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Top 6 Open Source Video Conferencing Software

videoconference featuredMeetings make every company bind together. Seminars, conferences, and every term you use to it, yet it only conveys one meaning. And that is to make sure everyone is informed with decisions, updates, and brain-storming activities, which is vital in every company or business, either big or small. Video conferencing software has become very useful in all kinds of business as of today. Useful in a way that it cuts cost on travels, saves time, and does business meetings without any hassle. These said tools let people conduct a face-to-face meeting online for business, for schools, and even family meetings in the comfort of their houses or offices. Grow your knowledge through webinars, keep track of your business stands, and more things you can do with video conferencing software. These tools are essential, most especially during times of quarantine. In this article, we will tackle the top 6 open source video conferencing software you can use for your webinars and meetings.

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Price: Free 40-minute meetings basic/$149.90 /year/license/unlimited
Distinctive Feature: Zoom makes itself distinctive from other video conferencing software because it has robust security settings. You can create a room with selected participants with a password.

Do your online meetings, training, and conferences without any hassle with Zoom open source video conferencing software. The video conferencing software can cater to up to 1000 participants and needs you to register before using it. Also, as you conduct the video conference, you can chat with other participants, share screens, etc. Furthermore, you can also record your meetings through Zoom. It also has built-in collaboration tools to annotate as you conduct your meetings. The Zoom video conferencing software is a perfect tool for your online meetings and discussions. It has a clear audio sound with advanced background noise suppression. The video conferencing tool not only works for PC, but also for Mobile phones. Zoom for mobile gives the same great experience with the one that is on your desktop.

videoconference zoom interface


  • It is very straightforward to use.

  • The application is a bit pricey.

Jitsi Meet

Price: Free
Distinctive feature: Automatically changes mode to conference when the meeting becomes 3 or more persons.

Another open source video conferencing server you can use for video conferencing online is Jitsi Meet. A 100% fully encrypted video conferencing software with no registration is needed. Although it is free, it allows you to add as many participants as possible and share the important online meetings through big or small businesses. Imagine that you will not have to set a place or consume an ample space through a location or a venue for your meetings. To add, since the application is bound for online meetings. It lets you share your screen activities, such as presentations, graphs, sales information, and other desktop activities.

Furthermore, Jitsi Meet uses an HD audio with Opus making the sound clear and easy to understand. You can also edit documents or files through Etherpad, an online editor that lets you edit files in real-time. Conduct meetings hassle-free without signing up with Jitsi Meet, an open-source video conferencing software with a great security feature. Conduct meetings without any worries of hackers.

videoconference jitsimeet interface


  • Let's you modify and customize your interface through your desired design.

  • It has some problems with Mozilla Firefox


Price: Has free trial/$40.00 per month premium
Distinctive feature: The feature that ClickMeeting makes it different from others is that it supports Facebook Livestream.

One of the best open source conference software that is popular now to schools and other business platforms is the Click Meeting app. It lets students, teachers, and customers stay in touch together. Suppose you are a teacher who is having a hard time like this pandemic. In that case, you can use this software for your online classes and make your time and valuable time safe for everyone. In business-related scenarios, you can present your projects, conduct a meeting, and discuss business matters without jeopardizing your house's safety or comfort. What makes the application very good for business is that you can share your webinars through social media sites, including YouTube. To inform your customers and leads without costing money like renting venues or booking flights. You can gather many participants all over the world without spending much time organizing an event.

Furthermore, the application lets you customize your online meetings with personalized messages. Just like other open-source conference software, ClickMeeting can handle a vast number of members or participants. Share knowledge and more with the ClickMeeting video conferencing app.

videoconference clickmeeting interface


  • You can send the recording of the online meeting right away with your participants.

  • Sometimes has delay with the audio.


Price: $39.00/month
Distinctive feature: You can update and notify participants ahead of time with its ”Email invitations & reminders” features before webinars.

