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A Walkthrough of NVIDIA Screen Recorder and Its Alternatives

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If not all, most dedicated gamers out there would agree that settling for an excellent GPU will help you maximize your gaming experience. But, even before the world of gaming advances, NVIDIA Corporation is already present. This is an American company that helped every game buff to enjoy playing digital games like they never used to. On top of this, NVIDIA also paves the way for gamers to live stream and record gameplays at high quality. So, if you are new to using this fantastic processor and plans to record game with NVIDIA, you are in the right place. Our team curated a quick tutorial on how you can utilize its screen recording tool. Or, if you are looking for its alternatives, we listed six great tools for you.

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How to Record PC Gameplay with NVIDIA

NVIDIA Corporation steps up the game to address the needs of every gamer. Seeing how the world of gaming advances in our time, this GPU service provider allows users to experience the best graphic display for their favorite gameplay. If your PC runs on NVIDIA's GPU, you will see a pre-installed software on your driver called the GeForce Experience. Millions of hardcore gamers seek this program as they can record, share, and stream gameplay at an exquisite video quality and frame rate. Moreover, you can take even the last minutes of your game using shortcut keys to access the screen recorder instantly. Without any chases, here's a quick tutorial on how to record gameplay with NVIDIA.

  • While in-game, you do not have to roam through your PC searching for the software before you can launch it. Simply hit the hotkey for GeForce Experience, which is the Alt + Z.
  • By then, a floating widget will appear on your screen where you can choose essential screen recording functions. Afterward, hit the "Record" button, and click the "Start" to proceed into the recording proper. Or, you may configure the gameplay recording needs like video quality frame rate and replay length in the "Settings."
  • Once the recording starts, load your game and play at your best. To stop the recording, press the same hotkey on your keyboard and click the "Stop and Save" button.

record gameplay on nvidia geforce experience

6 NVIDIA Alternative to Record Gameplay on Windows/Mac

1. Screen Grabber Premium

Pricing Plan: You can avail the premium version of the tool for $29.95.
User-Group: It suits all individuals with any recording needs.
Gameplay Recording Advantage: This potent program allows users to record gameplays at 4K quality and customize FPS anywhere between 20fPS and 60fps.

Screen Grabber Premium is our first choice of recommendation if you are looking for an NVIDIA game recorder alternative. Unlike the one we tackled a while ago, Screen Grabber Premium is a GPU accelerated program that works well on Windows and Mac operating devices. It allows users to record any gameplays with relatively small files size without losing the video's quality. Moreover, you can lay on your webcam while on your game to capture facial reactions. Aside from the system sound, the tool also supports microphone recording to include your shouts of triumph while in-game. Moreover, GeForce Experience output quality is only limited to MP4. But with Screen Grabber Premium, you can record in various formats like MP4, AVI, and FLV.

Key Features:

  • After recording your gameplay, you can instantly share your file on any site like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.
  • It contains a built-in library to access your recordings without hassle.
  • It offers three recording modes: Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, and Game Recorder.

Try it for Free.

Step 1 Get the NVIDIA Game Capture Alternative

First, locate the program installer by clicking the appropriate "Download" button above. Get the left button if you have a Windows device or the right one for Mac. After that, run the program, follow the installation wizard and wait for it to launch on your screen.

screen grabber premium interface

Step 2 Choose Recording Mode

Next, choose the "Game Recorder" as your recording mode. Next, click the "Select Game" tab and choose the game you want to record. To add audio sources to your gameplay recording, toggle on the "System Sound" and "Microphone." Furthermore, you can add the webcam for a picture-in-picture result.

select recording mode in nvidia alternative

Step 3 Specify Other Requirements

To get the most quality on your recording output, hit the "Gear" icon to configure the necessary parameters. Once the "Preference" window appears, you may select your target format, fps, hotkeys, and more. When you are all set, hit the "OK" button to verify the changes you made.

configure recording parameters with screen grabber premium

Step 4 Record and Save

To initiate the recording process hit the "REC" button on the main interface of Screen Grabber Premium. Use the 3-second countdown to open the game you wish to record. When your gameplay ends, you can use the Alt + S to stop the recording or click the red button on the recording toolbar.

start gameplay recording on screen grabber premium

Step 5 Preview the Recording

Luckily, the program offers a preview feature where you can watch your recorder video before saving them. You can trim your clips on the same window by adjusting both sides of the playhead icons or manually set the duration on the input tab. Finally, click the "Save" button to keep the file on your device.

save recording on screen grabber premium

2. OBS Studio

Pricing Plan: Free
User-Group: 112 MB
Gameplay Recording Advantage: This is a cross-platform screen recorder lets you capture and stream game recordings to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more.

