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Best Mouse and Keyboard Recorder in 2022

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Watching a video tutorial becomes more comprehensive, thanks to a screen recorder. A curious audience gets to follow the instructions on the screen easily because this tool allows you to capture mouse movements and keyboard actions. For instance, it is important to incorporate those actions if you are trying to learn how to use a video editor or software. We all know that editing software might be complicated because it consists of many functions and panels to consider. Also, because of the emergence of PVP games like Dota2 and LoL, fans usually watch streams from several pro gamers. That's because they want to learn how they play the game. So, let us discover the reliable mouse and keyboard recorder we tested, and you can figure out which is the best among the rest.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Screen Grabber Premium

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is a powerful screen recording app that can help you capture any activity on your screen anywhere between 480P to 4K resolution. It can act as a full screen recorder or capture a specific region or tab on your screen display, making it a versatile tool for all your needs. Also, this program can put annotations like shapes, lines, texts, and arrows while screen recording, a feature that not every screen recorder offers. Another good thing about this tool is you can use it as an audio recorder to capture the audio from your system sound or microphone. Besides, you can take screenshots with this tool for the thumbnail of your video. You can check the guide below if you want to know how to use this tool.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Recorder

Click any of the "Download" buttons above to save the AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium installer on your Windows or Mac computer. Then, open the installer and follow the installation prompt properly. Once installed, launch the app and click the "Video Recorder" as your recording mode.

record mouse sgp step1

Step 2 Configure the Settings

Next, click the "Gear" icon on the toolbar's upper right side to go to its settings. From there, you can select your preferred output folder, format, hotkeys, and more. Then, click the "OK" button to apply the changes.

record mouse sgp step2

Step 3 Start Recording

After that, choose if you will record in full-screen or region mode at the leftmost part of the recording toolbar. Then, hit the “REC” button at the rightmost part of it to start recording. A floating toolbar appears where you can pause, resume, add annotations, and stop the recording.

record mouse sgp step3

Step 4 Save Recording

When finished, click the “Stop” button at the leftmost part of the floating toolbar. It will show you a window where you can preview the recorded video. You can also click the “Save” button to store the video on your computer.

record mouse sgp step4


  • It has a "Task Scheduler" feature that automatically lets you set a date and time to screen record.
  • You can choose the preferred start and end time of the recording activity.

  • You can only record for 3 minutes in its free trial version.

Macro Recorder

Platform: Windows only

One of the best software to record mouse and keyboard actions is Macro Recorder, as its developer claims. The tool is equipped with an EXE compiler that compresses the recorded file making it easier to share. A unique function of the software is that it not only records the actions but can also repeat such commands without breaking a sweat. In connection with this, you could create personalized commands like opening a website, file, app, and more. Finally, you can also purchase its "Pro" version for $69.00 with 1-year free maintenance and upgrades. Using its premium version, you will unlock its "Macro Scheduler" function. This allows you to set up a command, and the software will perform it later.

record mouse and keyboard


  • You can slow down or increase the playback of the recorded file as you prefer.
  • It only occupies 3.38 MB of space in your local drive.

  • Although the software provides a 21-day trial version, you cannot use it anymore once it is expired.

Robot Soft Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

Platform: Windows only

Another solution that can repeat recorded tasks precisely is the Robot Soft Mouse and Keyboard Recorder. Like other software reviewed here, it could also record the clicks of the mouse quickly. Robot Soft Mouse and Keyboard Recorder are available to install for Windows computers that run on Windows 7 or later. Additionally, it proposes a unique "Key Presser" option. You can perform the program's functions by typing the hotkeys. Aside from that, the software lets you repeat recorded actions for hours. You can also set up a preset mouse and keyboard action to record and let it do the work later. If interested, you can use its premium version for $20.00 which covers unlimited time recording.

record mouse and keyboard


  • The software also provides additional functions like controlling the playback speed.
  • You only need to purchase its premium version once, and you can enjoy using the software without a limit.

  • The trial version only allows you to repeat a certain task only five times.


Platform: Windows only

ReMouse is a lightweight and automation program. It allows you to record the mouse and keyboard actions and repeat them immediately. It only eats 4.81 MB out of your local drive, so you can save more recordings. What separates ReMouse from the other solutions mentioned here is how clean the interface of the tool is. Additionally, it is compatible to download for Windows 7, 8, and 10 computers. Moreover, you can also set up hotkeys so you can perform other tasks such as playing or stopping the saved file quickly. Apart from that, it lets you record your screen activity but its limited compared to Screen Grabber Premium. Such lack is the annotation toolkit and recording quality options like 4K resolution.

Nonetheless, ReMouse features a comprehensive scheduler option that allows you to select the exact time and date of the action. It is also best to use the software to open all apps and windows you always use so that you can prepare better working on some kinds of stuff.

record mouse


  • It can record the mouse and keyboard action with almost no lag.
  • The software allows you to save multiple preset recordings so you can play or repeat them anytime.

  • The tool does not have a pause button which is necessary for recording.


Platform: Mac only

Automator is another solution that we can rely on recording mouse and keyboard movements. Compared to others, the distinctive feature of this app is that you would not need to download any additional software to your Mac computer. Automator is a built-in app available for Mac computers that run on OS version Tiger and later.

Its "Record" feature lets you capture the entire action you have done using the mouse and keyboard and can replay it anytime. Furthermore, it has "Workflow" feature, where it can automatically play music from your playlist or other pieces of stuff. Aside from the preset actions it provides, you can also add customized JavaScript to create a new command.One good thing about this app is that all of the features it provides all for free, and you can use them without any limit. This is created for programmers so they can repeat a complicated task on a Mac computer without any hassle.

record mouse keyboard


  • It allows you to choose a built-in recorded action and drag and drop it to its main interface to easily activate it.
  • Automator also provides other functions like managing PDF files.

  • You cannot use other features it provides, like adding JavaScript, if you lack programming skills.

Comparison Chart

Features Output Format Editing Option File Size Quality Resolution
Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc. Available 61.53MB Up to 4K
Macro Recorder EXE files Available 8.5MB Up to 1080p
Robot Soft Mouse and Keyboard Recorder EXE files Available 4.4MB Up to 4K
ReMouse MP4 Not available 4.81MB Up to 1080p
Automator MP4 and AVI Available 10MB Up to 4K
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Last updated on September 17, 2022

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Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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