, etc.

optimize windows10 ssd

Adjust the Visual Effects settings of the game

Most of the newest popular triple-A games have fancy visual effects. Sometimes, that is the reason why your GPU affects the processing power of your computer. It can also cause lags and stuttering on your gameplay. Also, background apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. can also affect your computer's performance. That is why it is strongly recommended that you close all of the unused background apps to preserve the RAM usage for gaming. Besides, tweaking your visual effects in your Windows 10 GUI can also boost the game process. It would be best if you tried to lessen the game's graphics quality to medium or low. It can drastically fasten the speed of your game. To adjust the visual effects of your Windows 10 PC, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1 Start going to the visual effects settings

Hit the "Windows key + I" on your keyboard to go to its settings and then enter "performance." After that, select the "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows" option.

optimize windows10 visual effects

Step 2 Begin adjusting the visual effects

Next, select the "Adjust for best performance" and go to the "Advanced" tab and verify that the settings are applied to "Programs." You can enable and disable your preferred visual effects settings.

optimize windows10 visual effects2

Disable the auto update of Steam

Steam is one of the most leading game distributors where you can download triple-A games like Dota 2, COD Warzone, Monster Hunter, Craftopia, and more. With your account logged in to Steam, all of the newest patches of a game will automatically be downloaded by Steam. It is so helpful because you can update your game just by logging in. However, Steam consumes lots of bandwidth when updating a game. That can cause lags on some games that you are playing. So, we suggest that you manage or disable Steam auto-updates. To do it, open your Steam account with your account logged in, and go to its Settings and find the update options by going to the "Downloads" section. After that, see the "Download Restriction" section, and uncheck the "Allow downloads during gameplay." It will disable the update of a game while you are playing.

optimize windows10 steam

Use high performance power plan

Another gaming optimizer for Windows 10 is using a high-performance power plan of your Windows 10 PC. It can boost the performance of your computer, especially in games. But, it can use more energy than before, meaning that electricity consumption will be doubled. To enable the High-Performance power plan, hit the "Windows key + I" on your keyboard, and then type "power" on its search bar. Then, choose the "Power & sleep settings" and go to the "Additional power settings and click the "High performance" power plan to boost the performance of your PC

optimize windows10 high performance

Always update GPU drivers

The GPU, also called the graphics card, should always be updated to optimize gaming performance in Windows 10. Since most popular games rely on your GPU, you can't leave the GPU's driver outdated. To update your GPU's driver, open your search browser, and go to your GPU's manufacturer website. After that, choose your GPU model and check for updates.

optimize windows10 gpu

Do not enable mouse acceleration

This next tip will not help your computer improve its performance, but it can help with your personal gaming experience. Mouse acceleration will not only detect on how you move your mouse, but also its sensitivity. It will lessen your mouse's unnecessary movements' accuracy and enhance the parameter to path your mouse's movements. To enable mouse acceleration, click the "Windows key + I" on your keyboard, enter "mouse pointer" and choose "Change the mouse pointer display or speed" option. Then, go to the "Pointer Options" tab and uncheck the "Enhance pointer precision."

optimize windows10 mouse

Get DirectX 12 and install it

The list tip to optimize gaming performance windows 10 is download and install the DirectX 12. It is a must-have driver because it helps all games communicate with your computer. If you do not update your DirectX driver, it might have a problem running the game without lag, or worst, it may crash your game. You can check if your DirectX is updated by hitting the "Windows key + R" on your keyboard and enter "dxdiag." From there, you can will all of the computer's drivers. If DirectX is outdated, click the "Windows key + I" key and select "Update & Security." Then, click the "Check for updates" in the Windows update tab and wait for it to finish installing.

optimize windows10 directx12

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