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How to Record Desktop with OBS? Catch out on the solution here!

obs record desktop One of the most common tasks people do on their computers is to keep a record of what they’ve been working on. It can be done using various tools, but one of the most popular is OBS. It is one way to keep files, such as in online meetings and classes. The recording was also used to produce tutorials and presentation videos that people shared online with their friends and family. Many streamers or active users use this application to capture their screens when streaming live. You may be curious about how this program performs on your computer. With that, this post will enable you to learn more about the OBS record desktop and help you familiarize yourself with its advantages.

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What is OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a powerful video production suite that offers a wide range of features for users of all levels. OBS Studio has something for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced video producer. The recording of OBS Studio is of the highest quality possible, meaning that it captures high-quality audio and video while reducing the background noise as much as possible. The software allows users to adjust the quality of recordings by selecting the bitrate of the video and audio being recorded. Users can also adjust the video's frames per second to avoid choppiness caused by high frame rates. This tool also has an impressive video editing tool that will help you create high-quality videos for your Twitch channel or YouTube channel. You can create live streams or record gameplay and voice-overs. You can also use it to create animated GIFs that you can use for social media or as a visual aid on your website.

obs studio interface

How to Record Desktop Screen with OBS

Supported Output: It allows users to save the recorded video with MP4, FLV, MOV, MKV, and more.

Best For: This tool can capture a specific application window and create unique video content by adding multiple sources and media like images and annotations.

This article will provide a straightforward guide for you to learn how OBS capture desktop. Everyone easily familiarizes the software with the program's user-friendly design. It has useful tools that will help you navigate the recordings. The boxes represent these functions on the tool's main interface or in the "Docks" menu. After you launch the tool, a scene will be generated representing how the captured video will ultimately appear. The sources from which the video will be obtained are also available to you. To add a selection for your recordings, click the plus sign (+). Moreover, it also has the “Settings” window where you can finalize your recording requirements, which includes the output setting for streaming and recording. You can set an advanced output mode and choose from your preferred file format and quality for up to the lossless quality of the file. OBS virtual camera is also available to utilize to create video content. The guide below is perfect for you to try out the recording using the tool.

  • You can download and install OBS Studio on its official webpage using any computer, like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Once you have launched the program, a dialogue box will appear on your screen. Select from the “Usage Information” to specify what you want to use the program. If you want to use the tool only for recording, pick the “Optimize just for recording, I will not be streaming.”
  • After clicking the nest button, the tool will ask you to modify the video resolution and the quality of your recording. Then, prepare the video screen you like to capture on your desktop. You have to click the plus (+) icon at the Sources and select “Display Capture,” which will direct you to your windows screen as the display capture.
  • Similarly, choose “Audio Output Capture” from the Sources to add the source of sounds you prefer for your recordings. However, suppose you want to make a voice recording. In that case, you can choose the “Audio Input Capture” from the sources to allow the microphone as an audio source for the recording.
  • When the recording setup is good, you can start the session you have prepared for. Click the “Start Recording” button from the “Controls” to begin. This tool might be a little bit time-consuming to achieve. However, it will be all great after the OBS desktop recording outcome has been released.

obs studio add sources

The Best OBS Alternative

Supported Output: it provides numerous file formats to save your recorded file like WMV, MP4, MOV, F4V, TS, WEBM, and GIF.

Best For: It supports a “Task Scheduler” where you can set a recording schedule at a specific time and duration.

Suppose you have to look for an easier and quick desktop recording. In that case, you can go for AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. This software is built to make a simple screen recording that produces a high-quality video like the OBS desktop capture program. It supports multiple recording modes that let users choose their preferred screen recording options. You can choose “Full” if you want to record the entire desktop screen or select the “Custom” mode to select a specific window on your screen. Additionally, the tool provides both “System Sounds” and “Microphone” that can be used simultaneously for recording audio sources. A web camera is also available to capture yourself while recording your screen. Moreover, the tool enables users to customize or “Edit” their video content while recording, using the built-in real-time drawing feature tools. Screen Grabber Premium helps users to select their preferred file formats, such as MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and more. Its simple recording process surely helps you grab the recording output you desire.

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Step 1 Grab the Alternative OBS Studio Recorder

You can easily get Screen Grabber Premium by clicking the “Download” button above for your computer device. Afterward, run the installer and follow the guide to launch the screen recorder successfully on your desktop. Open the tool's main interface once done and go to the “Video Recorder” to initiate setting up the recording requirements.

sg premium main interface

Step 2 Setup Your Recording Preferences

Go to the recording "Settings" of the tool by clicking the “Gear” icon in the upper-right corner. The next screen window of preferences will then appear. Choose the “Output” menu and select your preferred video format, quality, frame rate, and others. You can also specify the directory path of your output file. When you're done selecting all your recording needs, press the “OK” button to save all the changes.

