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Best Methods to Make Tutorial Videos

make tutorial videos feature imageVideo making isn’t new to our society. Before the internet was propagated and expanded, we usually video blog our daily activities using a video camcorder. As our world is engaged and tied up on different video streaming services, so does the rise and growth of varying video content creators and vloggers. A study conducted by found that 78% of web users are watching videos every day. This data leads to an increase in the number of people engaging in video editor for vlogs or video blogging. Nowadays, video blogging consists of different content that internet users patronize, to name some, personal vlogs, mukbang, music and story podcast, and more. Also, the most relevant content that vloggers keep creating now is video tutorials. Video tutorials are cinematographic materials explicitly produced for the viewer’s learning on a specific topic. It usually a step-by-step procedure of a particular case to provide a visual walk-through to the viewers. And this article will provide the best methods and tools on how to create a tutorial video flawlessly and easily.

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What You Need to Prepare for Making Tutorial Video

Video tutorial starts with great ideas and planning. One of the significant aspects of having great video tutorial content is choosing the main topic or the subject of your video. Use a relevant topic that is useful for your audience. Investigate and gather data from the web or forums that you can answer on your video tutorial. After that, once all gathered and settled, create and compose an understandable script or narration. By doing this, you can provide clear and helpful information to your audiences. Lastly, use a better and suitable tool to create and make your video tutorial. Identify the best recording software. Curate and gather information or even compare to classify the perfect tool for your video tutorial creation. Underneath this, there is a list of software that can help you on how to make tutorial videos.

make tutorial videos preparation

What Tools You Can Use for Making Tutorial Video

Below are the three best screen recorders that you can actually use to record on your PCs, web browsers and smartphones.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium – Screen Recorder for PC

Best For: Due to its feature “Smart Audio Recorder & Screen Recorder,” it can easily record from YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is a professional screen capturing tool perfect to use on how to make tutorial videos on PC. Due to its understandable and comprehensive navigation, new users can easily navigate and take control of this software. Suppose you want to do tutorials regarding different live stream platforms. In that case, this tool is perfect simply because it can record live stream videos from all popular live stream platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more. Moreover, users can easily access its setting to choose the output video format and select video codec, quality, and frame rate.

Scheduler: It has a task scheduler.

Beneath are the detailed steps on how to do a tutorial video and record using Screen Grabber Premium.

Step 1 Install Screen Grabber Premium

To utilize AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium, you need to download and install the software first or click the download button below to continue. Wait until your device analyzes the software. Once done and installed, get familiarized with its features.

sgp interface

Step 2 Customized the Settings

Before recording, customized the settings by clicking the Menu bar located at the top-right corner of the software, click the preference tab, and go to output settings. Optimize different settings such as output format, frame rate, video codec, and more. Then once settled, click the okay button to save the settings.

make tutorial video sgp step2

Step 3 Record Tutorial

Once all preparation and setting optimizations were settled, record your video tutorial according to your content and topic. Click the Rec button to start, record your tutorial, and utilize annotations to highlight a specific object or part. To end the recording click the red square button to stop.

make tutorial video sgp step3

Step 4 Edit and Share Video Tutorial

After recording, utilize the preview media player to double-check the recordings. You can set and optimize the starting point and the endpoint of your recorded video. To polish your video tutorial, you can use editing software available online. Then once done, share your output tutorial to YouTube, Facebook, and different video sharing platforms.

make tutorial video sgp step4

Clipchamp - Online Screen Recorder

Best For: It can record online screens, which is perfect for creating video demo about web-related topics.

Clipchamp is an extensive and well-managed web-based screen recorder that we can utilize on how to record video from website and to do a tutorial video. It has enormous sets of video templates that users can utilize to create well-done video tutorials. To name some templates, these are social media Ads, YouTube, Instagram, Business templates, and more. Additionally, it can record an entire screen or using a webcam which is perfect for capturing video calls and video chats. Furthermore, it can record voice lines as an audio input using a microphone. Moreover, it has extensive sets of audio effects to use on your video tutorials, such as “The Chance,” “War Room,” etc.

Scheduler: It has no option to record the screen at a predetermined time.

Underneath are the listed steps on how to do a tutorial video and record using Clipchamp.

  • First, visit the official webpage of Clipchamp. Sign-up for an account to utilize this screen recorder tool. Then, one signed in, familiarized the web-based tool.
  • Second, start the recording by clicking the “Screen” button, and your page will automatically go to the recording window. Record your tutorial or demo by clicking the red button located at the bottom-left part of the page. To stop the recording, tick the button again to end it.
  • Lastly, utilize the built-in screen recorder to polish and refine your video tutorials. Then share the output video tutorial on YouTube, Facebook, and other video sharing platforms.

make tutorial video clipchamp

XRecorder – Mobile Screen Recorder

Best For: It can record mobile screens up to 60FPS, perfect for creating gameplay video tutorials.

XRecorder is considered one of the best mobile software to make tutorial videos that can clearly capture mobile screens due to its intuitive navigation. It has enormous valuable features that we can utilize for video-making tasks. One of these is it does not put any watermarks on the recorded video, making your tutorial clean and organized. Additionally, it can record mobile screens, including a face camera perfect for video tutorials for gameplays, etc. Moreover, recording using this application is very convenient because it has no time limit to capture every scene of your tutorial video.

Scheduler: It has no option to record the screen at a predetermined time.

Below are the listed steps on how to do a tutorial video and record using XRecorder.

  • First, download and install XRecorder on your mobile device. Wait until the application is fully installed on your device. Once done, familiarized yourself with the application.
  • Second, record your screen according to your content; if it is a walk-through, record the entire steps continuously by clicking the Red button located at the bottom part of the application. Use the pause and play button to organize your recordings. Utilize a microphone to input your voice line while recording. To stop the recording, tick the “Stop” button to save your recordings.
  • Lastly, use the built-in editing tool to finish your tutorial or use different editing software, depends on your preference. Once all is settled and done, share your output video tutorial on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Common Mistakes in Doing Tutorial Videos

Though above, we tackle the ways and the essential information on how to create video tutorials. This part will discuss how to make tutorial videos get less relevant for viewers with video-making mistakes. The first mistake that most people are commonly making is not knowing the audience. As we stated above that a great video tutorial should have done research and explorations on a topic or content. In this case, viewers can easily relate the subject and your content to their inquiries. The second mistake is trying to make perfect. Perfection is good, but if the topic is not much needed to be more informative nor extensive in the description, don’t do it. Make your video interactive instead and quickly to understand. Lastly, worrying about what tool to use, having anxiety while doing your video tutorial can make your output less impressive. Worrying about a recorder or editing software is no longer a problem nowadays. Above are the most reliable screen-recorder tools you can use to do tutorials. Grab and utilize them.

make tutorial videos mistakes

Comparison Chart and Extra Tips

A lack of planning can leave viewers underwhelmed with your finished product. So try to plan your demo ideas before you create and shoot your video tutorial. Below is the comparison chart of the following screen recorder perfect for creating video tutorials and demos.

Features AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium Clipchamp XRecorder
Price $42.95 lifetime support/2 PCs $9 per month Free
OS Supported Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.10 and above
Web browsers Android
Output Quality It can capture and record screens according to original quality. The highest is the lossless quality. It exports 480p and 720p 720p
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Last updated on July 19, 2021

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