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Top 10 Open Source Screen Recorder for Windows/Mac/Linux

open source screen captureAs the title reads, the screen recorder allows you to record your computer screen, and it can be converted into a presentable video and share it through popular channels such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. Also, you can use a screen recorder for preparing tutorials, how-to videos, and more. Do you know that you can use an open source screen recorder to capture whatever you need in Windows, Mac, and Linux? There are lots of open-source free screen recorders with great features and will help you capture quality video files. Here we have compiled the best 10 open source screen recording software for your reference.

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Best 10 Free Screen Recorder Open Source

1. OBS Studio

Our first open source screen video recorder is OBS Studio. It is a free, cross-platform type application for professionals that lets you capture all your desktop streams in just one click. Also, this tool is commonly used for recording desktop presentations, training sessions, conferences, and lectures. Aside from that, this open-source screen recording software supports both recordings and streaming with HD quality up to 4K resolution with no restrictions. Plus, it allows you to stream live to YouTube gaming or Twitch. And, it enables you to record directly from your graphic card. With that, you can capture games running in full-screen mode.

obs main interface


  • This tool can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.
  • There is no restrictions and video length limit.
  • It supports editing functions like filters, image masking tools, wherein it allows you to edit your recorder screen videos.


  • There is a little delay with the tool when downloading multiple videos.
  • Not easy to use.

2. ShareX

ShareX is an open source screen capture software for recording screen and capturing still screen grabs videos. It allows you to capture an entire scrolling webpage, capture your screen according to a schedule, and capture and identify text via OCR. Furthermore, it offers useful features like it carries an "automated capture" feature for screen recordings. In connection to this, it enables you to add effects from the screen recorded video. Additionally, it allows you to save your screen recorded videos via GIF or an MP4 file format with an HD quality.

sharex main interface


  • It allows you to directly share the screen recorded video into YouTube or other platforms.
  • There is no watermark place from the final video.
  • There is no video length limit for the final output.


  • You can't capture streaming games into full-screen mode.

3. CamStudio

Another popular open source Windows screen recorder is CamStudio. This easy to use software can record any screen activities on your computer screen with up to 4K quality if available. It allows you to add screen text and overlay your webcam video at the top of the content you are capturing. That means you can customize the recorded content while introducing the picture in picture feature over desktop. Also, it lets you record a demonstration or product information video from your desktop screen. Besides, you can convert those recordings into high-quality AVI video files. Aside from that, you can reduce or increase the video file size according to the source that you want to upload.



  • It can save the recording into different file formats such as AVI, SWF, and more.
  • It allows you to create flash videos.


  • There is a watermark on the final video.

4. Captura

One of the best open source desktop recorders that we recommend you to use is Captura. It allows you to capture screen from your desktop and webcam in just one click. Also, it lets you capture specific regions, windows, or screens. This screen recorder is designed with a concise user interface that can give you comfortable audio and video recording experience. Likewise, it offers more than 30 languages that can be used for everybody. Moreover, it has hotkeys that will help you get full control of the recording. In addition to that, it lets you share the screen recorded video directly to social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and many more.

Captura main interface


  • It allows you to record Fullscreen games using the Desktop Duplication API.
  • It supports different kinds of file formats like MP4, AVI, GIF, and more.


  • There is a little bit of delay when recording live streams.

5. UltraVNC Screen Recorder

UltraVNC Screen Recorder is another open source software for screen recording that is available for Linux. It is because of its recording speed, and no ads are appearing on it. It has a mirror driver, which is the cause of its fast processing system. Besides, this screen recorder enables you to record audio and sync it with the video. Moreover, it offers some editing features that you may use to edit your recorded screen videos. These include video effects, filters, and more. Aside from that, it enables you to record gameplay and webcam videos up to 4K quality.

Ultravnc main interface


  • It allows you to capture multiple videos simultaneously.
  • It lets you edit the subtitle of the recorded screen video.
  • It has a recording timer wherein you can record the screen without clicking on the screen every time.


  • Only one file format is supported, which is MP4.
  • There is a little bit of delay when exporting videos.

6. VokoscreenNG

VokoscreenNG is the next tool for Linux users to record educational videos, video conferences, and live recordings from a computer monitor. It also enables you to record all the activities from your desktop with an audio and HD quality. Plus, it allows you to record videos from your webcam or the screen content along with your chosen audio format. Apart from that, it has an option to scale the video to a different aspect ratio, such as 9:16, 4:3, and more. And it has a countdown timer that indicates when the recording will start.