Having a problem running your business because of the new norm? Livestorm got your back! Best for your product demos, content strategy, and training. Livestorm is an open source meeting software for companies of all sizes that rely on live video meetings to develop their business. Livestorm works inside a browser and doesn't need any downloads. It works on almost all platforms, including IE and mobile phones. Host webinars in real-time, record meetings, analytics email automation, and more. Like other video conference apps, it also supports many participants, up to 200 attendees.

Furthermore, participants don't need to download anything to join an online meeting. All they need to do is go to the main page of Livestorm and invite them to the forum. It works with inviting friends with a URL, and no sign-up is required. Furthermore, you can set video meetings through HD quality. Moreover, screen sharing and recording sharing is compatible with Livestorm. Conduct meetings and training without downloading anything on your mobile phone or computer with Livestorm. An open-source conference software you can depend on in these times of pandemic.

videoconference livestorm interface


  • It is very easy to use software for conducting webinars.

  • It doesn't work with iPad pro as a "Mobile device".

Price: Free for up to 1,000 participants/$12.95 per user/month premium
Distinctive feature: is equipped with a 24/7 customer service for FAQs making it more reliable to use.

Suppose you are looking for an affordable open source web conferencing software to use for webinars and online activities through a massive number of participants. got you covered. It is one of the most recognized conferencing software in the world for over 800,000 businesses. Also, It provides HD audio and video conferencing for up to a thousand user participants. The application works with an account registration with an email and password. After sign-up, you will be given a Dial-in Number and Access Code to create a webinar or join meetings. Also, the application lets you call 24/7 with no reservation needed.

Furthermore, offers many features like other paid video conferencing software such as screen sharing, save call detail reports, save webinar recordings, and more. The software is very reliable regarding security features because it encrypts passwords, codes, and users. is suited for either small or big companies who need the business running even though many circumstances. With its affordable pricing, many enterprises grab the opportunity to use the software. The software is used from over 60 countries across the world.

videoconference freeconferencecall interface


  • Works without any advertisements.

  • The quality of the call is not the best.


Price: $150/month
Distinctive feature: Make different groups through the webinar for team collaboration with its Breakout Room feature.

One of the leading, open-source video conferencing software up to date is Bigbluebutton. The tool perfectly works for schools. It allows teachers to share audio and video tutorials, conduct online classes, presentations with teacher-to-students collaboration. Moreover, it has a live whiteboard for speakers and presenters of groups with features such as draw, zoom, and other annotation tools for better discussion. Also, it works well with business needs as well. It provides HD clear audio and video settings, perfect for business meetings' webinars, annotation features for project and proposal. BigBlueButton software has no limit in regards to the share number of webcams in a session. It will just depend on the bandwidth.

Furthermore, BigBlueButton offers many features for schooling and business matters. These features include real-time chats, record and playback activity, screen sharing, presentation streaming, and many more features. Also, the video conferencing software is available through PC and mobile, making you connect to your team even if you are on the go. Host and attend online meetings and classes at ease with BigBlueButton video conferencing software.

videoconference bigbluebutton interface


  • User-friendly (API) Application Performance Interface.

  • The software is a bit pricey.

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

Video conferencing software plays a very important role in our society. A huge network of benefits from business to business, teachers to students, and more target markets. Now that we already listed the top 6 list of open-source video conferencing software for online meetings. It is now for you to decide which one to use. All of the software listed is the best of the best among all of the tools of their kind, which is mainly for video conferencing. We've also created a comparison chart for you to compare the difference and choose the best software that will perfectly match your video conferencing needs. Thank you for reading and I hope you got your take away from this article. Please comment below for suggestions.

Features Zoom Jitsi Meet ClickMeeting
Mobile Acess Yes Yes Yes
Record & Playback Yes Yes Yes
Two-way audio & video Yes Yes Yes
Screen Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Free Technical support No No No
Features Livestorm BigBlueButton
Mobile Acess Yes Yes Yes
Record & Playback Yes Yes Yes
Two-way audio & video Yes Yes Yes
Screen Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Free Technical support No Yes No
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Last updated on January 10, 2022

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