OBS Studio is another NVIDIA game recording alternative trusted by numerous professional gamers. This program facilitates the multiview feature where you simultaneously capture up to 8 scenes. Besides, gamers can record up to 60FPS with 1080P quality, a rare advantage you can see in other open-source screencasting software. Like the GeForce Experience, you can customize hotkeys for a specific action to make your game recordings more convenient. Finally, OBS Studio has more to show on the table. It can improve the quality of your voice narrations through a microphone by using its built-in mixer. Plus, you can synch your capture card on the program and record your conquests from gaming consoles. Or, if you want to look for OBS Studio alternatives, click here.

obs studio interface for game recording

3. Bandicam

Pricing Plan: It costs 39.95/one-time payment
User-Group: 30.5 MB
Gameplay Recording Advantage: This program supports recording gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Bandicam can capture games with high-end graphical interfaces like DirectX and OpenGL. For this reason, it's one of our recommendations when you want to switch from NVIDIA record gameplay. Moreover, it can include voice and webcam recordings without experiencing crashes and lags while you record. Plus, gamers will appreciate the program because it can record 2D and 3D in 480fps at 4K resolution. After your recording session, you might come across some scenes where you showed an impressive game stunt. If you want to highlight it, Bandicam offers drawing tools. You place arrows and shapes on your screen and even add text.

bandicam interface

4. Streamlabs

Pricing Plan: Free
User-Group: 240 MB
Gameplay Recording Advantage: This program is suitable for gamers who wish to grow their audience while streaming their gameplays.

Streamlabs, as the name suggests, is a program that lets you stream your gameplays on sites like Twitch and YouTube. Yet, it is also a great NIVIDIA record screen alternative. This tool is commendable for sharing different free-to-use overlays which attracts others to stay on your stream. Moreover, it has a neat interface that allows a beginner to navigate the program like a pro. However, you might consider upgrading your processor before using Streamlabs. This way, you can have a smoother recording and Livestream experience.

steamlabs interface

5. EaseUS RecExperts

Pricing Plan: It costs $39.95/ yearly plan.
User-Group: 1.32 MB
Gameplay Recording Advantage: After recording your games, you can access the program's video editor, where you can add an intro and outro clip.

EaseUS RecExperts is an NVIDIA record screen alternative for Windows and Mac operating systems. This high-end program lets you overcome compatibility by saving your output in 10+ formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, and more. Compared to NVIDIA, which can record the game's last minutes, EaseUS RecExpert offers a scheduled screen recording. You only need to input the exact date and time of your recording session, and the tool will automatically operate accordingly. But above all else, this program is a no lag screen recorder, even when working on a low CPU device.

easeus recexperts interface

6. FBX

Pricing Plan: It costs $49.00 / lifetime
User-Group: 65.9 MB
Gameplay Recording Advantage: This allows you to create fantastic game recordings by adding GIFs, stickers, captions, and effects.

Last on the list is the FBX. This feature-filled NVIDIA alternative is exclusive to Windows users. Similarly, it can record your games without a time limit. Therefore, despite a long-hour session, you won't have to worry about missing anything on your gameplay. Moreover, FBX also allows you to create instant clips by hitting a specific hotkey. Therefore, you won't miss capturing that winning moment or impressive tactic in your game. Lastly, this tool is unbeatable when it comes to streaming your gameplays. Unlike NVIDIA, FBX maximizes your bandwidth so you can stream with ease despite a poor internet connection.

fbx interface

Tips to Record Game with NVIDIA

If you are new to game recording, we got you covered. To succeed on your first recording session with the GeForce experience program, refer to the tips we curated below.

  • Consider your FPS - a FPS stands for frame rate per second. If you are into recording gameplays with a high processing display, ensure 60fps for smoother pictures in action.
  • Lay in voice narration and facial reactions - thankfully, NVIDIA allows microphone and webcam overlay. Adding these two elements are best if you plan to upload your gameplays on YouTube or stream it online.
  • Familiarize shortcut keys - hotkeys provide convenience when you want to start or stop screen recording or even take screenshots. You can look into the program's settings to see the list of command keys you can press on your keyboard. This way, you can minimize the recording toolbar, which might be distracting your focus a bit while playing.

FAQs about NVIDIA Screen Recording

1. Is the NVIDIA ShadowPlay for free?
Yes. Most veteran gamers who use an NVIDIA GPU on their PC resort to this hardware-accelerated screen recorder. You can manually download the software from its official site without registration and payment.
2. Can I record the last 5 minutes of the game with NVIDIA ShadowPlay?
Absolutely, yes! NVIDIA ShadowPaly supports two recording types: Manual and Shadow modes. With Shadow Mode, you only need to press the Alt + F10 on your keyboard, and the screen recorder will automatically capture the last 5 minutes of the game.
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Last updated on September 2, 2022

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