Vokoscreen main interface


  • It has an option to set the frames per second, video parameters, video format, and quality.
  • It supports up to 8K quality if available.
  • It allows you to zoom in, add a delay before starting the recording.


  • This screen recorder is not available for Mac OS.

7. Krut Computer Recorder

Krut Computer Recorder is an open source video screen capture that allows you to record video and audio from your desktop screen into .mov and .wav file format. It can be used for making video tutorials, how-to videos, instructional videos, and a lot more from your monitor screen. Also, it enables you to record movie files together with the audio of it. Besides, it has an option to preview the ongoing screen recording video. Plus, it enables you to record streaming video and audio from different popular websites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and a lot more with up to 4K quality if available.

Krut Computer main interface


  • It allows you to take screenshots that can be saved automatically as JPG.
  • It has a built-in timer that can be used to schedule your screen recording.
  • You can enable or disable the audio streams if you want.


  • It supports only two file format, which is MOV and WAV.
  • An ad is appearing from the screen when recording screen videos.

8. SimpleScreenRecorder

One of the simple free screen recorders open source that you can use SimpleScreenRecorder. It is a software recorder for the Linux platform that lets you record all the screen activities from your desktop screen with an HD quality. Also, it lets you record OpenGL applications directly, which is similar to Fraps on Windows. Likewise, it allows you to reduces the frame rate of the video if your computer is too slow. Meanwhile, it has multi-threaded features wherein you can record your screen with a better performance. Aside from that, it allows you to record live streaming videos in HD quality.

Simple Screen Recorder main interface


  • It lets you pause and resume the recording.
  • It allows you to preview the video during recording.


  • It can't be used for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Some of the features are not working, such as recording videos simultaneously.

9. RecordMyDesktop

RecordMyDesktop is an open-source screen video recorder for Linux computers. It lets you record the screen of your Linux screen with audio in just one click. You can also record your screen in different aspect ratios, such as 9:16, 4:3, and more. Besides, it supports several resolutions up to 1080p. Plus, it offers a command-line tool that allows you to capture and encode an interface that exposes the program functionality in a usable way. Moreover, it lets you capture the scene from the screen video that you are recording. Aside from that, it enables you to record a live streaming video from different famous sites like YouTube, Facebook, Ustream, and more.

recordmydesktop main interface


  • You can record multiple videos simultaneously.
  • It can record screen videos in just one click.


  • It is not suitable for Windows and Mac computers.
  • You can't record webcam videos.

10. ScreenStudio

One of the very useful screencasting tools and open source free screen recorder that you may use is ScreenStudio. It enables you to record your desktop screen in a full HD video file up to 8K quality if available. It works on Linux and Mac OS, and it supports both audio and video recording. Besides, it lets you record streaming videos from Ustream,, Hitbox, and more. Aside from that, it offers several video file formats, such as MP4, FLV, and so on. In addition to that, it can record screen videos without appearing any ads from the screen. As well as, you can record webcam videos using this screen recorder tool.

screenstudio main interface


  • It allows you to record screen with different aspect ratios like 9:16.


  • It is not available for Windows OS.
  • It has a little bug when it comes to capturing screen.

FAQs About Open Source Screen Recording Software


1. Which is better? Open Source or Closed Source software?

Open Source and Closed source are both free to use, but the difference is that an Open source can be used on all platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Unlike the Closed source, there is a limited platform that you can use. Open source code can also be shared with the public, and you can copy and modify it. Unlike the Closed source, it has a private source code wherein you can't modify and edit it.

2. Is it safe to use open source software for screen recording?

There are lots of people asking if it is safe to use an open-source free screen recorder. Most of them are using closed source software because it is more secure than the open-source one, is that true? Not really. Because open-source screen recorder is more reliable than closed source code, the source code is under the public's inspection numerous times, so you can leave the security problem alone.

Open Source Video Screen Capture Software Comparison

This section will show you the comparison of the free screen recorder open source we mentioned above. You can see all their differences in this part and choose the best that will suit your needs.

Functions OBS Studio ShareX Camstudio Captura UltraVNC
It allows you to record screen videos with audio
It can be used for Windows Platforms
It supports up to 4K quality
It can record Gameplay
It can record Live Stream from different sites
Functions VokoscreenNG Krut Recorder SimpleScreenRecorder recordMyDesktop ScreenStudio
It allows you to record screen videos with audio
It can be used for Windows Platforms
It supports up to 4K quality
It can record Gameplay
It can record Live Stream from different sites
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