sg premium config output format

Step 3 Start Recording your Desktop Screen

To begin with, screen recording, select the recording mode of your choice. Select “Full” if you want to capture your entire screen. Otherwise, go to “Custom” mode to record a specific screen area. Then, choose your preferred audio source. You can enable both microphone and system sound simultaneously if you like. Finally, hit the “REC” button on the right side of the tool’s interface to start the screen recording.

start recording

Step 4 Save or Upload Video Online

While on-screen recording, you can select the “edit” icon to add text, shapes, callouts, and more to highlight and customize your screen. Tap the “Stop” button if you like to end the recording. The windows playback will appear after. You can trim the video by moving the slider below and pressing the “export button to proceed. You can right-click on your previous file and tick the “Share” button to help you upload your file on Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

screen grabber premium share options

Another Way to Record Desktop Screen on Windows

Supported Output: It lets users save all the recorded videos in MP4 format and locate them directly to their local computer.

Best For: it is best for recording internal and external audio with functional hotkeys to start and end the desktop recordings.

As another OBS alternative, the Xbox Gamebar is a handy feature that allows you to record the windows desktop screen. It provides a simple screen recording tool that can capture your favorite gaming moment that you would love to share with your family and friends. This tool comes pre-installed on Windows devices and can easily be accessed using the customizable hotkeys to start and end the recording process. This nifty device records your gameplay session and can store up to 100 hours of recording, which is more than enough space to record any gaming session you want. Moreover, the important thing to know about the program is that it comes included with the Xbox One S system and is compatible with both console models. Moreover, the tools, not just support screen recording but also streaming online. It can track your CPU and GPU performances which can be accessed easily on the small widget on your desktop screen. For other amazing OBS alternatives you can visit this article.


  • Once you have the Xbox Game Bar on your Windows computer, you can easily prepare the application window you want to record. Press your computer's “Windows + G” key to access the recorder. The recording toolbar usually appears in the upper corner of your screen.
  • Select the “microphone” button if you want a voice recording. At the same time, system sounds are enabled as an audio source for screen recording. You can adjust the audio whenever you like with the widget shown on your screen. If you want to start the recording, hit the red “Start” button.
  • While the screen recording is running, the small pop-up toolbar with a recording timer will be visible on your screen. You can disable the microphone anytime and end the recording by clicking the “Stop” button. The recorded file will be stored automatically in the Video folder of your local computer.

xbox game bar screen recorder interface

Another Way to Record Desktop Screen on Mac

Supported Output: It lets users save their recorded files in MOV format.

Best For: It has an intuitive interface that allows full-screen and custom recording modes.

If you're a Mac user, you probably use the Quicktime player to record any activities on your desktop screen, like record desktop OBS. You can utilize the program, especially when you have macOS Mojave or later. This program is also a built-in video player that is known as convenient and versatile software to use. It lets users choose an audio source that can be either an internal or external sound. It allows users to save their recorded files with their preferred video quality from low to medium definition, like 480p to 1080p. Furthermore, all recorded files will be saved in MOV file format, which cannot be changed; otherwise, compromise to lower quality to avoid the lagging problem.


  • Launch the Quicktime player on your desktop and go to the “File” tab on its main interface. From the list menu, select “New Screen Recording .”A pop-up screen for “Screen Recording” will display afterward. Tick the drop-down menu button beside the record button.
  • You can select the recording options provided, like 'Show mouse clicks in recording,’ and choose an audio source for recording. If you like to initiate the recordings, tap the red” Start” button. You can select a custom area of your screen or record your entire desktop screen.
  • To stop the recording, hit the “stop” button visible in the upper corner of the menu bar. Otherwise, you can simply press the “Command +Control+esc” to end the recording. Afterward, you can watch the preview or your recorded video and save and edit it from the windows screen display of the program.

quicktime player screen recording interface


Can I record specific windows using OBS?
OBS Studio can record a specific application window on your computer. Unfortunately, this program doesn’t allow users to select a custom dimension of their desktop screen to record. To do so, click the plus icon on the Sources box section. Choose the Window capture to create a new one or add an existing one.
Does OBS Studio require a large space on your computer?
To launch the OBS studio on your computer, you’ll need 600 MB of storage space. This tool requires RAM and a lot of space in the hard drive, and it also requires that your CPU check various output files and configurations to make things capture smoothly. If you have insufficient storage space for your CPU, then it's time to remove some files on your hard drive to record the desktop with OBS successfully.
Does the OBS studio have a recording limit?
Luckily, OBS Studio is a great screen recorder that allows users to record unlimited videos without limit. In short, it can record lengthy videos on your screen, whether you are capturing gameplay or movies or creating a screen tutorial that requires a long time duration without any recording distractions.

Comparison Chart

Tools Video Editing Supported OS Direct Share
OBS Studio Not Available Windows, Mac, and Linux Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more
Screen Grabber Premium Available Windows and Mac Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Google, Twitter,and more
Xbox Gamebar Not Available Windows Not Supported
Quicktime Player Available Mac Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Flickr
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Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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